Extend Your Gingerbread Android Battery Life with Green Power

green Extend Your Gingerbread Android Battery Life with Green PowerA few days ago, I moved to using Gingerbread on my Android phone, and the feeling is just great. The slick UI effects are a vast improvement over Froyo and some new visual styles have come up as well. Overall, Gingerbread is here to rock.

However, the main problem with Gingerbread is that it lacks support for many apps. Some of them have not been released for Gingerbread yet and others do not plan to release anytime soon. A primary app for use on an Android phone is a battery saver. Juice Defender is undoubtedly the most developed and functional app for this. It has been around for a while and has improved vastly over time. However, its lack of Gingerbread support has been a setback for me, so I went on this hunt to find a decent Juice Defender alternative and came across the app Green Power.

Green Power lacks considerably in options that Juice Defender provides. However, for basic battery saving, it does the job and does it well. In this post, we will see how to install and use the Green Power app.

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How to Distribute Tickets for your Event Using Eventzilla

m How to Distribute Tickets for your Event Using EventzillaHow inconvenient is it to go to a specific location to grab tickets to events you want to attend? Since it is inconvenient for you, it will be inconvenient for others as well when you are the event manager. Distributing tickets on the Internet may be a good solution, but if you plan to receive ticket requests by email, it will be a big mess for you.

Eventzilla is your online solution to distribute tickets to your audience when you are holding the event. Eventzilla is a great service that you can use to create events and share them with your friends and colleagues on social networking sites so that they can register for your event. In this post, we will talk about how to create an event and distribute tickets for free.

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How To Erase Your Hard Drive Before You Recycle It

DBAN Logo How To Erase Your Hard Drive Before You Recycle ItIn years (and decades) past, people tended to destroy their old and obsolete computing equipment. Get a new computer? Well, then it’s time to throw the old one in the trash bin. These days, however, people tend to think a little more “environmentally”. Therefore, rather than throwing an old PC into the dump, we typically recycle it or give it to an organization which refurbishes computers and gives it to the less fortunate.

A Recycled Hard Drive

Overall, this trend is extremely positive. Computer parts are either reused or recycled, rather than abandoned. The one problem with a reused or recycled computer, however, relates to its hard drive.

Most individuals are familiar with what a hard drive is. For those who are uncertain, a hard drive is simply a piece of computer hardware (something physical found within your computer’s case) which is in charge of storing long-term data; data which isn’t deleted when you power off your machine for the night.

The problem with a recycled or reused hard drive is that it likely is not empty. In fact, it likely contains a large number of personal documents on it. Why? One would think that all you need to do is throw all of your files and folders into the recycle bin and erase them. Unfortunately, this is not good enough. Although the Windows user interface tells you that your files no longer exist, oftentimes they remain alive behind the scenes. Consequently, another individual would be able to make use of data recovery software in order to bring your documents back from the dead. Although this isn’t a life threatening problem, it is a little worrisome.

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How To Run Android Applications on Your Computer

a How To Run Android Applications on Your Computer

Ever wanted to run Android applications on your desktop computer? Better said, have you ever thought that it can be possible to run Android applications on your computer? Many things happen in today’s technology world that goes beyond what we think. That’s why there are ways you can try out Android applications on your computer even before spending money on buying the device.

In today’s article, we will show you how to install the Android operating system on your computer. To test drive the Android operating system on your Windows computer, you will need an active Internet speed, because we will be downloading many things during the installation process. Plus, to download applications for the android emulator, you will need internet connection, too.

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Organize Your Ebooks with KooBits

koobitscorner Organize Your Ebooks with KooBitsIn the past year, ebook adoption has grown very quickly.  A big reason for the growth is that you can read them on all kinds of devices: ereaders, smartphones, desktops, laptops, tablets.  If you prefer to read ebooks on your desktop, laptop or netbook computers, you may find it difficult to keep all your ebooks organized if you don’t use one of the larger web stores, like the Kindle store.

Today, we’re going to tell you about a free program that will help you turn that ebook clutter on your computer into an organized library of ebooks.

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CloudCanvas is a Web Based HTML5 Image Editor

cclogo CloudCanvas is a Web Based HTML5 Image EditorWeb-based image editors are extremely popular, because it’s not only professionals who edit photos and create photo collages. Almost everyone owns a digital camera these days, and they may have a need to edit photos.  Most basic users aren’t going to spend hundreds of dollars on Adobe Photoshop when there are other free options out there.

There are a fair number of web-based image editors out there. Almost all of them run on Flash.  This means that you will need to have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer in order for those sites to work.

The requirement of Flash might be a disappointing thing for some people.  This is where CloudCanvas comes in.  CloudCanvas can help you edit your photos through the use of HTML 5 instead of Flash.  Let’s take a deeper look at CloudCanvas.

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PlayListNow Plays Songs to Match Your Mood

music PlayListNow Plays Songs to Match Your Mood

Most people like to listen to certain types of music in certain situations.  Be it a Sunday morning, winter night, late night working or simply besides your pool, there are types of music that you’ll enjoy more than other for each of those occasions.  The problem with this scenario is that it can be pretty tough to find the right station or pick out all the right songs to match your mood.  That’s where PlayListNow comes in.

PlayListNow is a smart and user-friendly web-based application that comes up with a great playlist based on what you are doing. The site knows that by asking you on its homepage. Here’s how you can build your own playlist or find some suggestions from the site.

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3 Must Try Virtual Worlds

Second Life 250x300 3 Must Try Virtual WorldsRemember back in 2005, virtual worlds seemed to be the hottest ticket in technology. Not only were there they considered the future of marketing but also the future of economic and social activity.

Second Life was the poster child of this industry, and it hit the mainstream during the U.S. presidential campaign as then-candidates such as Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards made investments in creating virtual headquarters in Second Life.

However, the rise of Twitter and Facebook has overshadowed the virtual world industry. Still, Second Life continues to exist, and so do other virtual worlds. Here are 3 must try virtual worlds.

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