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How to Protect Your Chrome Home Page and History

Tabs How to Protect Your Chrome Home Page and HistoryWhile working in a public space or on a computer at your office, privacy may become a concern when you’re visiting certain websites that you’d rather a colleague or superior not find on your machine. In addition, if you are easily distracted, it can help to remove your most recently visited websites from each new tab. Thankfully, if you’re using Google’s Chrome browser, you can take several steps in order to increase your privacy and focus while browsing online.

Though precise market share measurements vary to a certain degree (some reports put Chrome at 37% of the market share), an average of the top analytics numbers puts Chrome just ahead of Firefox and gradually creeping up on Internet Explorer with 24.9% of the market share. With such a large and growing user base, Chrome has a number of tips and extensions you can use to optimize your secure browsing experience.

Hide Your Frequently Visited Pages

While you could hide your frequently visited pages in a new tab by setting up the applications list to show up instead, your most frequently visited pages will still be saved. Therefore, the best option is to remove these sites altogether from your browser.

Hide Tab Thumbnails from New Tabs Permanently

Whether you want to protect your browsing history or you simply want to remove distractions that your most recently visited tabs present to you, the best permanent solution is the Blank Page Extension for Chrome.

Hide Tab Thumbnails with One Click

If you don’t want to hide all of your browsing history or pages permanently, but you sometimes need to hide the websites you’re browsing, the Chrome Panic extension is the best solution. This extension adds a button to your Chrome toolbar that can save you in a click.

panic button How to Protect Your Chrome Home Page and History

Now all you need to do is press the Panic button when you need to hide your tabs instantly. The extension saves all tabs as bookmarks and create a separate folder to store then named Temporary Panic. When you want to restore the tabs simply click on the green Restore button.

Hide Your Browsing History with One Click

Another good security and simplicity trick on Chrome is to install the Click and Clean extension that allows you to remove your browsing history with one click. Smashing Apps describes some of the benefits of this extension: “Clearing our browser’s cache is a good practice. It reduces the clutter on our hard disk and leads to better performance. More importantly cache clearing is a way to maintain our browsing privacy. Cache clearing ensures that another user on our computer is not able to view our browsing history. During cache clearing we also delete cookies that track our internet activity.”

clear chrome tabs How to Protect Your Chrome Home Page and History

Whether you need to speed up your browser, simplify your work flow, or you need to protect your browsing history, Chrome provides some excellent options and extensions that will keep your browsing history private and clean.

This post was written and sent to us by Lior Levin who is a marketing advisor to a company that developed a collaboration software to help teams work together. Lior also advises to a shopping cart abandonment company service that provides ecommerce tools.

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