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Top 10 Ways to Discover New Music

Most of my life I have strived to find new and interesting music, but I am often far too busy to really dig deep and find new artists everyday.  Now that I am done with college and have a real job, I find that I have even less time to find new music or even stay up to date with all of the new bands.

I have, however, found some great resources that keep me in the loop with minimal time and effort.

 Free Music Listening Sites


Free music listening site


Pandora is an easy to use music discovery website that has been a favorite of mine for some time.  Pandora allows you to create “stations” by putting in your favorite band or bands.  Then, Pandora will play songs from that artist and artists that have a similar sound to your main artist.  I like Pandora for its no frills approach, as it doesn’t throw a bunch of extra stuff at you.


last fm logo



Last.fm functions much the same way as Pandora, but focuses much more on the social network side of things.  Of all the websites and services on the list, I use Last.fm the most.  I have found that it has a huge library of tracks that doesn’t stop at the end of mainstream.  Their library has exposed me to lots of unknown and underground gems.


stumbleaudio logo

StumbleAudio was covered in my previous post Discover New Music with StumbleAudio.  It is a great service that is easy to use, but it has a smaller library that is mainly focuses around smaller unknown artists.

The Hype Machine

hype machine logo




The Hype Machine is a very unique website, in that, it aggregates all kinds of MP3 blogs from across the Internet into one place.  This way you can find out what bands everyone else is talking about and discover them for yourself.


musicovery logo



Musicovery presents a much different experience than most of the other services on this list.  At Musicovery, you choose genre, mood and timeframe in order to discover new music.  This is definitely a very unique way to discover new music and is worth checking out.


skreemr logo



Skreemr is an MP3 search engine that returns webpages where MP3’s of the artist you searched are posted.  This allows you to easily listen to your favorite song by that artist.  Skreemr also gives you the option to search for similar artists.


ilike logo




iLike is a music social network that is similar to Last.fm, but iLike integrates with your iTunes through a sidebar.  This allows you to easily get recommendations from iLike and find more people with similar tastes in order to find find new artists.


the sixty one logo



thesixtyone allows its users to “bump” up tracks by different artists.  It functions in a way that is very similar to Digg, but it is only for music.  This way you can find great songs and great artists by using the knowledge of the other users on the site.


amazon logo



Amazon is a site that just about everyone should be familiar with.  Back before I knew all about the sites listed above, I would go to Amazon and see what else customers bought when they bought an album I liked.  If you keep doing this, you start going down a rabbit hole and can find some great music.  The little snippets that Amazon lets you listen to provide you with a great way to sample the artists as you come across them.


What list of places to find music would be complete without blogs?  There are lots of great music blogs out there that keep you up to date with current artists and events.  I subscribe to Stereogum and Pitchfork in my RSS, and I highly recommend them.

Where else do you discover new music? Comment below.

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  • http://www.hamuemon.moo.no Tecfan

    Last.fm is definitively the best social music site

  • Frankie De Soto

    Don’t forget Grooveshark, it offers a customizable widget and you can create your own station or listen to others’

    • Lulu

      All of these sites are great as internet radio, but they don’t really help you discover new artists. And Pandora only works in the US…

      There’s a good site that focuses on artist (and not song) discovery.

  • lww

    Why not try Creative Commons? Free, unique, and absolutely 100% legal to download, copy, share.

  • Ian Hutchinson

    Thanks for the list!

    My music libraries getting a bit stale at the moment, so its nice to have some places to look for music. I’m a lifelong Last.fm junkie though, it’s been one of my main sources of music for two years.

  • http://www.lostintechnology.com Kyle Judkins

    My collection gets stale sometimes as well, but these sites definitely help me refresh it every once in a while.

  • http://www.thepinkc.net Ellie

    Great article. A few sites I didn’t know about – so I will definitely be checking them out. I’m always looking for good music.

    Another way to get cool music is to subscribe to music podcasts. Amazingly, I’ve found some great music/artists from podcasts!

    (BTW, your Amazon.com link is broken)

  • http://www.lostintechnology.com Kyle Judkins

    Thanks for the heads up on the link.

  • Will Mueller

    Nice list. I also sometimes use Slacker (slacker.com)… quite similar to Pandora.

