Control Your Android Phone From Your PC with AirDroid

The Android market is an awesome store for finding new apps everyday. This hunt for new apps brought me to Unified Remote, an app which lets us control your PC from your Android phone. You can read its review in one of our earlier posts. Now that we have already seen how to control the PC from the Android phone, ...

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Control Your PC From Your Android Phone with Unified Remote

Wouldn't it be great if you could control your PC with your Android phone? When you are with friends watching a movie, you can play/pause the movie from your phone remotely, increase or decrease the volume, scroll through a webpage and do pretty much everything that can be done with a mouse and a keyboard. This makes your Android phone like a remote for your computer.

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Stardock Gives You a Windows 8 Appbar Experience

If you have a lot of applications and windows open at a time and find it difficult to manage them, navigate through or minimize/maximize, Windows 8 has a perfect solution for you. However, not all of us will get a chance to experience this until Windows 8 is publicly released. One way to try out some of the Windows 8 ...

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How to Close All Tabs From The Same Website In Firefox and Chrome

Many times while I am working online no matter if I am researching on Wikipedia, browsing Facebook pages or shopping for my next gadget, I often end up opening many pages of the same website. Opening multiple tabs helps my work go faster, but after I am done, I feel like closing all of them at once. Indeed there are ...

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How To Make the Windows Desktop Window Scrollable

Generally, people need multiple windows to be open at the time of work. However, they may find it distracting and confusing to see multiple windows lying one on top of the other. Situations may also surface requirements to arrange windows over the visible portion of the screen. Though many applications allow real estate management of the screen, they do not ...

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3 Windows 7 Features that Let You Work Faster

With all the advancements in technology, work can be accomplished in a more efficient manner. What use to take hours before now takes minutes and Microsoft Windows 7 has a few features that can help you work a little faster. Lets take a look at 3 features that are built into Windows 7 that can speed your work up a ...

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6 Awesome Web Tools For Creating Digital Flashcards For Free

In this day and age, flashcards are a far cry from the slick web apps and compact mobile devices we use on a daily basis. They’re a traditional learning tool that can be tough to manage. Think of it. Carrying around a huge stack can get tricky with only a rubber band holding it together. Worse yet, losing one can ...

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NetQuin Brings a Great Antivirus to Android

Android has continued to grow and become more and more popular, and we all know that the most popular operating system is going to be targeting by the most viruses and malware. We’ve all seen more and more threats pop up as Android has gotten more popular. The good news is that there are some solid antivirus programs out there ...

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