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How To Sync Your Android Smartphone over WiFi

Android phones have lots of great functionality, but they lack a decent PC phone management program.  Other mobile smartphones have official syncing applications like iTunes and Nokia Ovi.  These programs make smartphone management easy.

It is really sad to say, but most Android users have to rely on a third-party solution for managing their smartphones.  Such a third party solution is Android Manager WiF. It is a free program that serves as a wireless synchronization tool for all Android handsets.

Android Manager WiFi is a completely free program that empowers you to connect and synchronize your Contacts, Messages, Photos and much more stuff over WiFi.

How To use Android Manager WiFi

Before you start using Android Manager, make sure that the PC and the handset are connected to the same WiFi network. The first step would be to download and install the program on your machine and at the same time install the phone client from the Android Market.  Both are free of cost.

After installing the handset client,the next step is to make a secure connection between the PC application and the phone client. To do this, you need to set up the security code at both ends, making sure they match.

Now, your Android device will be displaying an IP address on the screen that would be used for local connection. Fire up the Android Manager WiFi program on your PC and visit the Settings –> Connections. Provide the PIN code and IP address, and you should be connected with the software wirelessly.


That’s all there is to it.  Your phone is now connected with the PC manager, and you can now synchronize your data to and from, easily.


Android Manager WiFi is available for PC only, and it works with Windows XP and above. In order to use Outlook Sync, you also need any version of MS Outlook above 2003.

Download Pc client

Download Phone client

(By)Ashish Mundhra a tech blogger from Techno-Planet and is an enthusiast in the field of technology. A software engineering student, he enjoys learning about technological advancements and exploring the gamut of new developments in the field. Once versed with the knowledge, he loves sharing his experiences and experiments with the world.

  • Montreal

    I have tried Kies Air and Android Manager but they don’t work.

    My wireless ip that the apps say I should register is, but when I do an ipconfig, only shows up. I can’t ping

    I’ve tried reinstalling my wireless card drivers and resetting my computer.

    Does anyone have a solution?

  • basholland

    sigh.. this sucks mine wont work either.. for sure im doing something wrong becouse i dont understand a some parts of whats said up there

  • Mr. T2

    Hi there, 
    is there any possibility to sync Outlook on PCs and mobile with SYNCING.NET ? I tried the software, it’s cool , but do not know how to sync my mobile…

  • Mr. T2

    Hi there, 
    is there any possibility to sync Outlook on PCs and mobile with SYNCING.NET ? I tried the software, it’s cool , but do not know how to sync my mobile…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SFVPH6JEXXLSYO2C4A6NL737SI Ray

    to sync my pc with my android phone i use audials. it doesn’t work with all types of files, only music and videos but i am quite happy with it. there is audials light which you have to install on the computer and an android app, both free and i don’t think you need to be connected to the same network to be able to do the transfer. it would come in handy though to be able to transfer pics as well i guess or other docs but it’s worth the try anyway. plus theyre kind of recording types of apps so you can also get some pretty cool music with them. anywho, http://personalmediacloud.com is their website, totally worth your while

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