  • http://www.wellroundedradio.net Charles McEnerney

    I like a lot of these services, but I also think music is one of those arts where you trust a recommendation from a friend more than anything. I’ve been producing a music interview show for many years called Well-Rounded Radio ( http://www.wellroundedradio.net ) and, although it doesn’t involve lots o’ technology, I know the show achieves that idea of a recommendation from a trusted friend…now I just have friends around the world who trust my opinion, too!

  • http://geeilovelavalamps.blogspot.com John W

    You forgot one of my favorites, Jango.com! 😀

  • http://www.buttonland.com Bonnie Buttons

    Thanks for the recommendations. I’ve used Pandora a lot and I’m excited to try Last.fm.

  • http://www.thumbtackpress.com tony

    Try live365.com

  • http://www.whoismadhur.com Madhur Kapoor

    Nice article Kyle, i have basically used Pandora and Last.fm so far till now. Will give other a try

  • se7s

    give this search engine a try


  • sloppyc

    You forgot ThePirateBay.org

  • clinton

    Nice article! But I think that to just call theSixtyOne.com a digg for music doesn’t quite work. With theSixtyOne when you spend your points on songs you are betting that they will be popular, increasing your return points. It’s practically a game: you need to actually give songs an honest listen in order to evaluate if you should gamble your points on it or not. A lot more fun than just digging sites.

  • Bokkie

    I think the letter presented to non-US visitors to Pandora definitely kicks it off first place…

    If you are a paid subscriber, please contact us at pandora-support@pandora.com and we will issue a pro-rated refund to the credit card you used to sign up[/quote]

    In other words: we haven’t used your money to pay the (imo outdated) rights to the songs you have listened to, so you’ll get your money back and can get stuffed.

  • http://www.lostintechnology.com Kyle Judkins

    @Bokkie I didn’t know that about Pandora, but it definitely makes me sad that they would do that. Also, the sites listed are in no particular order. They are just the top 10 overall. It is up to you to decide which one you like the best.

  • al

    what about http://www.deezer.com ???

  • Tug

    I’m a Last.fm guy myself.
    Oh. And I’ll second http://www.deezer.com

    Nice post. :]

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  • http://www.ipodepot.info Barbara

    I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



  • Jess

    I have really fallen in love with imeem.com. Great collection of playlists and amazing search features. I like it better than all of these. Give it a try

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  • Paul-e


    Skreemr is also SUPER useful in that you can RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE those Mp3s directly. Just right click on the title and save as… i find this the fastest way to get songs, or even entire albums.

    Last.fm is great too.

    music.for-robots.com <—- cool electronic music

    missingtoof.com <—- remikses

  • http://www.yahoo.com Porcelina

    Another great site is Yahoo’s radio. You pick genres and bands you like, and they pick other bands for you to hear, radio style, that match what you’ve told them. It’s great.

  • Big D

    GetMyStage.com kicks ass!!!! All unsigned and indie artists, always new stuff to listen to, all genres of music.

  • Tar

    ” Another great site is Yahoo’s radio. You pick genres and bands you like, and they pick other bands for you to hear, radio style, that match what you’ve told them. It’s great. ”

    Yeah, if you have a weird fixation with listening to ads for a web service that YOU’RE ALREADY USING, which play after every other song. These ads are also unskippable. Speaking of skips, the free music service lets you skip only about 10 songs in a given listening session.

    Yahoo!’s answer to these problems? “Give us your money.”

  • knoli234

    Dude, I thought that this was a sweet article. But something can not be “very unique” it is either unique or it isn’t. There aren’t any degrees of uniqueness. I normally don’t act as the grammar police, just my 9th grade history teacher basically beat that into my skull and now it really distracts from something if I read it or hear it. Anyway, that’s all I had to say. Not that it will change anything.

  • Alex

    I like Last.Fm and HypeM personally.

    I’ve also been working on a site to do just this. No knowledge of music required, just press the button for ‘random music generator’ can’t miss it.

  • Beeble

    I’ve been using Pandora and Last.FM but lately I’ve been spending a lot of time on AccuTunes ( http://www.accutunes.accuradio.com ). Or, if you know what you’re looking for, Musgle ( http://www.musgle.com ) is useful.

  • Jon.

    I personally like pandora for my music relations and as a radio for my computer, but i use a site called Mix Turtle. its a good MP3 search engine.

