Use If This Then That to Put Your Web Services to Work

Ever looked for a way to do things in a more efficient way? Do you have that feeling you should be able to connect several services to get the best out of both? Well, me too. And now you can, with a service called ‘If This Then That‘ (IFTTT). This website enables you to use API’s of a lot of ...

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4 Great Twitter Apps for Android

We’ve all seen lots of articles about Twitter iPhone apps in the past, but we don’t always see as many Android articles. Well, I wanted to make sure that all of our followers that have an Android device see some of the choices they have when it comes to a Twitter app on Android. Here are 4 different options that ...

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How to Add Notes and To Do Lists to MS Office

Many of us use MS Office, notes and to do lists, but they are usually done with 3 different programs or applications. It’s not super efficient to keep switching back and forth between all of them to keep track of everything. Note&Do comes in with a great solutions that lets you put them all together, so you can keep track of ...

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8 Amazing Chrome Extensions to Boost Your Web Research Skills

If you’ve ever done research online, then you know how daunting it can be when there are literally millions of resources on any given topic.  Believe it or not though, coming up with the right resources is only half battle. The other half is getting that research synthesized, recorded and organized. How many times have you copy and pasted directly from a ...

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9 Guidelines for Creating Strong Passwords

Think of all the personal, private aspects of your life. Your bank account, private notes, shopping habits, credit card numbers, Social Security Number. How much of that have you shared online? Do you bank online? Use Billpay? Shop at Amazon? Share on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus? Check your email? Can you know your password is as secure as possible? ...

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How to Make Table of Contents for a Website for Easy Navigation

One good thing that comes with every book is the table of contents and an associated index. This definitely helps readers to a great extent in navigating through the book while looking for specific content. I wish every website on the Internet had this feature too. I wish every article had a supportive table of contents to help browse through ...

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4 iPhone Apps for Facebook

  While there is nothing that wrong with the official mobile Facebook app, it just seems that other developers offer a much fresher perspective than the ones inside Facebook HQ. It may be because like the wise Benjamin Franklin said, ‘Paintings and fightings are best seen from a distance’. That is, they are too busy trying to stay ahead of ...

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How to Password Protect Sticky Notes with Secret Notes

If you are using a shared computer, it becomes quite difficult to maintain privacy and secrecy over a lot of personal stuffs. Though there are many ways to protect data and documents by using  password vaults and encryption tools, it is vital to be careful and aware of other users of the machine. In this article I will help you ...

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