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Secure All Your Passwords with KeePass

Secure All Your Passwords with KeePassThe emergence of the new web has blurred the boundary between our virtual and real lives. In fact, these days our entire lives are online. As a result, the number of online accounts we need to maintain has increased significantly. There are bank accounts, email, social networks, day planner, online word processor and so on and so forth. The limited adoption of common profiles such as Facebook Connect and OpenID has ensured that we need to maintain separate account for most of these services.

Remembering so many username and passwords is humanely impossible. Sure, we could use a common password, but that is just a disaster waiting to happen.


KeePass is there to tackle such type of problems. It is an OSI certified, password management tool which stores your account passwords in an encrypted database, which is locked by one master key. Therefore, you need to remember only your master key, to unlock your database. KeePass encrypts the database by using two of the most secure encryption algorithms: AES and Twofish.

keepass Secure All Your Passwords with KeePass

KeePass is built for Windows, but it also supports Linux, and even portable device like iPhone, BlackBerry etc.


KeePass has a very strong and secure database. It tracks the creation time, last modification time, last access time which might be helpful for you. KeePass also gives the flexibility of having an associated icon with each password record. The complete database is encrypted, not only the password fields. So your usernames, notes, etc. are protected, too.

While you type your password, KeePass informs you about the bit encryption, that it provides, and also a bar showing how secure your password is.  The password list can be imported form and exported to various formats. KeePass supports importing data from CSV files, CodeWallet, Password Safe, and Personal Vault text file and exporting data to formats like TXT, HTML, XML and CSV.

KeePass is portable, so it can run on any Windows systems without installation. KeePass can also help you in generating a random password. You can assist the password generator by providing the number of characters and possible output characters .You can even ask the generator to exclude look like characters. Keepass even supports random seeding through user input, mouse movement and random keyboard input

There are many plugins available for KeePass. Plugins can extend the functionality of KeePass, like providing additional import/export methods for other file formats. KeePass can be translated into various other languages like Arabic, Japanese, and Persian etc.


KeePass is a free, open source, light-weight and easy-to-use password manager. It is a strong password management utility which will provide a high level security to your passwords. The options provided by the application for each individual entry make it very difficult to forget a password by keeping it at your fingertips. If you feel that it is very difficult for you to remember passwords and you feel very insecure about it, then give KeePass a try. I am sure you will be relieved after using it. The only thing that you need to be careful about is your master key.

(By) Chinmoy Kanjilal is a technology, web2.0 and Linux enthusiast and evangelist. He has an in depth knowledge of working of Softwares, Operating Systems, Hardwares and Computer Networks. Blogging is his favourite pasttime. He blogs primarily at Techarraz. You can find him on Twitter @chinmoykanjilal.

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