5 Great Examples of Cross-Platform Open Source Software

opensource 300x240 5 Great Examples of Cross Platform Open Source SoftwareThe world of technology is engaged in an interesting tug-of-war. While many programs and utilities are becoming more powerful, more proprietary in nature, and more exclusive in platform, we’re also moving toward synchronicity.

By this, what we mean is that platforms are becoming more cross-compatible, programs are becoming friendly across all operating systems, and ease of access is rising on the priority list.

One major reason is the contributions from the open source community — people who have devoted their life to technological accessibility. While some open source projects are specific to one platform, many cross, blur, or seek to disintegrate these lines. Here are five fantastic pieces of cross-platform software from the open source community.

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Great App Deals Coming from Big App Deals

bigappdeals Great App Deals Coming from Big App DealsMost of you have probably heard about the application or software bundles that come around from time to time and offer several applications for an amazingly low price.  Well, a couple of my friends just started, Big App Deals, and I can promise you that they are going to have some great deals come along in the near future.

The two guys that started it know exactly what they are doing and know which software and applications are worth your time.  Here’s what they have to say about Big App Deals.

Big App Deals brings designers, developers and individuals, like you, exclusive bundle deals on apps, software, and services. These amazing deals are only offered for a limited time. Sound too good to be true? Well, it isn’t. Companies that partner with Big App Deals are established and popular brands that are looking to expand their customer base. It’s a win-win for everyone.

They don’t have the first deal live yet, but head on over to the site and sign up to get alerted of the deals when they go live.  I promise you won’t regret it!

2 Short Term and Disposable Email Accounts

letter 2 Short Term and Disposable Email AccountsIf you are like me, you probably sign up to lots of websites each week just to test out the service and probably write reviews about them. Most of today’s web applications are free to use. While some of them don’t require you to register, others ask to register in order to gain full access to the service. If you like the app, you probably use it regularly. If you don’t, you gradually forget about it.

But most of these register-only web applications don’t want you to forget about them. That’s why they keep sending you regular newsletters, offer emails, invitations from others (in case the service is a social networking one) and so on. Most services make it hard to unsubscribe from their list, so you result to marking those emails as spam.

Guess what, there are better ways for those who register to most web applications and services to give them a try. Today, I’ll introduce two short-term email services. Now, this term maybe a little unfamiliar to you. What exactly is a short-term email account?

A short-term email account is a temporary email account that expires over time. These services give you a specific email account and inbox to receive emails. After the period, the account gets removed. This way, you can register and enjoy the service and avoid unnecessary emails from getting to your inbox. Let’s talk about two of such services.

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Make Cheap International Calls with Mo-Call

With VoIP services becoming increasingly popular, more and more companies have started to provide VoIP services at very low rates. Voice over IP abbreviated as VoIP refers to the use of internet protocol to make telephone calls. There are various companies that provide VoIP services, but when it comes to VoIP telephony, quality together with cost is all that matters. Today, we bring to you yet another VoIP service provider that enables you to make calls and send text messages at incredibly low rates – MO-Call.

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10 Firefox Add-ons for Bookmark Management

book 10 Firefox Add ons for Bookmark ManagementBookmarks refer to internet shortcuts containing the URL of a web page. Most of us bookmark some of our favorite websites so that we can get quick access to them. We also bookmark many web pages while surfing so that we can read them later. Bookmarks have really become an indispensable part of the World Wide Web.

Bookmarks are really helpful to get one-click access to various websites, but too many bookmarks can be a real mess as it becomes really difficult to manage them. In this post, we bring you some of our favorite Firefox add-ons and extensions that can help you effectively manage your bookmarks.

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5 iPhone Apps for Holiday Travel

iphone in car 5 iPhone Apps for Holiday Travel

Though this may come a couple days after the holidays, it’s never too late to know what apps are necessary for when you’re on the road. I have gone across the country and back this past year and could not have gone without these 5 iPhone applications during my travels.

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Shoeboxed Helps Organize your Paperwork

shoeboxed Shoeboxed Helps Organize your PaperworkOrganizing all your paper work such as receipts, business cards, accounting, etc. into easily accessible digital data can be a real hassle, especially when you do not have enough time to do so or when it’s not your cup of tea. Scanning all those paper documents or just typing it onto your computer can be a real nightmare. It can also have a serious affect on your productivity.

However, Shoeboxed.com is that one service that simplifies this task.

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