  • Peter

    I can’t use pandora but I use RadioBeta instead ( http://www.radiobeta.com ). I love the variety and surprise of Radio

  • Vicki Londono

    Try imeem for new and old music.

  • http://growwurks.com CC

    Try xpn.org

  • Ethernaut

    I use myspace in conjunction with stumbleupon. If I find music I like, I have a look through their fans for similar bands. Great thing is you can download the music on the page.

  • http://www.musicroamer.com Tanya Cashorali

    http://www.musicroamer.com, uses last.fm info. try it out!

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  • http://www.blog.computersconfuseme.com Scott

    Amie Street (http://amiestreet.com) is a great site for finding new Indy music. They have a great pricing mechanism that starts all songs cheap, or free, and gradually increases the prices to $.98 max as their popularity increase. You can find some great music really cheap and also discover some new artist and popular songs using their filtering tools.

  • Ulrich

    I have created the website http://www.albumreminder.com/
    This website will inform you of new album releases of your favorite artists.

  • http://www.mievo.com Cyclenman

    mievo (mee-voh) my evolution

    the site for artists and their fans. there is high quality control panel and the artists can maximize their income by eliminating the middle man.

  • Waterpologuard

    Alright these look pretty tight
    I like Elbows a lot
    It’s another blog aggregator

  • Martin

    I really liked Pandora and started up a few ‘stations’ including ‘The Black Eyed Peas Radio’ Sadly as a UK user I can no longer access it! (copyright reasons). I had 150,000 people signed up to it at one time! Never mind!

  • http://www.sleepys.com Mattress

    Cool site. I often listen to music videos on YouTube. It’s really cool.

  • Tom Svinarich

    wolfgangsvault has a pretty good variety from about 1960-90-all live concert recordings that I haven’t heard since…

  • http://refrigeratorbox.co.cc Eli Gundry

    Last.fm is probably my favorite discovery of the year.

  • m

    You forgot Nutsie!

  • Nov Herman

    I use MeeMix – http://www.meemix.com
    It got this great mood control thingie, and seems better suited/tailored for my taste than Pandora or last.fm

  • Firelark

    rhadio.com has some cool features for searching youtube for music. there’s a music discography section which lists all an artist’s albums and then tries to match youtube videos to each track.

  • KAP

    I use Last.FM and Pandora quite a bit. I also visit music blogs to see what artists other people are interested in. One of my newest favorite music blogs is http://www.thefrontloader.com – it has lots of great articles and mp3s to download in each one.

  • aidan

    great articles for music lovers!

  • Mark McIntosh

    Don’t forget Gnoosic http://www.gnoosic.com/ and Musicmesh http://musicmesh.net/. Start on Gnoosic and find a new artist, then go to Musicmesh and see a video of some of their songs and who they connect to in similar sound/style.

  • http://www.musicstoreuk.com Alex M

    What a brilliant sight, just the job for music lovers.

  • http://www.marsblue.moogo.com michael

    here is a site with over 40 free songs the mars blue music arcive

  • Josh

    http://www.metacritic.com should be #1 on this list.

    songza.com gets an honorable mention

  • http://www.signalpatterns.com David

    Another approach to discovering new music is psychology-based Music Patterns (http://signalpatterns.com/music_survey). It’s based on research by author Dan Levitin (This is Your Brain on Music, World in Six Songs).

    You get a customized playlist based on music that people like you listen to, continually updated as the system finds more ‘people like you’ based on your specified music preferences via an scientifically-based audio-based survey.

  • Deviant

    Finetune is a good one too.

  • http://sleepys.com/Sealy-Posturepedic sealy mattresses

    Fantastic list, I’ve been using Pandora on my iphone ever since the app released (its convenient if you just here a song on the radio and want to get somethin similar) but i’ll be sure to keep an eye out for some of these other ones.

  • http://www.mp3powersearch.com Joe
  • anonymous

    also http://fizy.org could be good choice too…

  • steinway

    Some great sites to help you discover new music. that’s exactly i wanted!! give a thumbs up on su!!

  • Sonsum

    I love Pandora and with the iPhone app you can discover new artists (and songs) on the go!

  • lennie coleman

    what about rateyourmusic.com???

  • yeryer

    RateYourMusic.com is definitley way ahead of all those.


  • http://www.thereviewist.com The Reviewist

    I have been using Pandora for years now to find new songs and groups. I love that place. I have not kept up on the news like I should, but my understanding was that it was having some financial difficulties. Is this still the case, or has that been resolved?

