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Learn To Shut Down Windows System Using Command Prompt

Almost all of us use the traditional start menu button option to shutdown our Windows operating system. Then there a few who use the shortcut keys (ALT + F4) to initiate the shutdown process. But did you know, you could even shutdown your Windows by using the command prompt?

But wait, there’s more to that. Not only can you shutdown your Windows, but also to restart, log off and hibernate while using just the command prompt.

In this article, we will learn to do all of that. Let’s begin with the shutdown process using the command prompt.

Remember that shutting down your Windows from the command prompt can be done with Windows XP, Windows 7 as well as Windows 8.

To start off, click on the start menu and choose to open the ‘Run’ window. Alternatively, you can press the shortcuts for it; Windows Key + R

Type in CMD and hit the OK button to open up the Command Prompt.

Shutdown Your Windows Operating System

Type in “shutdown –s” (without the quotes) in the command prompt menu to safely shutdown your Windows operating system.

 Shutdown Windows Operating System with Command Prompt Learn To Shut Down Windows System Using Command Prompt

You can also specify the time before the shutdown process is initiated. To do this, simply enter the following code in the command prompt.

“shutdown -s -t 60” (without the quotes)

The above code has a timer of 60 seconds after you hit the enter button. Once the 60 seconds are gone, you will see a warning message regarding the shutdown process. You can increase or decrease the interval time by simply adding more/less seconds to the code. For example, “shutdown –s –t 45” means the shutdown process will start in 45 seconds after you hit the Enter button.

You can display a message while the shutdown timer is counting down. Simply type “shutdown –s –t 60 –c “Your Message within the quotations” in the command prompt and hit the Enter button.

The –c keyword is used to display messages while the shutdown process has been initiated. You can use this feature to warn the users to save their work for example.

Restart Your Windows Operating System

Type in “Shutdown –r” (without the quotes) in the command prompt menu to safely restart your Windows operating system.

Log Off Your Windows Operating System

Type in “Shutdown –l” (without the quotes) to log off the current user, and go back to the Windows Login Screen.

If for any reason, you would like to terminate the shutdown process during the countdown, quickly type in “shutdown –a” (without the quotes) in the command prompt menu. This will only work, if the timer has not reached to zero.

Hibernate Your Windows Operating System

Type in “Rundll.32.exe Powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState” (without the quotes) and hit the Enter button. This should hopefully start the hibernating process. If nothing seems to happen, the hibernation feature in your Windows system is disabled.

We hope you learnt something new today with these simple command prompt tricks to shutdown, restart, and hibernate your Windows operating system.

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