How to Save a Web Page for Reading Later

Often, when we browse around the internet in search of something, we find other stuff that may interest us. Now, we might not have time to read them at that point of time. Again, we might not want to create bookmarks for those pages, because they could not require a return visit. Read It Later brings a wonderful intermediate solution ...

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5 Websites to Improve your Spotify Experience

Spotify is one of the best music services to come around in a while. Especially in these dark times when piracy is getting more and more dangerous for the user, Spotify is a great tool to keep listening to your favorite music, while being legal! Spotify is a music streaming service where you can listen to almost every artist out ...

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How to Clone a Window and Keep it Always on Top

Most of us have at least once in life faced a situation where we wanted to work on a selected window while having another one on top of it. A perfect example would be the want of watching a movie or a video while working on some other process. Other cases could involve referring to a document that is the ...

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How to Take an iPhone Screenshot and What to Do After

Sometimes you just have to share what is happening on your smartphone. You want to point something out, want to capture a great quote on one of your social media accounts or want to remember something. Taking a screenshot with an iPhone is one of the easiest things to do. You just push the home button (the round button on ...

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8 Powerful Tips for Facebook Timeline

Just about everyone has heard about the new Facebook profile redesign, Timeline. Although the Facebook Timeline feature has good reviews from users, it is always a little stressful to move your profile over to a new design. You always need to edit things and adjust things in order to make it fit. The Facebook timeline is a new design based ...

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4 Word Processing Apps for the iPhone

Back in August 2011, we reviewed 3 great note taking iPad apps for people on the move here at LostInTechnology. Given that note-taking is an important task in our lives, let’s review 4 iPhone apps that not only empower you to take notes on the fly, but also take your word processing to the next level. Here is a list of ...

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TextExpander Helps You Type Faster

As a writer, I love to write. I love to take individual words and put them together into something that someone wants to read. But I hate typing the same thing over and over again. You probably recognize this. But if you don’t, let me ask you: how many times did you write your email address in the last 7 ...

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5 Best Sites for Minimalistic Desktop Wallpapers

Emptiness. Peace. Quiet. Sometimes, these are just the things you need to fully focus, the only thing you need to be one with yourself. Or you just enjoy the calm ease of minimalistic wallpapers. Anyway, you want a wallpaper with as little clutter as possible, and we want to cater that to you, of course! There is a big trend ...

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