    • http://www.lostintechnology.com Kyle Judkins

      I think they have been resolved for now, but it all depends on the royalties the record companies are asking for.

  • dan

    get onto http://www.spotify.com

    it’s going to be the next huge one. if it isn’t already.

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  • Alex

    I’ve discovered lots of new bands and artists by using the “stumble trough myspace” function in Stumble Upon and well 9 out of 10 new bands i hear are really cool.

  • helena

    much thanks for the stumbleaudio and hypemachine links!

    • http://www.lostintechnology.com Kyle Judkins

      No problem!

  • Don’t Click My Adsense

    When I run out of songs, i would normally search youtube for music cover …. there are some nice songs that people are singing and sharing.

  • Mark

    Occasi.com is a search engine for musicians, bands and entertainers – a great source to explore new talent.

  • James Bond

    justhearit.com is better than skreemr

  • Tim Brando

    good post…i just got a beta invite for a new website that looks like it’s going to be a music discovery/networking site… http://www.jamwee.com. signed up for it as it looks like it’s going to be pretty good.

  • Natalie

    i like Muzicons =)


  • Kevin

    I personally love using http://www.jango.com :)

  • Schobbejak!

    Be sure to check out http://www.thenewworck.com!
    It’s a mixtape netlabel with all kinds of music!
    All mixtapes for free!

  • Chris

    My favorite mp3 site is http://listen.grooveshark.com/ They’ve got every song imaginable. Plus you can make playlists and it has an autoplay feature so that you can discover new artists based on the music in your playlist.

  • Simon May

    Ww. Pitchfork. Can’t understand why people like that site.

  • Matt

    I haven’t read all the comments so apologies if someone has already said it but put Spotify on the list. Its great. Can search for a huge selection of different music and listen to a random selection chosen by Genre, oh and its free.


  • Kim

    It may be old-fashioned, but this radio station does an amazing job of showcasing new music. And all you have to do is listen.


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  • Milli

    “Dear Pandora Visitor,

    We are deeply, deeply sorry to say that due to licensing constraints, we can no longer allow access to Pandora for listeners located outside of the U.S. We will continue to work diligently to realize the vision of a truly global Pandora, but for the time being we are required to restrict its use. We are very sad to have to do this, but there is no other alternative. ”


  • jp

    hey here’s a good one: go to a local show! support your local scene! check out the out-of-town bands that your local bands bring to town. just a thought. maybe im wrong.

  • http://doremixy.com Filot

    New Mp3 Search engine.
    Listen or Download!


  • http://bit.ly/m4m2vf Charles McEnerney

    Hi, all…I’m working on a new idea called Musicians for Music 2.0, where I’m aiming to have musicians who have made a successful living through the business models of the last 50 years contribute to a new kind of venture fund to help all the new music discovery projects until musicians can create sustainable models for the next 50 years.

    Would love to hear your thoughts about the idea since you are clearly all passionate music folks! http://bit.ly/m4m2vf

    best, Charlie

  • thecure

    Nice! Very useful!
    there’s also http://www.thesonicfission.com that’s just starting up but looks pretty good

  • http://mp3dinle.im/ mp3 dinle

    truly a wonderful expression. Dear admin, I would send my thanks here. Very helpful

  • Shirl

    I have a music blog for indie art. http://bonhommeandpeacebone.blogspot.com/

  • http://www.positivefeelingsrule.com Sebastian

    This website is AMAZING FOR discovering new music


  • Maurits Kaptein

    Got one to add to the list: http://www.6tunes.com/player.html – log in with your facebook account and listen to your friends music!

  • Jon
  • Glitch

    http://www.BitCandy.com has been my choice for discovering new indie, modern, indie pop, electronic music. They are more like a music filter for indie, electronic, alternative filtering all the music blogs and tastemaker sites. I discovered The XX and Florence and the Machine there.

  • http://tooroads.blogspot.com/ Calvin

    http://tooroads.blogspot.com/ blog that updates daily and always has pretty obscure bands. Though they do feature prominent ones. Either way check it out.

  • http://blip.fm/poochiesan24 Patty

    I am addicted to http://blip.fm – sort of a twitter for audiophiles. Great group of people, amazing music, follow people who like what you like. Try it, you’ll be hooked

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  • Jwall

    grooveshark.com is really awesome. you can search music and create your own playlists over and over. they also have a radio feature if you dont know what to listen to.

