How Much Does The Galaxy S5 Actually Cost?

Samsung announced the Galaxy S5 in February, and recently started shipping the phone in 125 countries making it the biggest launch in Samsung’s history. The phone is currently retailing for 600 euros, and is selling really fast. But is it really worth spending that amount of money on a smart phone which apparently costs less than the retail price? IHS, an analytics company recently did a tear down on the current flagship and later released an estimated cost which was spent building the Galaxy S5.

The total cost that is needed to build a Galaxy S5 is just $256. The cost is tad bit higher than what it took to build the predecessor. The Galaxy S4′s cost was $244. Continue Reading →

OnePlus One Camera Samples

After having our hands on almost all of the details on the upcoming OnePlus One smart phone, we are finally treated with the camera samples of the smart phone. For those who don’t know, OnePlus One will sport a Sony Exmor IMX214 camera with 13 mega pixels. Also, the aperture size of the camera will be f/2.0. The camera will be able to record 4k videos at 30 frames per second and slow-motion videos at 120 frames per second with a resolution of 720p. Apart from these features, the phone will also come with a new feature called Image Stablisation Plus which will be good for reducing “noise and shakiness” in pictures.

The camera samples are courtesy of Kang Yi, who happens to belong to a Chinese university Renmin. She’s posted a couple of photos (mostly selfies) from the upcoming OnePlus One, apart from the pictures taken by Kang Yi, Carl Pei, who happens to be the project chief also decided to post some in door pictures taken by a pre-production unit. Continue Reading →

Sprint Nexus 5 Now Getting Android 4.4.3 Kitkat

Last month, we got the chance to hear the details about a newer version of Android 4.4 Kitkat which was supposed to bring all the bug fixes users were facing in the Android 4.4.2 Kitkat, however, since it was till a rumour, we didn’t have anything solid to say apart from the fact that the version will be hitting the targeted phones pretty soon. The latest news tells us that Sprint has started the roll out of Android 4.4.3 Kitkat on the Nexus 5.

The update carries the build number KTU48F, apart from bringing a host of Android fixes, the update also a enables the Nexus 5 to work on Sprint’s own LTE network on two different bands. We would like to point out that the update is solely for the bugs that plagued the Nexus 5 and doesn’t have any cosmetic changes. Which means that there won’t be any new changes in the UI, something that was suggested by early rumours. Continue Reading →

Windows Phone 8.1 Available For Developers

Microsoft announced the Windows Phone 8.1 earlier this month and as promised, the update is now available for all the developers to try. As for the regular consumers, the phones running Windows Phone 8 will be getting the update in coming months, however, if you’re looking for a phone that runs Windows Phone 8.1 out of the box, they will be launching globally by the end of this month, or by the start of next month.

Joe Belfiore, who happens to be the chief for the Windows Phone Program Management at Microsoft made a tweet showing the screen shot of Windows Phone 8.1 update notification.  Continue Reading →

LG G3 Display Allegedly Confirmed

LG’s upcoming flagship smart phone, or phablet if I may say so, happens to be one of the most talked about devices. We’ve been treated with quite nice details about it, including a leaked screen shot showing new and improved flat UI as well as some alleged specifications of the phablet. But so far, there’s no solid word on what the future awaits. Now we have our hands on another leak that further strengthens the rumour about the phablet sporting a QHD resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels)

The leak this time is brought to us by UberGizmo, the source has proved to be quite legit in the future with several leaks that were spot on, so there’s quite a lot of hope regarding this to be true. This time, the leaked picture also gives us a glimpse of the device itself, it also reveals the pixel density of the phablet which is apparently the highest we’ve seen in a smartphone/phablet. The LG G3 is alleged to have QHD display along with a whooping pixel density of 640 dpi.  Continue Reading →

Samsung Galaxy K Goes Official

We’ve been hearing some rumours about the upcoming phone/camera hybrid called Galaxy S5 Zoom. Earlier this month, we heard a rumour that the device will be called Galaxy K Zoom, we were also treated by a leaked image of the phone’s rear. Now, we have an official from Samsung itself that the device exists and will be called Samsung Galaxy K, this confirms the previous rumours as well. Though Samsung didn’t announce the phone as of yet.

Samsung took the stage on Twitter and posted an image of an invite, the company is now sending invites to all the media out there. The event will be taking place on 29th April, later this month and will take place at Red Dot Museum in Singapore, It’s pretty clear from the image that the upcoming device will be known as Galaxy K. The image also reads “Kapture the moment”, this further strengthens the fact. Moving on, it’s being said that the company is launching a new series all together so it’s highly unlikely that the phone won’t have a lot of resemblance to the Galaxy S5. Continue Reading →

A Cheaper HTC One M8 in Works?

HTC recently revealed the One M8 and it ended up being quite impressive, the phone had impressive hardware and the build quality was phenomenal, for those who don’t know. The flagship had 90 percent aluminum in the chassis. Now a report suggests that HTC is planning on releasing a cheaper version of the flagship device that will be built using plastic instead of brushed aluminum.

Since it’s still a rumour and can be completely wrong, we’d suggest you to take this with a grain of salt. Though if this happens, it won’t be surprising. We’ve been hearing news about an HTC One M8 Ace that will be releasing soon, could it be the rumoured smart phone?  Continue Reading →

Galaxy S5 Active Emerges Again

After Samsung announced the Galaxy S5, we hoped that there won’t be an active version given the phone already came with the water and dust protection, but evleaks had something else in store for us. After about a month, we reported a leak that came from evleaks suggesting that Samsung is planning to release an Active variant of the Galaxy S5, but the details at that time were pretty scarce, plus there was no official confirmation from the company itself.

Now, the phone is under the spotlight again, this time around evleaks tweeted a list of APK (Android application package) that will be accompanying the Galaxy S5 Active.  Continue Reading →

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