How To Clear Your Windows 7 Run History

Windows has a few strange characteristics when it comes to storing information about recently opened documents or recently typed or executed commands. This is, in most cases, favorable, as it saves a lot of time in browsing through to the document location again and again. However, there are instances when you would want the entire(…)

How To Manage Your Website Links Easily

Even in the Internet’s infancy (ten to fifteen years ago), it was relatively easy to view websites and webpages. This was largely due to the fact that programs like Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer allowed individuals to interact visually (as opposed to textually – through arcane commands). The same could not be said for website(…)

How to Remove the Windows 7 SP1 Backup Files

Microsoft released the first Service Pack for Windows 7 a little while ago.  Most of the people using Windows 7 must have installed it. It is actually a compilation of all previous Windows updates for Windows 7. One glaring problem with the Service Pack is that the backup files it creates occupy quite a large(…)

10 Top Tech Companies and How They Appear on Google Suggest

Google suggest has been equally made fun of and has been ridiculed because of some of the inconsistent results. These results are an outcome of people searching for those exact phrases or talking about them over and over again and Google considering those phrases as important ones.

How To Uninstall Windows 7 Service Pack 1

A short while ago, Microsoft released the first Service Pack for Windows 7.  It consisted of a compilation of all previous updates to Windows 7 along with many new patches and updates. Most of the Windows 7 users should have installed it by now. However, sometimes after installing the Service Pack, you may have found(…)