  • asdfh

    8tracks.com is the new love of my life. move over, pandora. tons of people have uploaded mixes from punk to jazz to hip hop to…pretty much anything you can think of. go explore for yourself, it’s amazing.

  • Anders

    Spotify is awesome, HQ, lots of music, save your playlist and much more


  • Sandip

    http://www.deezer.com/en/ for some real obscure foreign indie stuff…

  • anon
  • Music Community

    I don’t discover new music. I prefer the old school time and time again. I’m just not as enthusiastic as a 17 year old me. When we digested loads of music from back then, its just hard to accept new music.

    More Bad Religion, less All Time Low, if you know what I mean..

    • http://ohmundane.blogspot.com Lee

      I wouldn’t agree with you.
      I too, like the old school musics.

      True, some of the mainstream music nowadays are not as good as back then when music is still about music only, not cash–hell, even most of the music the radio play these days are not even worth to listen.

      But refusing to listening to new music is just like stabbing your own eyes.

      I found some new great music, mostly indies or non-mainstream, that are as great as the old music, or even better.
      and in the end, I still listen to Nick Drake, Pearl Jam or a-ha, as well as Oren Lavie, I’m From Barcelona, or the Kings of Convenience.

  • Tanya
  • Music Lover

    I find all kinds of new artists (and songs) by rating music at HitPredictor! The best part is earning points to cash in for prizes all for rating music :)

  • Jacklyn

    Unfortunately, Pandora isn’t what it used to be. Now there are a lot more adds, and a limitation on how many hours of music you can listen to. I can’t use it anymore.

    • http://themcflyhouse.blogspot.com/ Vic

      you’re absolutely right….its a damn shame what happen to pandora.

  • http://www.soundstormstudios.com D Stevens

    I must say that I think a viable site has been left out. http://www.wearehunted.com List of 99 top songs being downloaded and played online and is updated automatically every 30 mins.

  • http://deeperintomusic.net Keith

    Deeper Into Music – old school + new school + alot of obscure alternatives http://deeperintomusic.net More organic than Pandora and a little more broad than last.fm. Enjoy.

  • Henry

    Great stuff! Keep bringing it!

  • epidenimus

    Umm… get off your computer and go see live music?

    Or if you are just that non-committal, check out the sites of bands you like and check out their influences. :)

  • Jono Is Always Right


    Music, movies, books; AND it works in Canada. Pandora can suck it.

  • Albert K Reid

    This was pretty cool!

  • JB Smith

    Check out Peel, http://www.getpeel.com/, it collects songs posted on blogs and you can dl them for free, great way to find music based on a genre.

  • http://mdl.hu Diana Lili M


    and thanks for wearehunted.com!

  • http://mdl.hu Diana Lili M

    re-typing with proper links


    and thanks for http://wearehunted.com !

  • http://www.myspace.com/stoskwell Chris Stoskwell

    I’ve become a fan of surfing myspace for indie music. If you really don’t care what everyone thinks is popular it’s easy to find good stuff on myspace. For months now I’ve found more good then bad, way more. You can often find that Artists have a genre type following in their Friends, not always, but very often. I found in trying to promote my bands myspace is great and no sign-up needed. It’s also natural for say a ROCK artist to befriend other similar artists and listeners for their own benefit, in return doing all the work for you. ie: Listen to their myspace friends.


  • http://www.mflow.com/ Robbie

    Good article!
    Hype machine and last.fm are definitely my faves as well as mflow.
    I see you’ve missed mflow, it’s one of the best things out there to help you discover new music, it’s like twitter and itunes in one!
    People are able to recommend you music as well as you recommending them and you can follow those who have similar taste to you, radio stations, bands, record labels, etc so you’re likely to find lots of new noise!
    You can also download any new songs you discover quickly and easily, they also give away free tracks and introduce new offers weekly.

  • http://cleeremusic.com joe cleere

    Here’s another angle, I’m a new artist.
    Been touring for years, I have a great album ( my opinion music is subjective). We get some radio play, and some press.

    If an artist wants to get good radio play they have to write like james blunt and get signed or no dice, this pressure makes good artists dumb down their material to survive.

    I’ve been doing my nut to find avenues online for people to hear my music and its practically impossible!

