Take Control of Your Drives with Drive Manager


If you have a vast home network or lots of external and internal hard drives and optical drives, it can sometimes get hard to manage all of those drives.  Drive Manager is a light weight application that helps you manage all of your drives in a better way.

drivemanagerss thumb Take Control of Your Drives with Drive Manager

Drive Manager shows just about every stat and characteristic about all of your drives.  The biggest benefit of Drive Manager is that fact that it places all of the normal Windows features for drives in one place.  It is that reason that makes Drive Manager a good tool to manager all of your drives.  In addition to the tools, Drive Manager is very light weight and doesn’t need to install any files.  This is because it runs directly from an exe file.


  • % Free column.
  • Hard disk serial number
  • CD ROM Doors open + close.
  • Lock / Unlock CD ROM / DVD drives.
  • Not mounted drives listed in grey with disks not inserted.
  • Time and date.
  • Map / Disconnect network drives.
  • Hide / Unhide drives from explorer.
  • See drives which are hidden.
  • Drive properties dialog on right click.
  • Create / Remove a substitute drive letter for a local folder.
  • Hidden drives displayed in blue.
  • Launch Windows Search
  • Drives with less than 5% available are displayed in red.
  • Vendor details: Vendor Name, Product Id, Revision, Vendor Spec

Download Drive Manager


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