5 iPhone Apps for Holiday Travel

iphone in car 5 iPhone Apps for Holiday Travel

Though this may come a couple days after the holidays, it’s never too late to know what apps are necessary for when you’re on the road. I have gone across the country and back this past year and could not have gone without these 5 iPhone applications during my travels.

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Shoeboxed Helps Organize your Paperwork

shoeboxed Shoeboxed Helps Organize your PaperworkOrganizing all your paper work such as receipts, business cards, accounting, etc. into easily accessible digital data can be a real hassle, especially when you do not have enough time to do so or when it’s not your cup of tea. Scanning all those paper documents or just typing it onto your computer can be a real nightmare. It can also have a serious affect on your productivity.

However, Shoeboxed.com is that one service that simplifies this task.

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5 Excellent Tools to Test Your Website in Different Browsers

hammer 5 Excellent Tools to Test Your Website in Different BrowsersFor web developers, it’s really important to check the compatibility of their websites with different browsers. As different people use different browsers to surf the web, it can be really time consuming to test your websites on all the browsers and operating systems. To get rid of this problem, we have gathered a list of some free online tools which can help you test your website’s compatibility with multiple browsers and operating system.

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The Basics of Securing your Home Network

router The Basics of Securing your Home NetworkIf you are anything like me, your home computer network is more than just your computer connected to a printer and a broadband internet connection. With today’s plug-and-play intuitive operating systems, all of your home computers and peripherals like your cable television box, your entertainment system (X-Box, Playstation, Wii), and your printers are more than likely sharing information along the same network. The home computing environment has evolved to mimic a complex office networking environment, therefore it needs the security of a more complex system.

Most home computer users lack the knowledge it takes to properly secure their home network from outside malicious intervention, but have no fear, this post will help you secure your home network. Keep in mind that following these steps is not meant to be a “trust me – you won’t have any future problems :)” type of post, but it will give you a kick in the right direction and provide the basic security framework for you to build from.

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5 Fresh and Useful Gmail Tips

gmail 5 Fresh and Useful Gmail TipsGmail is one of the most popular web-mail providers in the world, and this isn’t any major surprise, because it is owned by Google and also offers an incredibly simple and fast interface.  It was also the first to offer over 1 GB of space. How can we make Gmail faster, better and more useful than it currently is?

We’ll explore some of the features currently offered in Gmail labs, some of the newest additions (there’s a reason why I included ‘fresh’ in the article title) as well as some old/useful but still not well-known tips. Things are starting to get exciting here, let’s get started!

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Top 5 Windows Phone 7 games

windows phone 7 live 298x300 Top 5 Windows Phone 7 gamesMicrosoft has poured an amazing amount of time and money into the development of Windows 7 and its mobile counterpart Windows Phone 7. The new operating system has been completely rewritten (unlike Windows Mobile 6 and 6.5, which had the same base code and kernel as the decade old Pocket PC), and got a new, innovative interface. The developers have sure put a lot of heart and soul into it, and the results really paid off – Windows Phone 7 looks to be the next best thing since Android or even iPhone, and it sure as hell can compete with them as equals.

There are already over a dozen phones running the new OS on the market and over five thousand apps on the marketplace, which is pretty impressive considering the official public release was only a month and a half ago. Windows Phone 7 can do most things that Android and iPhone can, but one of the defining features, which Microsoft has paid special attention to, is the ability to play games and not just casual ones.

All of the new games for WP7 are running on a smaller version of the Xbox console software and can be connected to Xbox live and played on the big consoles, as well.  This means that a Windows Phone 7 is practically a small gaming console in your pocket, and it can seriously rival the iPhone 4 (the best smartphone for gaming), Sony PSP and Nintendo DSi. Here’s my list of the top 5 WP7 games.

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How To Find Drivers for Unknown Devices in Windows

driver How To Find Drivers for Unknown Devices in WindowsDevice drivers are the fundamental building block of any computer system. We may some times find our self in a situation where we are unable to install the specific driver for our device due to a missing installation disk.  Without the disk, we could use the vendor and device information to find the driver, but what if we don’t have that either?  Windows does not tell the above information directly, but here is the way you can get it.

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