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Find Out if Your Computer Can Run the Latest Games with Can You Run It?

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Playing most new PC games these days takes a state of the art rig, but there are some new games out there that aren’t as demanding as others.  Everyone wants to make sure their computer is going to be able to run a game before they go out and buy it.

Can You Run It? is a great resource that will test your computer’s hardware and determine if you can run the latest games by comparing your hardware to the recommended game specifications.  This tool will make sure you know where you stand on your chances to run the newest game.  It may also provide you with some good insight about what piece of hardware needs to be upgraded next.

How to Use It

Just select the game you want to know if your computer can run from the drop down menu.  I selected CoD5, because I knew the program would just laugh at me if I selected Crysis.  After you make your selection, click the Can You Run It? button.

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After clicking on the button, you may be asked to install a Java Runtime Plugin so the site will be able to properly measure your system specifications.  This is a painless install and goes by quickly.  After the install, it takes just a few more seconds to run the tests on your computer (or in my case, my laptop).


mass effect running successAs expected, my laptop doesn’t do very well with the new games.  It’s a good laptop, but it’s just a regular old Dell that wasn’t built for speed (if you know what I mean).  The best part about the results is the detailed findings that are under the overall rating.  It is there that you can find out which area your computer is lacking the most.  As you can see, the video card area is the part of the test I failed.

mass effect running successKnowing that only my video card fails the tests makes it easy for me to make a strategic upgrade to run that new game I really want to play.  This way you don’t overspend on upgrades you don’t need.

What games can you run?  If you tell me Max Payne 3, I demand proof.

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  • Anon
    • Asd

       what about crysis 2?

  • BOB

    I can’t even download the program needed to run it…….. IT WON’T LET ME! :(

  • Download Games

    Thanks for sharing such a useful tool for game lovers.

  • Billybobjoe Jr.

    where’s empire total war?

  • decal

    Only problem with the site is the list of games isnt really up to date as it doesnt have a few of the new ones that have come out!

  • Free games

    This would be useful for game geeks as a guide to buying the right games which can run smoothly on their system.

  • Faxis

    What I would like to see is a reverse lookup system where I let it scan my computer and it gives me a list of games that will run on it. This would also be useful if they didn’t just list the more power hungry games and give some of the lightweights a chance like Telltale Games or any indie titles. Great idea for a site but it also requires a larger database of past and present titles updated regularly.

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t work most of the time….
    I play WoW: WotLK just fine, and it says I can’t run it at all.
    Same with a lot of the other games.

  • Falco

    I can play crysis at 20-25 fps. I love my new computer. This site helps.

  • alex

    it doesn’t have some games like crossfire and counterstrike, but it;s a good website

  • H2OS
  • Jason

    This is the moost failed program ever made lol….I’v tested many many games which i already played at full graphs and perfomance and it says FAILS i need upgrades and blah blah.
    For an example at Aion:Asault on Balaurea it says you need 128mB video lol,on 128MB you can’t even start the game.

    And on Mass Effect 2 my CPU failed and the clock speed to and i was running and playing the game at full graphs.Anyways don’t really bother using this.Fail!

  • yuvi


  • Alston

    Actually, this website sucks. It has stated several times that my laptop can’t play certain games that I already have on my laptop, that run flawlessly. VERY misleading site.

  • Adamrr

    good but doesn’t have minecraft or battlefield 1942

  • Adamrr

    good but doesn’t have minecraft or battlefield 1942

  • Adamrr

    good but doesn’t have minecraft or battlefield 1942

  • Sachithwickramaarachchi

    ram 512,VGA 64 onboard (plzzz tell me what game,i can play)

    • Alexander Bill

      Should be able to run some old games, like F.E.A.R. :FIRST ENCOUNTER ASSULT RECON, and its also pretty cool.

  • A_K_2k10

    counter strike i need to known about counter strike ….

    • Guest

      try Half-Life 2

  • Tonttu59

    This shows that I have a 4GB GPU, though I have a 1GB one, would be nice to actually get real results..

  • Daniel R

    huh fail i have play’d broken sword: angel of death several times on this pc and it run flawless besides it says i have 2.2 gb ram and i know for at fact that i have more like 3 gb unless i can’t math but i have 2x 1 gb and 2x 512 mb ram in mine haha fail 

  • Fobby2501

    it’s lying it says I can’t run modern warfare2, and a bunch of games I already finished  a long time ago. With no problem and those games ran smoothly in my pc

  • Natesblack

    How can you tell if a particular game will run a computer that you want to buy but haven’t bought yet?

  • Riggidig

    FAIL. I typed in the names of 3 games I own, ALL of which work FINE on my PC, but the site said each one would not work on my PC. Useless…

  • Daiedwards Com

    How can I find out what games I can play on my laptop?I am not very computer savvy intel celeron windows 7 toshiba easy media thats what it says on my laptop memory 5.2 ram 3d gaming buissnes and graphics 

  • Akash_biswas30

    I have a GTA 4 original disk, i want to know whether it could be run om microsoft windows xp service pack 2, though the game instructions told about service pack 3

  • Funnyboy1548

    all the old games are not showing. thief 3, hitman 1 2 3, rollercoauster tycoon, prince of persia the sands of time

  • Guest needs help!

    For some reason, it won’t detect my video card!  I have Radeon HD 6490M but it says I have nothing. I’m a iffy whether or not I can run BF3 cause of this.

  • Mrty

    Beware…This is NOT infallible.  I enetred World of Warcraft, did the scan and it tells me I cannot play it.
    Strange really – I have been playing for 18 months on this laptop, have several level 85 characters, and very few dropped connections or lag problems.
    I feel this relies on scanning hardware and checking against a list,and not all hardware is listed.
    Using an emachines E520, with Ram upgraded to 4GB ram.

  • Louis Beri

    Not fully true program it said i can’t run L4D2 and i went out and got the game….Runs freaking great 

  • Bwadebratton

    its a lie it told me i couldnt run call of duty 4 on my pc but i play cod4 almost every day without a single bit of lag or troubles with the game

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