    The low down from our angle…….

    Myspace is full of bands and no listeners, everyone has 4 bands and only leave spam in your comment box.

    Musicovery, you need to have a physical disc on amazon
    (we have one, but amazon wont take it because I havn’t got a US bank account)

    Spotify, we are on it through Tunecore, but unavailable to use in Ireland

    Hype Machine, the list of blogs to contact is down. So I cant find out who to give it a listen

    Pandora – US only

    Last FM – Works for me

    My point:

    most of the services are still dominated by signed bands, signed bands have to adhere to commercial guide lines when writing. Meaning same old same old!

    The new services are very limited as to how an artist/label can submit music.

    As an artist, if I can’t get my professionally produced music up on these services and blogs or even considered, the listener misses the opportunity to discover the new artist.

    This article is brilliant and has helped me immensely, but there’s still a gap between the talent and the listeners.

    I’m also a listener, and I’d love to find a new band that makes the hair rise on the back of my neck. Its getting very difficult.

    But stay positive, its a real boost to see people are still interested, just have to find a way to reach the people who are in fact looking for us! 😉

    Any suggestions on how you the listeners would like to find genuine new music?

  • Dan

    My favorite site to discover new music and new blogs: http://shuffler.fm

  • http://www.songoftheday.co/ Owen

    Kudos for the very nice post. I’m assembling my own list on my music blog http://www.SongoftheDay.co/ Check it out too. I created it to help others discover new music that doesn’t get played often on the radio. Keep the good stuff coming!

    The fact that people feel the need to create these types of posts and resources is evidence of the fact that the architecture of the US music industry is seriously flawed and is doing a dis-service to the American people by overexposing corporate wonderbread bands and under exposing new and cutting edge bands that are breaking into new territory of sound and art. Obviously we can’t rely on the old standard ways of sharing music and must instead create our own systems that help to promote the music that we enjoy, and not the generic music that will happen to appeal to the widest possible audience.

    Keep fighting the good fight.
    Owen – Song of the Day

  • Jessie

    I go to : http://www.youtube.com/user/TheMusicMinute
    They have featured some good artists!

  • http://songfountain.com/ Ronnie

    You should check out http://songfountain.com/ It’s a music link sharing/trading community. If you post up your taste, people will post you good songs based on your taste!

  • eydie

    i have discovered some great music on youtube. seriously, if you just look around a little, you will too. i discovered taken by trees, the everydays and the afters, just to name a few. i’ve also discovered old songs that are new to me, so that’s the same thing. i’m 53 and very difficult to impress musically these days. i would be very happy with my 70’s and 80’s music, but it is wonderful to find the rare current gems too.

  • http://www.y-tunes.com Reece

    yTunes (http://www.y-tunes.com) is a great way to find music. Its a free online media player with a similar interface to iTunes (e.g. drag and drop, cover flow etc…). It also sources all of its content from YouTube so there’s tons to choose from. You can create, add to, edit, and re-order playlists all without interrupting the currently playing video! It also lets you share your play lists/videos with facebook and twitter friends.

  • http://www.reklam-fabrikasi.com brkgnsn

    8tracks should also be in the list.

  • gilfish

    see also jango.com

  • http://www.ilcapodannoaroma.com Capodanno roma

    This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I love seeing websites that understand the value of providing a quality information. Thanks for sharing.

  • Cookegrim

    Another new website is GRIM-THING’s Entertainment at http://www.grim-things.com

  • Dabraat

    With Amazon, you missed the crucial bits. Every day they release new free songs and samplers, and deeply discounted material. Last time I checked there were close to 1500 free songs.

    I have been able to sort by best reviewed, or most popular, and found excellent stuff quickly. The free samplers often lead to finding one or two new artists, etc. Not only that, with their new cloud technology, I can keep everything I download from Amazon on the cloud, and play it from where ever I am, using an App, without having to have a huge memory on my phone or tablet. I love Amazon.

    I still use iTunes for stuff Amazon doesn’t have, like American Idol or iTunes’ Exclusives. iTunes also has about 3 weekly free songs, and also their partnership with Starbucks has a free song given away every week at the stores. I figure if they are giving away so few songs every week, they must be well vetted, and get them. I have found some nice stuff.

