Best Gaming CPUs of 2014

Remember the post we covered about the best budget friendly graphics cards earlier this month? Well for those who don’t know, graphics cards aren’t the only main factor when it comes to gaming. In fact, there are 3. Substantial amount of RAM, a powerful enough graphics card and a CPU that is capable of performing on all fours rather than crippling in midway. Unlike the old days, the processors these days are advancing on a rapid rate, it is surely a fascinating thing but leaves a lot to desire. For example; if you’d just purchased an entry level gaming CPU, there will 2 more powerful than you in just couple of months for the similar, or a bit higher price.

So what to do under similar circumstances. Well, luckily. There are some decent CPUs that should give you enough fire power to satisfy your gaming needs, and considering how they range from low end to high end, you have a plenty to choose from without keeping a tight budge in mind. Opting for an entry level CPU will surely strip you off from all the eye candy that a high end CPU can provide, but if you are happy with the job well done, then you shouldn’t have any issues.

The list contains processors from both AMD and Intel and is not in order. Continue Reading →

EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard: An Efficient Data Recovery Software

Losing your precious data these days is one of the most common and feared mishaps we get to face these days, even though a lot of people prefer creating several back ups, some people just don’t like it for the sake of the space that goes away, specially when you are running low on space. Optical disks are another viable solution but they deteriorate by the time making them unable to work. This situation leaves us with either buying a portable hard drive that has enough capacity to house all of your data, but if you are looking for a quick way out and don’t want to spend extra money, you’d have to rely on a cheaper solution such as data recovery software. Continue Reading →

[How To] Flash Android L on Nexus 5 and Nexus 7

Google revealed the much awaited Android L (name and version number not final yet) yesterday at Google I/O, and it is everything Android enthusiasts were hoping and more. For starters, Google once again did a complete UI over haul, the last time we saw such a drastic change in UI was when Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich was released. So what’s new in Android L? Basically, every thing you once knew is now improved and revamped. It’s high time you say goodbye to the Holo style UI because Google has completely replaced the old Holo UI with Material Design. Now to those who are wondering why replace such a practical UI? Well, it was getting old, and a bit boring considering how the whole UI felt static.

Apart from the UI overhaul, Google even changed the run time. Instead of using the ancient Dalvik, Google has finally moved on to ART (Android Runtime) which first debuted in an experimental stage on Android 4.4 Kitkat. This means that all the applications will now be compatible with ART. Google also redesigned the notifications, and the recents have more of a Cards UI. Other than that, Google has added a lot of animations that help the whole UI look much more dynamic. For example, dialing a number will leave some animations on the numbers you will be pressing, In short, every system app has been redesigned keeping the Material Design in mind.

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Galaxy Note 10.1 Makes Big Splash in the Tablet Market

Tablet prices are going down, down, down but there’s always going to be a market for higher-price niche devices. Why? Market intelligence firm IDC has predicted tablets will outsell desktops and laptops in 2015, and that means a diverse customer base will be buying. There will always be a strong market for budget tablets but that doesn’t mean devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 can’t hold their own – especially when a higher price tag brings with it top notch features. Flash Recovery Samsung Galaxy Note 10 1 2014 Edition Galaxy Note 10.1 Makes Big Splash in the Tablet Market

The Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition offers plenty that goes above and beyond competitors and even the original Note – updates to hardware, software and design have been lauded on sites like – with just a few very minor hiccups. Here’s what’s new: Continue Reading →

Google Reveals Android L, Developer Preview Imminent

Google finally went ahead and decided to reveal the upcoming successor to the Android 4.4 Kitkat, Android L (Currently we don’t have any number or the actual name of the OS) and it seems like Google once again will do a complete UI overhaul instead of just minor colour changes we first saw when the Kitkat was announced. For your information, Android 4.4 Kitkat was announced back in October, last year alongside the Nexus 5, which means it has been less than a year for Google to come up with the newer OS version. However, from the looks of it and what we’ve heard so far about the developer preview, seems like Google is firing on all fours.

As obvious as it sounds, the developer preview is only for the developers who are willing to try it out for Google and explore new stuff about the upcoming OS as well as make sure their apps are compatible with the future update. So what exactly is Android L? Continue Reading →

Nokia X2 is Now Official

Remember the report citing that the Nokia X2 (successor to Nokia X) will have an improved hardware as compared to the predecessor? Well, the phone is finally official, and it does come with improved hardware. Despite getting some upgrades here and there, the phone is nowhere near the flagship status. The phone also comes with a larger display and accompanying the display is Nokia’s proprietary ClearBack Display.

Moving on to other technical details, the screen still offers the same resolution (800 x 480 pixels) and offers a pixel density of 217 ppi which should be enough, considering the screen size of the phone. Under the hood, the processor has also received an update, and now the Nokia X2 comes with a dual core Snapdragon 200 processor with each core clocked at 1.2 gigahertz, there’s also 1 gigs of RAM accompanying the Nokia X2. One of the most prominent features apart from the display and the upgraded processor is the latest addition of the home button.

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HTC Prepping The Next Nexus Tablet?

We have been hearing that HTC will be jumping on the bandwagon of releasing a Nexus tablet, so far we have seen Samsung and Asus producing the Nexus tabs and now it seems HTC is going to do the same. It’s quite understandable since HTC was also behind one of the earlier Nexus phones, the Google Nexus One. The rumours suggested that HTC will be releasing a tablet that will either sport an 8 inches or an 8.9 inches of screen, the rumours now have started to get concrete as more information about the upcoming tab has been leaked.

The latest leak brings an awful lot of details about the upcoming Nexus tablet, the details reveal that the tablet will be having an 8.9 inches screen and will be called Nexus 9, Taiwanese smart phone giant HTC will be taking the helm. Apart from these details, we also got our hands on the technical details of the Nexus 9.

The Nexus 9 will be coming with a resolution of  2048×1440, this might feel awkward to those who are used to the traditional resolution and aspect ratio (16:10) of the previous Nexus tablets. It’s being said that the new Nexus is somewhat similar to the ratio of iPad, but it won’t be the same, however, the report claims that the Nexus 9 will have the aspect ratio of 4:3. This makes it a strange thing, and we’d have to wait till we hear an official word. The Nexus 9 is also codenamed as Volantis or Flounder.  Continue Reading →

PubPoolr: A Startup Advertising Solution

Today’s post is an interview with a new startup, PubPoolr, specifically targeted towards small and medium publishers and bloggers who are just starting out in the arena of blogging and online content development. The team at Lost in Technology got the chance to speak with Director of Business Development – Scott Merritt on this project and dug out some interesting aspects of their service.
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