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How to Remove Ads in Firefox

Cluttered Book Shelf How to Remove Ads in FirefoxWhat do you feel is the difference between a book and online reading? For me, it is all about the clutter that comes with an article on the Internet. Now, can you imagine sales agents and advertisement representatives calling you every minute while you are in the middle of an interesting book or topic? This can be what it’s like to read an article online.

It’d be a much more enjoyable experience to read online if the articles were a little cleaner and just focused on the article. Lets take a look at a how to remove ads and clutter from articles and webpages in Firefox.

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How to Eliminate Technology Clutter

tech clutter How to Eliminate Technology ClutterTechnology is a beautiful thing, but what comes with plugins and electricity to fuel that technology is a bunch of clutter – wires, bulky products, tangles, and stands that are needed to support them in bounds. If you’re an early adopter, it’s a good bet that you have six surge protectors in your room, which means that unplugging one thing and then the next means a lot of hassle.

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