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Move Applications and Directories with SymMover

move applicationsHave you ever fallen short of space on your primary partition to force yourself to choose a different install location? If you have had large applications installed on the default Windows Program Files folder, you would have had to move applications to a new location by reinstalling them in order to make room for other things.

Well, if you are tired of doing this process, we have a solution for you. Using a tool called SymMover, you can actually move applications to spacious destinations without uninstalling and reinstalling them. Let us see what this means!

When you choose to move an application using SymMover, it creates a symbolic link between the original and new location. While Windows still thinks that the application is as it was, it now resides at a different place. It really comes in handy when trying to resolve disk space problems.

SymMover can not just move applications, but it can also move directories as well.

Using SymMover

The SymMover interface is divided into two vertical halves. Seperated by its action buttons, the left pane denotes space for source folders and the right pane for destination folders. The buttons denote add folder, remove folder, change destination, move from left to right, move from right to left, help, settings and exit in top to bottom order.

move applications

The + button is used to add new folders or move applications to the source space. The X button does the reverse. On choosing to add an item, you will be presented with the list of applications on your machine. You may either choose one of those or search for more. Alternatively, you can use the folder view for manual selection.

move applications

At the bottom of this pane, you can select a destination or hit the settings icon to add a new destination. You may also do this through the third button on the main interface.

move applications

Once your selection is done, use the green arrow to move from source to destination. In order to restore to original, hit the yellow arrow.

As far as settings are concerned, you may add new destination folders and set one of them as default. From the other settings tab, you can set the disk spaces to be shown in GBs and set the auto update on startup.

move applications

This tools supports Windows Vista and Windows 7. Be careful when you move applications! Make sure to back up before you move anything around.


When I bought my machine we did not have a lot of choices on disk space. With Symmover, I no more have to worry about low disk spaces.

(By) Sandeep Agarwal is an engineer and tech fanatic who has a lot of appetite to explore hidden difficulties in technology drift. He loves to explore and devise the latest software and technologies.

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