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My WordPress Setup

I love WordPress. I use it for writing, storage, podcasting, blogging, and website creation. Without it, my life wouldn’t be complete, so I decided to share the wealth with you and show you how I use it.


When I first install WordPress using Dreamhost’s One-click feature (it takes me two seconds to install it), I make sure to do several things. The first is to create a new user account, and to delete the admin account. When I delete the admin account, it also lets me delete all the pages and posts created by the account, a nice way to wipe the blog of unnecessary place holders.

Then, I grab the RSS feed of the WordPress blog I just created and create a Feedburner address so I can track subscribers. When that’s done, (if it’s a blog), I create a Twitter account with the name of the blog and use Twitterfeed to create a Twitter account with the RSS.

I also edit the Feedburner to track everything, activate the email subscription and Pingshot which lets users recieve updates faster.

Finally, I put all my subscription work together in a handy linked up text widget on the sidebar of my WordPress, with links to subscribe via Twitter, email and RSS.


Plugins are indeed one of the flagships of WordPress. Dare I say it, thousands of wonderful plugins help customize your WordPress to be the best. Here are some of my favorite plugins:


  • Lone Iguana– I use Oulipo, for the simplicity and font.
  • Squealing Rat: The Word- For this, I use Punchcut, a well defined theme.
  • Stretching Cow– This veryplaintxt theme really seems to suit the color choice and content of the site.
  • Vulture WitGormspace with colors that really suit the blog, and lines that help define it.

I could go on and list more of my favorite themes, but instead I’ll let you browse the magnificent library of WordPress themes and find the ones you love the most. That’s what I did.

What are your favorites of WordPress? Let us know in the comments!

The writer of this post compiles the latest tech news and more at Squealing Rat, and writes about tricks and tips of deception, trickery and survival at Lone Iguana. Find him on Twitter.

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  • Eureka Janet

    Wow~! What a fantastic assembly of tools for WP…definitely needs to be shared, bookmarked and passed around~!

    Great Job…

  • http://dgold.info/radio dgold

    Nice WP article. Is this from a Fayetteville based writer? I got here from Kyle’s twitter. Kyle, you know about WordCamp Fayetteville? Are you planning to attend?

    Again thanks for the WordPress tips and ideas in the article.

    Ustream Videographer for WordCamp Fayetteville

    • http://www.lostintechnology.com Kyle Judkins

      DGold, this article is by one of my authors. Almost all of them are base somewhere besides Fayetteville. My wife and I plan to attend wordcamp and are looking forward to it.

  • Squealing.Rat

    Additional Plugins:

    Disqus Comment System
    Limit Login Attempts
    Login LockDown

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