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How To Play Subtitles in Windows Media Player 12?

Wondering how you can add subtitles to a video you are watching on Windows Media Player 12? Wonder no more. We’ll show you exactly how you can play a video while the subtitles play along using Windows Media Player. You no longer need to look for alternative video players just for the sake of playing subtitles.

To start off, you need to make sure you have Windows Media Player 12 installed on your system. Simply launch the player, and click on Help -> About Windows Media Player to open up a dialogue box which will reveal the currently installed version. Windows 7 and higher, all have the Windows Media Player 12 already built-in. If for some reason, your Windows does not have Windows Media Player installed, a quick search on Google will get you the download link direct from Microsoft’s website.

Downloading a Subtitle

Right then, now you need to find yourself a subtitle file for the video you want to watch. If it’s a movie, you will find plenty of subtitles sites on the internet. Our personal favourite is OpenSubtitles. Do a quick search for the movie (or TV show for that matter) and you will get a list of available subtitles to download in all sorts of languages. Download and save the file to your local hard drive. The file extension will look like .srt

However, most online subtitles websites usually put these subtitles files in a zip/rar format. Once downloaded, you will need to unzip/unrar the file to extract the required .srt extension subtitle file.

Playing a Video with Subtitles In Windows Media Player

Once you download the required subtitle, simply copy it to the same folder where the video is placed. Now, open up the video using Windows Media Player (or right click on the video and select ‘Play with Windows Media Player’).

 Windows Media Player 12 Subtitles windows media player

That is all you need to do. You video will now be playing along with the subtitles you just downloaded. If for some reason, you still don’t see any subtitles, simply right click on the video screen and select ‘Lyrics, captions and subtitles’ and confirm whether the ‘On if available’ option is selected. Alternatively, you can simply press Control + Shift + C to be sure!

Congrats! You just enabled subtitles for Windows Media Player. There are also other video players that also support subtitles like KLM Media Player Classic, VLC Player, BS Player and many more. Do you have a personal preference? We would love to hear what you think!

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