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How to run Chrome OS on your Windows desktop

Want to get a taste of how the Chrome operating system feels like without having the need to purchase a Chromebook? Chrome 32 now comes with a brand new feature which enables a pretty decent functioning Chrome OS (with a lot of the themes, layout, and features) on your Windows 8 OS. And taking things a to whole new level, ...

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[Chrome Extension] : Unfriend Notify For Facebook – Find Out Who Unfriended You?

Facebook offers a great way to communicate, share and keep in contact with your friends and family. Undoubtedly, the number 1 social network out there at the moment, the use of Facebook has become a sort of a necessity nowadays. A testament to this statement is when there are real and actually well-paying jobs out in the market, that pay ...

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How To Manage Google Chrome Browser Tabs with Fruumo Tab Manager

Do you have a habit of opening up a gazillion number of tabs on your Chrome browser, and then keeping them open until your Windows crashes up on you? Jokes aside, we all usually have those days when keeping the browser tabs to a minimum is just not an option. In this article, we’ll have a closer look at one ...

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How to Use Browser Homepage as Task Reminder


There are a number of task reminder tools out there and each boasts about its own features. But then, computer users are so much busy with their work (both online and offline) that they just forget looking into their tasks at times. So, we thought we would tell you about a simple trick that will help you to keep track ...

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5 Must Have Google Chrome Security Extensions


Google Chrome is one of the most secure internet browsers out there. Thanks to its solid design and security interface (and numerous security extensions), you can be rest assured there won’t be any malwares/spywares leaking into your system. Google Chrome takes online security to a whole new level by providing a variety of apps and tools through it’s ‘Extensions’ feature. ...

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Enable or Disable Chrome Extension Based on the Website you Visit

Though Google Chrome may be the best browser available to humans, it hogs computer memory to a great extent. In fact, Chrome consume more system memory when compared to Firefox, Safari and Opera. People say that one of the best way to limit the memory usage of Chrome is by installing limited extensions as they always consume background data. However ...

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How to Edit Old Posts in Windows Live Writer

As a technology blogger and editor, I not only have to publish new content every day, but also have to make sure all my old posts are optimized in accordance with the latest Google update, which are now more frequent then they ever were. As I already mentioned in the past that I love to write my articles on Windows ...

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Hashmap and Hashmask Make Sure You Type the Right Password

These days we have a password associated with lots of different services around the Internet. Of course, passwords are required because they serve as an authentication and a security measure. However, remembering all of your passwords is not at all an easy task. There have been cases where I was sure of the password I was typing and yet faced ...

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