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SEO Strategies You Must Avoided in 2013 To Rank High

strategy seoSearch engine optimization is not overrated and neither is it unimportant. It is vital to get your site on the front page of Google, but in today’s generation, there are so many strategies that are just too useless to do in 2013. This new year has made so many changes happen and take place to the search engines, especially Google. In this article, you are going to discover simple techniques n SEO that you must avoid. When you avoid these mistakes, you will be able to reach new heights in your SEO strategies.

SEO Strategies That Must be Avoided

Here are some of the SEO strategies you must avoide.

Checking your traffic+

analytics seo

Avoid looking at your traffic constantly. You will be more annoyed in the long run when you have to constantly rely on checking your traffic. Stop looking at your rankings constantly and trying to see if you are soon ranking. You really need a top quality traffic strategy, and if you constantly try and look at where you are currently ranking, you will end up forgetting on what to do to get more rankings. You should look at your rankings once in a single day just to see what is currently happening to your main url’s ranking, and then do your SEO. It will help you to avoid any big problems and wasting hours on literally just checking your site.

Link Building compared to good content

It is better to have great link building strategies for good backlinks. However, it is much easier to develop better links when you have good content and your readers share your content for you. It will be much better to have people share your content and get backlinks from that than any other way. Backlinks on your own is helpful. Using Facebook and Twitter can be helpful, but trying to find ways where you can easily get your content shared is the best thing that you can ever do in the long run.

Guest blogging on useless blogs

Guest blogging is very powerful when done correctly and completely. There are some people who don’t do it correctly. You want to talk to different people with nice blogs that are within the same niche as your site. This really is something you must look into. Guest blogging is really important for getting fast and really quick backlinks, but it is not as powerful as when it is done from sites that have great PR and is in the same niche as yours. Guest blogging is all about connections with the bloggers you plan on working with. If you can score guest blogging opportunities with the same people in the same niche, then you are very lucky.

Lack of social media usage online

social-media-blogging seo

You really need to consider looking into having a strong social media presence. You really want to get the backlinks from social media sites because of how helpful it is in the eyes of Google. Social media strategies for SEO can be very helpful for most of you guys who want to succeed with social media. Facebook and Twitter combined can be very helpful for getting fast rankings quicker than ever. If you know how to use both and other social networks, you can grow tremendously.

Focusing always only on Google

Try ranking specifically for another kind of site and not just the ordinary Google search engine. You really need to start focusing on other kinds of strategies that are all very unique. There are so many wonderful sites out there like Bing that can generate you plenty of extra success and views online. Google is very powerful and useful to get ranked on, but you must know and understand the importance of ranking for other kinds of sites as well.

The above mistakes can be really tough to accomplish, but sometimes you must look into doing the right techniques in order to succeed. However, do not make the same mistakes over and over again. It will only be annoying later on when you have to deal with same mistakes all over again.

Guest post by Jason Smith who is an online manager for AnySizeBasket.com – which offers steel mesh baskets. Jason likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation.
Image Credits: whitsblog.com

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