3 Great and Free Microsoft PowerPoint Alternatives


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If you constantly need to create presentations for your company or team, you may be tired or bored with Microsoft PowerPoint. Have you ever thought that there are other alternatives that you can try for free instead of buying Microsoft’s expensive office suite? Today, we will talk about three alternatives to Microsoft PowerPoint.

If you are tired of Microsoft PowerPoint, you will be able to cheer up with our three amazing alternatives.


sliderocketmain 3 Great and Free Microsoft PowerPoint Alternatives

Creating presentations using SlideRocket is very easy, as it is a web-based application. There is a free plan that you can sign up and use to create your presentations. It supports PowrPoint 2007 files, so if you have been already working on PowerPoint, you can import your old files to SlideRocket to start from where you left. If you don’t choose to start from your old presentations and want to create a presentation from scratch, SlideRocket will allow you to choose from a collection of elegant themes.

To use objects on your slide, you can either take from SlideRocket’s assets or upload your own from your local machine.

slidetools 3 Great and Free Microsoft PowerPoint Alternatives

Once you are done, you can even set restrictions as to who can view your presentation or whether they will require a password to see the presentation. That’s not all, when you are done creating your slideshow, you can share it or embed it on blog or website. That’s pretty cool of SlideRocket.

280 Slides

280 3 Great and Free Microsoft PowerPoint Alternatives

280 Slides is yet another web-based application you can use to create presentations. You can import your existing PowerPoint 2007 files to start working on your previously saved file as well as start from scratch. It can even open old Powerpoint documents as well as Openoffice presentations. Moreover, it recognizes the font you used when creating the presentation in your desktop software.

280 Slides has almost all of the features you might need when creating a presentation. With an account, you can store documents on the slides or export them as PowerPoint or other file formats. 280 slides uses Amazon S3 content delivery network as a result there is an uptime guarantee for all your stored projects. There are also professional-looking themes available to choose from when you start creating your presentation right from the site.


Prezi comes as a different type of application to create presentations in a different way. It doesn’t work with slides. Instead, it shows different items on the same canvas.

prezi 3 Great and Free Microsoft PowerPoint Alternatives

With Prezi, you can have a big canvas where the total idea is drawn and focus on different aspects of it in different angles, moving the camera in your own way. You get 100MB Storage when you sign up for a free account. If you are having a hard time figuring out how Prezi works, all you need is watch at least one presentation. You will understand the whole concept. Browse the Prezi Explore page to find out publicly shared presentations.

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