Feedly is a Great Mobile RSS Reader

There are few things that you can do with tablet PCs which make them well worth the price. Reading is undoubtedly one of them. Tablets are designed to provide us with an easy reading experience, and this reading can include all kinds of things. Recently, I got myself a tablet, and I have found myself reading RSS feeds on the ...

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How to Make Your YouTube Player Always Stay On Top

YouTube has a tremendous collection of videos and caters to everybody’s tastes and preferences. This is the very reason that we love watching clips on this website. However, the clutter that it brings along is irritating at times. Advertisements, suggestions and lots of other unwanted things add to the drama. Moreover, we have very little customization options. Worry not. We ...

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3 Tools That Combine Twitter and Commerce

Twitter has been and always will be a social platform. However, that doesn’t mean that it is limited to only social uses. Twitter has had so many tools created for it that it is becoming a platform for other things like video, pictures, and even audio. Now, people are combining Twitter and commerce. Lets check out these three tools that ...

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FeedReader is a Minimalist Desktop RSS Feed Reader

The free software world is swarming with RSS feed readers, and we do not really need another feed reader to saturate this space. However, sometimes, we need to take a step back from all the features and quirks that we end up not using eventually, and for those times, we have minimalist applications like FeedReader. FeedReader is not designed to ...

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How to Share Text and Images as Articles the Easy Way

Most of us have taken up online reading these days. But how many of us have ever taken the time to write up something online? Many people assume that it’s very hard to publish online, but there are lots of tools out there that make it very easy. Confused? Let us tell you about a service that lets you write and ...

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Easily Share Files Via Email and Text Message with Wizdrop

Whenever you need to share a file, you will have to make a selective decision between an email service and a cloud storage service. The problem with the first one is that most of them are restricted to 25 MB. The second one is great to use, but most of them make you create an account. They do not cater to one ...

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How to Defrag a Hard Drive in Windows

If you were to walk in my office, you’d see multiple sticky notes everywhere. Sometimes, you’ll even find them on my billfold, on my cell phone and even my desk. It’s not a horrible system, as long as I don’t have too many thoughts and reminders to track. If, however, I go beyond 3 or 4 notes, things start getting ...

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4 Presentation Apps for Android Smartphones

Sales is the name of the game even if you think of yourself as a person not involved in sales in any way. Because no matter what profession you have, you still have something to sell: your latest request for a salary increase at your place of employment, the benefits of getting a Labrador Retriever over a Collie, etc. Here ...

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