Songbird is a Great Android Music App

songbird Songbird is a Great Android Music AppAndroid has been my favorite mobile OS for some time, however, ever since I started using Android, I have seriously missed a decent music player. The music player I want should have a few important features. It should have quick access to features with minimum clicks, an excellent color scheme and user interface, an equalizer and scrobbling.

I have used Mixzing, PowerAmp, Winamp, DoubleTwist and almost any music player you can name. Every time, I am disappointed at the user interface and in a few days, I am back to not listening to music. By now, you would have understood that I am pretty hard to satisfy when it comes to a music player.

This time, I was surfing through the Android market and saw that a Songbird for Android was available for download. It was worth a try and my new Gingerbread ROM needed a music player, too. Here is my experience with the Songbird music player for Android.

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3 Essential Firefox SEO Plugins

firefox logo 3 Essential Firefox SEO Plugins

Mozilla Firefox is a free and open source web browser developed by the Mozilla Corporation. As of December 28th 2010, Firefox is the second most widely used browser according to Clicky, with close to 29% of worldwide usage share of web browsers. In some countries such as Germany, Firefox takes about 60% of the web browser market share.

SEO experts need to recognize the popularity of Firefox and become familiar with useful plugins that they can use to optimize their SEO practice when developing sites that are heavily viewed on Firefox. Here are 3 essential Firefox SEO plugins for you to include in your SEO toolkit.

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4 Android Apps Worth Having in Your Notification Area

The notification area is a critical area on an Android phone. Users like to keep it clean and display information at the same time. This has led operating systems to make minimalist looking icons that display massive data like signal strength, data connection state including upload and download and the battery life. In the screenshot below, you can see my notification area and apps that I have allowed on my notification area.
notfication area icons 4 Android Apps Worth Having in Your Notification Area

This keeps the UI perfect and does not break it. When I connect my phone to USB with debugging turned on, it takes two additional spaces as the USB connected icon and the debugging bug icon. This still leaves space for two more icons; say a Gmail notification and Google Talk chat notification.

After a year of using this phone, I have seen that four, is the perfect number of apps on the notification bar. So, here is the list of four apps I allow on my notification area.

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How To Keep Track of Warranties with Warranty Elephant

warrantyelephantmain How To Keep Track of Warranties with Warranty Elephant

It’s not often that you need to know and have all of your warranty information, so most of us don’t keep it organized and easy to find.  That’s why when you actually need that information you can never find it.  It’d be great to get a little assistance in the organization of your warranties.

Fortunately, there is a web-based app to help you do just that. Warranty Elephant is a free service that lets you keep track of all of the product warranties you get when purchased. You can simply scan the warranty copy and add the expiration date along with the date purchased and the date that the warranty expires.  Let’s take a deeper look at how the service works.

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30 Days of Roc

30DoR2 30 Days of Roc

These days, web-based applications are becoming more and more common.  You can get all kinds of applications in web-based form from instant messengers to screen and video capture.  When it comes to creating Music with various beats in web-based form, here comes Aviary Roc Music Creator which is a free and web-based music creator. In case you missed our previous coverage on the application, please read it here.

The latest with Roc is that the folks at Aviary have come up with a great idea. If you have even taken a sneak peek at Roc, you can understand how it works. You choose your beat from the instrument packs at the lower right corner of the application. However, if you have felt that there should be new instrument packs in that library, you will be amazed to know that Aviary is releasing 1 new instrument pack almost every day (5 days a week) throughout this February.

qeF8t 30 Days of Roc

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How to Minimize Twitter Spam

twitter spam 300x225 How to Minimize Twitter SpamTwitter Spam: You have seen it before.

It can take the form of a direct message about “making money with Google” or “making $500 a day online”.

Or it can be an @ reply telling you that “if you love blogging, you’re going to love SuperBlogger 3000, check it out at”

These are just 2 short examples of the dozens of different Twitter spams out there. Here are 3 key ways that you can use to minimize the amount of spam that your Twitter account receives or generates (most of the time without you even knowing about it!).

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2 Web Apps to Work with Notes Online

note 2 Web Apps to Work with Notes Online

Sharing notes online has been a popular task for some time when you don’t want to mess with email.  You can simply write up the entire note online and send a link to the note to anyone you like. If your purpose is not sharing your note but just keeping it securely in your account, there are very neat and clean services for this on the web.

Here, we will introduce two web-based applications that you will surely find useful for your business when dealing with notes online — be it shared or private.

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How to Send Email in the Future with Deferred Sender

Update: This tool is no longer available.

Ever wondered how awesome it would be if you could schedule an email for future sending? You might be asking, “Why would I want to schedule emails?”  Well, here’s an example.  You lead a busy life and don’t want to miss wishing your best friend happy birthday.  With Deferred Sender, you can make sure you schedule an email to go out to your friend on their birthday.

There’s, of course, a lot more reasons to schedule email. Today, we will introduce a nice service that can help you send emails at any given time. This service works with any email service provider you use.

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