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How to log on to multiple Facebook accounts simultaneously on Chrome browser

There are many instances where logging on to multiple Facebook accounts becomes a necessity. Say for example, you have an official Facebook account that you use for work, along with your own personal account. Usually, what people do is log in and out between these accounts, or use two separate browsers (Chrome and Firefox).

But what if you need to access more than two Facebook accounts at once? Even using two Facebook accounts at once can be quite a messy situation. But thankfully, there’s a handy little Chrome extension called ‘Identity Mask’ that lets you run multiple accounts (on Facebook, Twitter, G+ and the like) without having to sign-in/sign out or use different browsers.

Identity Mask – Use Multiple Accounts Simultaneously

Identity Mask Chrome browserUnder normal conditions, the Chrome browser (or any other browser for that matter), lets you sign-in and use once account, and then stores its login details (including its cookies) for future use. With Identity Mask, all you have to do is click its icon (once it’s installed), and a new tab will pop up. Each time you click the icon, a new tab with a completely different session will pop up. This means, every tab can be used to access multiple accounts on the same site.

You could argue, why not use Chrome’s built-in ‘Incognito Mode’? With Incognito, you can only sign-in into 2 accounts; one under normal mode, and one under Incognito.

With Identity Mask however, users have the freedom to use as many different accounts as possible, of the same site or domain.

Overall, Identity Mask helps out a great deal if using multiple accounts on the same site/domain is essential. The chrome extension can be downloaded for free from Chrome’s web store. Click this link to download.

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