How to Encrypt and Password Protect Firefox Bookmarks

Recently, we covered an article on ways to manage secrecy and privacy on Firefox. It provides us options to create multiple profiles and also speaks on how to set up a master password. Beyond the two tier protection, you may also want to protect your set of bookmarks. This article will demonstrate how to use a Firefox extension; Link Password, ...

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5 Free Internet Tools for Students and Teachers

The Internet is an immense resource for students.  However, it sort of gets the short end of the stick as only being used as a distraction and maybe for the occasional research paper or question on homework when it applies to school. Today, we are going to tell you about five great websites that shows how the Internet can help ...

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How to Filter and Manage Downloads in Firefox

Organizing files and folders is not an easy job, especially, when we keep downloading stuff from the internet. Nobody ever wishes to keep their downloaded files and application in the default folder. At sometime or the other, we do get back to them and move them to a desired location by the organizing structure we maintain. This task does sometimes ...

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4 iPhone Apps to Help You Quit Smoking

It’s that time of year. The holidays are over. Your wallet is skinnier and your belt’s tighter. It’s also time to set your New Year’s resolution. For those who haven’t kicked the nicotine habit, it’s the perfect time to commit to living healthier. Quitting tobacco isn’t easy but the rewards are worth the effort. Clean lungs? Sounds good. Saving money? Yep. I’d ...

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Notepad7 is a Ribbon Based Alternative to Notepad

Text documents are the most basic and pre-dominant form of documents. The .txt files are compatible almost anywhere and with any device. Most of us still use the Windows Notepad to quickly write something down. However, we have got ourselves so used to and accustomed to the ribbon style of MS Office that we find the Notepad interface completely bland. ...

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How to Search MS Office Tools and Features

MS Office is one software package that 90 percent of us have installed on our machines. It is one set of applications that we use quite frequently. However, most of us use and know only some of all the available features. There are times when we want to do something really unique and different with our document but fail to. ...

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Control Your Android Phone From Your PC with AirDroid

The Android market is an awesome store for finding new apps everyday. This hunt for new apps brought me to Unified Remote, an app which lets us control your PC from your Android phone. You can read its review in one of our earlier posts. Now that we have already seen how to control the PC from the Android phone, ...

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Control Your PC From Your Android Phone with Unified Remote

Wouldn't it be great if you could control your PC with your Android phone? When you are with friends watching a movie, you can play/pause the movie from your phone remotely, increase or decrease the volume, scroll through a webpage and do pretty much everything that can be done with a mouse and a keyboard. This makes your Android phone like a remote for your computer.

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