How to Automatically Thank New Followers on Twitter

If you’ve followed prominent tweeters out there, you might have noticed some have an automatic reply with a thank you and a link to their blog. It’s a good way to promote your blog to new followers, and it adds a nice touch to things. In my first post for LostInTechnology, I thought it would a be a good how-to ...

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4 iPhone Flashlight Apps to Light up your Phone

There are so many apps to run on the iPhone that here at LostInTechnology we try to keep giving you great lists to keep track of them all. These four apps represent the cream of the flashlight category. As always with such a list, some worthy candidates will be left out. That is the risk of running a top 4 ...

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Use Windows 7 Side-by-Side and Peek to Optimize MS Word Docs

Windows 7 has many features that ultimately make any person’s business or student life easier. If you have ever tried toggling two open windows at the same time and had difficulty going back and forth, then Windows 7 Snap feature will help tremendously. The Snap feature allows you to view open windows side-by-side. Another feature to know of is the ...

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How to Manage Bookmarks from Your Desktop

People often create bookmarks to get back to their previous browsing sessions or their favorite websites. However, managing them is always a big hurdle, because you just keep adding to them, and they aren’t always added in the same place or browser. This makes us need some type of common platform to manage all bookmarks with ease. We have found ...

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How to Customize Your Windows Right Click Context Menu

People are always on the look out for something that will help them perform their tasks or errands just a little bit faster. This is especially true when we are all sitting on a computer. There are scripts, shortcuts, apps and processes to help us move things as fast as possible on our computer. In this context, I wish to ...

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3 Must Have Chrome Extensions for Grooveshark

Gone are the days when we used to rip our favorite songs to listen to them while working on the computer. Time has changed and people nowadays prefer online services to listen to their songs. One of the major advantages of using these online music streaming services is that they save a considerable amount of our hard disk space and ...

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Launch Multiple Applications at the Same Time with Windows 7 App Launcher

Many of us have routine tasks to do and it requires us to use multiple apps in order to cater to our needs. However, we go about opening these applications one by one and waste lots of time in navigating to their location. Alternatively, many of us have shortcuts created for these apps on our desktops. This helps, but it ...

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How to Protect Android Apps by Using a Fake Force Close Message

No matter where, passwords are always the best way to protect one’s personal data. We use passwords almost everywhere to protect our personal files. Nowadays, smartphones are becoming an important part of our life, and we all have our personal images, messages, emails and other such stuff in it. Of course, we can use passwords for smartphones as well. Though ...

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