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3 Useful iPad Apps For Teachers

If you are in the teaching profession and if you are an avid iPad user, then there are many very useful applications that you can use to make your life as a teacher a whole lot easier, and much more fun as well. Give some of the following applications a try and you will see how much you will be ...

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Share and Discover Presentations Online with SlideShare

Everyone knows that YouTube is a great video service, but most people don’t know that the same model YouTube uses has been applied to presentations.  You can see this model in action at SlideShare.  SlideShare is a web application which is designed to make it easy to upload and share your best presentations. Features offered by SlideShare are so beneficial ...

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Discover New Websites with iWeavr

Update: This site is no longer available. Every Internet surfer has their own preferences. For instance, I don’t really go to websites or blogs related to cars, pets, churches or religions. What I’m interested in is technology, gadgets, fictitious stories, news and a few other topics. Most of us enjoy finding new websites and articles about the things we are ...

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10 More Ways to Discover New Music

I recently wrote Top 10 Ways to Discover New Music.  I received lots of great feedback and comments.  The commentators told me about several other sites and services that I’d never heard of before.  I thought that I should make a follow up post in order to include some of these other extremely useful music sites. Without further ado, let’s ...

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Top 10 Ways to Discover New Music


Most of my life I have strived to find new and interesting music, but I am often far too busy to really dig deep and find new artists everyday.  Now that I am done with college and have a real job, I find that I have even less time to find new music or even stay up to date with ...

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