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How to Send Facebook Chat Stickers From a Computer

If you access Facebook on your iPhone or Android using the Official Facebook app, you might have noticed the introduction of new stickers on Facebook chat. Stickers are large emotions that looks cuter when compared to the normal emojies and can be sent to anyone on Facebook.

facemoji How to Send Facebook Chat Stickers From a Computer

However, might be for just the time being, Facebook has not yet provided the option to send these beautiful stickers to a desktop user. Right now, a desktop user can only see these these stickers that are sent by users from a mobile device. But today we will see a workaround using which a user can send these stickers from desktop using the Chrome browser. We will be using a simple extension called Facemoji for Chrome.

Facemoji for Google Chrome

To get started, download and install the Facemoji extension on your Chrome browser. The extension only works for Chrome version 23 and above and can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. After the extension is installed successfully, it will open a new page where it will ask you to login to Facebook and grant the extension some access over your Facebook account. While the permissions are necessary to make the extension work, it’s totally your decision to accept them or reject them.

facemoji to chrome How to Send Facebook Chat Stickers From a Computer

user logged in How to Send Facebook Chat Stickers From a Computer

After you have enabled the extension on your Chrome browser, just open any chat on Facebook and you will see a new Facemoji button next to the regular smiles. Just click on it to load the sticker panel and send any sticker you would like to send. That’s all, simple and easy. Currently there are over 250 stickers to choose from and none of them differ from the ones that are provided with the Android or iOS app.

send stickers How to Send Facebook Chat Stickers From a Computer

Troubleshooting Tip: If you are facing frequent logging out problem while using the extension, just restart your browser after you have installed the extension and try again. 

If there is more than one Facebook user that would like to enable Facemoji on the same computer, you would have to grant the permissions manually for each account from the Facemoji extension option in the Extension menu. If you would like to disable the stickers, just delete the extension from Chrome. Remember that the feature is browser dependent and can only be used on Chrome browsers where the Facemoji extension is installed.


So next time you are running out of emojies to express your feelings, or you just want to impress the girl on the other end of the chat, use Facemoji stickers. They are cute, adorable and just bring a smile to a person’s face.

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