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Must-Have Android Apps to Help You Whizz Through Your Work Week

Must-Have Android Apps to Help You Whizz Through Your Work Week   Even if you have your dream job and love everything about your life, there are some weeks that just seem to drag by and last forever: no matter what you do, Friday can’t get here soon enough.   The good news is that there are ways to keep ...

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6 Internet Tools For Your 2017 Home Improvement Goals


The year isn’t over yet, but it isn’t too early to start thinking about what projects you want to get done around the house in 2017. As with many things, the internet can help make this a bit easier. Check out these helpful internet tools to assist you with any project that you have coming up. 1. SketchUp Available in ...

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7 must have eBook reader apps for Android

eBook Reader Apps for Android

It is nothing unknown that in this age of modern technology, to some extent, the eBooks are rapidly replacing the art of actual book reading. Users have become more tech savvy and prefer carrying their reading material in their smart phone/tabs. To help the android users in fully benefiting from this incredible, time and space saving facility, it is vital ...

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Top 7 online collaboration apps for students

Colloborative Apps for Students

Students around the world are on the go with the fast moving technology and new apps being introduced  to meet up with the needs of the every day modern world which is adamant on moving at a rapid pace. To be on the go, students require quick and effective online apps to facilitate all your needs regarding collaboration. Dropbox : ...

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Top 5 Word Processors for iPad

Top 5 Word Processing Apps iPad

Users tend to use their iPads in comparison with PC’s, to get their jobs done. Reason being the portability and ease of iPads. When it comes to word processing, a good and reliable Word Processing apps is a necessity for getting work done efficiently and on time. Its a real hassle for users who are not up-to-date with the best ...

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10 best Word Processors for Android

Typing Hands

Android devices are the most widely used devices all around the world and cater to people from almost all fields of life. Customers tend to go for android devices for their simplicity and the ability to be so customizable. Word Processors have become a necessity and are required as an instantly go-to app, mostly for office based purposes. Here is ...

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Facebook Messenger for Android gets Voice Calls Feature

Notice a blue phone dialer icon on the top right side of your conversation box in Facebook Messenger app? That’s the brand new Voice calling feature by Facebook. Many of Facebook Messenger’s users already had this feature, but now the roll out has been 100 percent and is available to all of Facebook’s user-base. With the recent acquisition of WhatsApp, ...

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Best Android Apps To Use For Video Editing

Gone are the days when mobile phones were used for voice calls and text messaging. This is 2014 and smartphones are now capable of much more, including letting you edit and process your favorite videos right inside your phone. Any top-end smartphone nowadays has an HD enabled camera, and can record in super high quality formats. And for that purpose, ...

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