Create Custom Beer Labels for Free Using Labeley

More an more of us are starting to experiment with brewing our own beer at home. There are lots of kits out there to do this, but there aren’t many resources to label your beer when you’re done making it to give it that really authentic look. Labeley solves that problem for you. Using Labeley, you can quickly and easily ...

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How to Hide Old Facebook Updates in the New Timeline View

Facebook recently released the Facebook timeline to every single Facebook user. As usual, some love the new and interesting feature, while others are busy grumping about it. With the new Facebook Timeline feature, it will be very easy for anyone to see the updates you made long ago. If you yourself dig deep in your updates, you will be shocked ...

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How to Schedule and Automate Browser and Tab Refreshes

When we use our computers, we do not even realize the amount of tasks our Operating System performs in the background without our knowledge. While we enjoy this automation, we may want to automate some other tasks as well. We wish to create reminders, alarms, schedule system restores, schedule virus scans and other such things. Interestingly, I have also discovered ...

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Create Folders the Easy Way with Smart Folders

With all the modern application and tools, it is really lame to create new folders in the same old fashion way we did on Windows 98. Though Windows has grown lots of features, it has over looked some traditional ways of doing things and failed to improve on them. One such thing is creating new folders by using the right ...

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3 Chrome Extensions to Limit and Manage Web Content

The intensity of unwanted and unsecure programs running throughout the internet is immense and increasing day by day. With such threats, it is really tough to get through with a safe and secure browsing session. We need to be aware of scripts trying to creep into our machines, fishy links and doubtful websites. Worry not! This article is a guide ...

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How to Use Dev Eject to Eject Your USB Devices Safely

We’ve all used flash drives with our computer at one time or another. Plugging in a removable drive is easy, but one cannot just plug it out and walk away. Such action might corrupt the data and damage the hardware as well. Of course, some basic steps have to be followed to eject a USB device, but many times Windows ...

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How to Encrypt and Password Protect Firefox Bookmarks

Recently, we covered an article on ways to manage secrecy and privacy on Firefox. It provides us options to create multiple profiles and also speaks on how to set up a master password. Beyond the two tier protection, you may also want to protect your set of bookmarks. This article will demonstrate how to use a Firefox extension; Link Password, ...

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5 Free Internet Tools for Students and Teachers

The Internet is an immense resource for students.  However, it sort of gets the short end of the stick as only being used as a distraction and maybe for the occasional research paper or question on homework when it applies to school. Today, we are going to tell you about five great websites that shows how the Internet can help ...

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