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Lenovo In Charge of the Next Nexus?

In an unexpected turn of events, Google decided to sell Motorola to the Chinese multinational company Lenovo on Wednesday for $2.91 billion dollars. Though Google would still remain in charge of some of the company’s patents, including the ones that were purchased to defend the Android. However, this deal might end up giving Lenovo some advantage too. The advantage of being included in the Nexus family. That’s right. According to a tweet made by Russian mobile blogger Eldar Murtazin, Lenovo will be in charge of the next and the last Nexus from Google. After that, Google’s famous Nexus line up will be replaced by Google Play edition. This claim was also made by Eldar Murtazin.

Check out the screen shots of Murtazin’s claim of Google replacing the Nexus line up and  about Lenovo taking in charge of the next Nexus.

Untitled1 Nexus

Here, Murtazin is claiming that Lenovo will be launching the last Nexus product and it will be focused on the US market.

Untitled Nexus

This could be true considering how Motorola’s focus was mainly on the US market. It won’t be a surprise if Lenovo does the same, provided that they actually manufacture the next Nexus. After Google acquired Motorola back in 2011, rumours surfaced that Motorola is working with Google on the new Nexus device but that never happened. The last 2 Nexus smart phones were released by LG, and were a huge success, both critically and commercially. Murtazin is known for viable leaks when Nokia it’s association with Symbian was on the rise, but since Symbian is no longer the concern of any smart phone manufacturer, it is advised to take this rumour with a grain of salt. We will keep you posted in case more news regarding Lenovo building the next Nexus emerges.




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