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How To Manage Google Chrome Browser Tabs with Fruumo Tab Manager

Do you have a habit of opening up a gazillion number of tabs on your Chrome browser, and then keeping them open until your Windows crashes up on you? Jokes aside, we all usually have those days when keeping the browser tabs to a minimum is just not an option.

In this article, we’ll have a closer look at one of the best chrome extensions out there for managing your Chrome browser tabs; the Fruumo Tab Manager.

Fruumo Tab Manager – Manage Browser Tabs on Google Chrome

Generally, having to work with tabs makes life much easier. You can switch back and forth between multiple websites, without having to worry about losing track. However, when the number of tabs increases, it usually gets quite messy, and managing each and every tabs only becomes harder. But with the Fruumo Tab Manager (Chrome extension) for Chrome, users can fully enjoy their browsing experience.

Fruumo Chrome Tab Manager How To Manage Google Chrome Browser Tabs with Fruumo Tab Manager

Here are some features of the extension that you should know about:

– By pressing the CTRL + F shortcut, you can search through all tabs that are currently opened. Additionally, by typing the ‘:’ command before your search keyword, you can conduct a quick search of the entire browser history.

– Upon clicking the Fruumo Tab Manager icon, you will see a list of the tabs that are currently open. Users will be able to close, pin, refresh and move each of the opened tabs.

– You can also see the number of opened tabs. Other features include closing down all tabs at once, and identifying duplicate tabs for users.

The developers for the extension are currently working on improving the features and adding in some new things like color codes for different tabs and saving tab sessions to your local hard drive for use at a later time.

The Fruumo Tab Manager extension is available to download for free on Google’s web store.

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