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Last Minute Christmas Items for The Technically Savvy

Christmas is almost upon us, which means it’s time for people all around the world to buy gifts for their loved ones. Most of the time, the gifts are rather casual, but what if there’s a tech savvy in your family? It’s often hard to please them on Christmas, and if you’re planning to get something for them, you would have to make sure that the gifts you buy for them are both stylish and functional, plus, they have to be over the top. Finding such demanding gifts can be a bit tedious, but don’t despair. Here’s a list of some amazing items, you can get as Christmas gifts for the tech savvies to satisfy them.

Touch Screen Friendly Gloves

ten-digit-touchscreen-gloves-22b6-0000001363140950 Christmas

Because of winter, using your smart phone with gloves on is a near impossible task, and if you’re on texting/browsing frenzy, ordinary gloves will annoy you. Well, the problem is over now. With these extremely comfortable touch screen friendly gloves, you won’t have a problem using your smart phone for whatever purposes. This makes a perfect gift for a smart phone addict.

HDMI Pocket Projector

Brookstone_HDMI_Pocket_Projector_35558231_03_620x433 Christmas

This $299 HDMI pocket projector is an extremely compact and well designed gadget by Brookstone.You can carry it anywhere and connect it with your smart phone, gaming consoles, digital cameras and DVD players just by a push of a button. The HDMI mini projector comes with an HDMI cable, though you’d have to purchase a separate AV cable if you’re planning to connect this with your iOS device.


Motorola Moto X

motorola-moto-x-phone ChristmasThe Moto X is the first smart phone manufactured by Motorola since Google purchased the company. The smart phone didn’t go well in the market, but it’s still a sweet piece of technology. The phone performs well on the paper and in real life, the display is crisp and a treat. Active Display is one of the most innovative features of this phone.

LG Nexus 5

nexus5_official2-631x631 Christmas

The predecessor to the highly acclaimed LG Nexus 4 hones a state of the art spec sheet and the latest and greatest Android from Google. LG Nexus 5 comes with a 4.95 inches of True HD +IPS, along with an 8 mega pixel camera and 1.3 mega pixel front facing camera. There’s 2 GB of RAM under the hood. The phone will handle everything you throw at it, strictly being technical here. The phone is available in 16 and 32 GB variants respectively. You get to choose between white and black. This seems like a perfect gift to give on Christmas

That’s all folks, here’s to hoping the Christmas goes well and all the needs of a tech savvy are met.

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