Tweak and Customize Windows 7 with WinBubble

windows maintenance Tweak and Customize Windows 7 with WinBubbleDo you like to change up your Windows’ settings to get it exactly the way you like it?  If you do, I’m sure you’re familiar with digging through menus to find the exact settings you want to change.  It’d be much faster if all of the things you wanted to change were in one place.

WinBubble is a small and free application that gives us an easy way to change and tweak all of our Windows 7 settings in one place.  I’m going to quickly take you through all of the settings that WinBubble can change.

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Create a Twitter Newspaper with  Create a Twitter Newspaper with Paper.liTwitter’s 140 character limit is often very annoying.  You can’t share or organize a lot of information from a list of tweets. Sometimes, I want to create a list of interesting links or blog posts that are shared on my Twitter timeline and the one tool which helps in organizing information at one place is is a service which allows users to organize tweets or links shared on Twitter in a very easy to read newspaper format. You can use the service to create a customized newspaper for any Twitter hashtag, Twitter list or Twitter user.

While there are other apps to achieve similar things, whats unique about is that you can share the customized newspaper with anyone. Let’s see how works.

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Converting a Scanned Image into Editable Text

OCR Terminal Logo Converting a Scanned Image into Editable TextThese days, it is not uncommon for a computer user to have a scanner attached to his or her PC. A scanner is a handy device because it allows you to take pages from a book, magazine, or article and transform them into an electronic document. These electronic documents can then be stored for later viewing, added to a presentation, or simply emailed to a friend.

The one problem with a scanner is that, by default, it turns everything it sees into a picture. This is obviously not a problem if you are scanning photographs or cartoons, but what if you are scanning text?

Since your computer views this text as one big picture, you are unable to modify it in any way (change the font, size, or layout). The solution to this dilemma is through the use of a specialty program which opens the picture, deciphers the text within it, and outputs this information into a text file (generally a pdf or Microsoft Word file). These types of programs are generally said to be able to provide Optical Character Recognition or OCR.

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6 Apps to Take HDR Photos on iPhone without iOS 4.1

HDR NYC 6 Apps to Take HDR Photos on iPhone without iOS 4.1

One of the most anticipated features from the upcoming iOS 4.1 is the built in capability to take HDR photos. Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to upgrade and take advantage of this new feature because of several reasons, which include Apple not supporting devices older than iPhone 4, and the fact that jailbreakers wont be able to upgrade to iOS 4.1 right away. If you also fall in this category, then you’ll be happy to know that you can at least get the HDR photography on your phone right now via a couple of free and paid apps in the App Store. Interested?

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Best Program Uninstaller for Windows: Revo or Comodo Program Manager?

One of the best questions I face in my interaction with regular PC users is why is my computer so slow? I am left wondering as to, where do I start?! There is a long list of things from unnecessary files to defragmentation to clearing up the pagefile. However, the primary reason for a slow computer can be a cluttered registry and a long software install and uninstall history.

As we install and remove programs from our computer, most of them leave back registry entries and dll files. As these are loaded at the startup, the computer responds slower and becomes unusable without any good reason. For defragmenting your hard disk, you can use one of our suggested tools and for other cleanup activities, you can use our recommended junk file cleaners.

Today, we will compare two program uninstallers. Program uninstallers help us uninstall software safely without leaving back any traces of unused files and dlls. This keeps our Windows installation tuned up and cleans out any clutter. The two program uninstallers we are comparing are Revo Uninstaller and Comodo Program Uninstaller.

While Revo Uninstaller has been around for quite some time now, Comodo Program Uninstaller is new software that has some promising features.

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Top Portable Solar Chargers for the iPhone and Other Handheld Electronics

800px Earth horizon and International Space Station solar panel array Expedition 17 crew August 2008 300x198 Top Portable Solar Chargers for the iPhone and Other Handheld ElectronicsEver been caught of guard and without power when your phone dies in the middle of an important conversation? Those days are over when you choose to start using a portable solar charger. Most of the solar chargers have several connectors for a variety of electronics, are rechargeable in at least two different ways, and are small enough to be easily packed into your backpack, purse, or even pocket.

Whether you’re traveling or marooned at your desk with no outlets in sight, these chargers will help keep your electronics performing at high capacity.

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3 Excellent Twitter Google Chrome Extensions

twitter 3 Excellent Twitter Google Chrome ExtensionsTwitter is one of today’s most popular social networking and microblogging service enabling users to share each other’s messages via tweets. As of late, it has now become almost essential for anyone wanting to keep up with what’s going on online to stay updated with Twitter.

In this regard, one way to stay in touch with Twitter is through web browsers and with Google Chrome’s Twitter extensions this can be done in the best possible way. Presented below are three great extensions available for Twitter in the Google Chrome web browser to keep you updated with Twitter.

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Create an Online Poll in Seconds with Flisti and PollDaddy

poll Create an Online Poll in Seconds with Flisti and PollDaddySometimes, you just wonder what other people are thinking about certain things that puzzle you. Sometimes, you want to find out what is the best answer to a single question that comes with multiple choices. To find out what others are thinking, tweeting or updating a status with a question is a great way. You can also write a blog post about it and share it with your friends, but these options have a their downsides. In the case of a blog post, the reader may not have enough time to write a comment. If you are tweeting, you may not get complete answers.  There are other options for polling your friends and readers.

The best choice is creating an online poll.  This makes it easy on users, because all the questions are in one place and easy to quickly answer.  It’s also great for the person sending out the poll, as the answers are easy to tally with a polling, too.  I’m going to share with you two sites where you can make your poll.

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