  • Dabraat

    With Amazon, you missed the crucial bits. Every day they release new free songs and samplers, and deeply discounted material. Last time I checked there were close to 1500 free songs.

    I have been able to sort by best reviewed, or most popular, and found excellent stuff quickly. The free samplers often lead to finding one or two new artists, etc. Not only that, with their new cloud technology, I can keep everything I download from Amazon on the cloud, and play it from where ever I am, using an App, without having to have a huge memory on my phone or tablet. I love Amazon.

    I still use iTunes for stuff Amazon doesn’t have, like American Idol or iTunes’ Exclusives. iTunes also has about 3 weekly free songs, and also their partnership with Starbucks has a free song given away every week at the stores. I figure if they are giving away so few songs every week, they must be well vetted, and get them. I have found some nice stuff.

  • ta4ka

    http://www.ilovethismusic.com – search music based on your mood, or current location weather.

  • grop

    I use http://www.albumtable.com
    I don’t necessarily follow their advice, but it’s nice to see what they’re talking about.

  • AndyB


  • Mcbags

    Pandora doesnt work in france :( i’m using Aupeo and it work okay even if i only listening emo station :p 

  • Mcbags

    Pandora doesnt work in france :( i’m using Aupeo and it work okay even if i only listening emo station :p 

  • Micah

    you’re forgetting http://www.tastekid.com/

  • Strictinde_figment

    http://www.strictlyindependent.wordpress.com aims to promote music by independent artists with little or no means for large scale promotion. Aimed at music lovers with an open mind, slightly geared towards hip-hop fans.

  • Nick

    i found a site that i bet none of you have heard about yet, however will hear a lot of in the future. they’re slightly newer so you don’t drown in music like all the other massive sites, however all the music on MuzicNotez.com is new and from indie artists that you’ve probably never heard of, however they might be just down the road from you. amazing how much talents out there, and it’s nice to find awesome new music nobody else has ever heard before. check it out and if you like it pass the word for others to enjoy as well! http://www.muzicnotez.com/

  • guest

    Mog.com is another Pandora-ish that focuses on the network part of music and can play almost any song you want, over and over if you want!  

  • http://twitter.com/TwinsDirect Father Of Twins

    By 2011 http://jampri.com is the best in my opinion for its social aspect that let’s you work your music out with friends help.

  • Atf5020

    There is a new site I recommend that I have been using very frequently turntable.fm

  • MO

    check out songspin.fm  i love it

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FQX3EOELSX33EAQQ5SUB4LHVUU Johnny

    definitely Music Dummy and TasteKid



  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FQX3EOELSX33EAQQ5SUB4LHVUU Johnny

    definitely Music Dummy and TasteKid



  • Testit

    Music-map.com finds what artist are similar to what you like.. kind of like the thought behind pandora, but pandora is not legal in my country…

  • Debbie

    RhythmScore is a great new website if you’re into independent artists


  • M Macharis

    http://www.everydayagreatsong.be is amazing to discover new great songs 

  • http://www.currency.com.pk/prizebond Prize Bonds

    I am very fond of listening music and I always want to discover my own music and these ways I must follow to discover my music. Thank you.

  • kloogi2

    I use thissongissick to find new music. the site is just awesome  it is so easy to use 😛

  • B Smoke

    8tracks.com sir.

  • Julie

    Hi, since then… you may want to add to your “top 10 ways to discover music” seevl (http://seevl.net). The current product “seevl for YouTube” helps you to search for music on YouTube (by genre, label, location…), to discover and learn about music you love. Very good press. See more at seevl.net!  

  • matthisdewit

    I like this site, its a mashup of lastfm and youtube. It gets the similar artists from last.fm and generates a sort of compilation album which plays continuously. 

  • John

    What about leftctrl.tumblr.com

  • Leon Finch

    Check out http://vinja.tv.  It lets you explore music based on bands that influence and are influenced by other bands you already know and like!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/mbordash Michael Bordash

    Another site is http://www.internetdj.com  Since 1997, InternetDJ has hosted, promoted and surfaced some of the best underground electronic, rock and hip-hop music. Several InternetDJ artists have gone on to sign with labels and release hit tracks.

  • Mamaer

    Playlistunes is an excellent website for those who want to discover new stuff:


  • joe steele

    i rock out in my garden to pandora. save some money and grow your own stuff. put mine together with http://www.greenerhydroponics.com cheap and easy

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