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How to Protect Your Chrome Home Page and History


While working in a public space or on a computer at your office, privacy may become a concern when you’re visiting certain websites that you’d rather a colleague or superior not find on your machine. In addition, if you are easily distracted, it can help to remove your most recently visited websites from each new tab. Thankfully, if you’re using ...

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Hashmap and Hashmask Make Sure You Type the Right Password

These days we have a password associated with lots of different services around the Internet. Of course, passwords are required because they serve as an authentication and a security measure. However, remembering all of your passwords is not at all an easy task. There have been cases where I was sure of the password I was typing and yet faced ...

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4 Great Google Chrome Extensions That Were Developed by Google

Google has something to offer to just about every technical and business layer of the Internet. It has captured search and email services with Google search and Gmail, the internet transport layer with SPDY, the browser market with Google Chrome, the world of web-advertising with Adsense and much more with all of their other projects. Each of Google’s successful products ...

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Save the Best Stuff on the Web with these 4 Chrome Extensions

I refused to swap Firefox for Chrome for quite some time, but I did it and boy, am I glad. Firefox is still a cool browser, but Chrome is way better, since it’s faster, has more extentions and offers multiple accounts, which is great if you share your computer. Now, a standard Chrome is just like a standard car. Nice, ...

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5 Best Extensions to Manage Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome is arguably the best browser, because it has good speed plus it offers the ability to install extensions that enhances the browsing experience. Managing the list of extensions in your Chrome browser can be a little tedious once you get several extensions. However, the 5 following Chrome extensions will help you manage all of your other extensions with ...

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How to Add Email Reminders to Gmail

Add Email Reminders to Gmail

If you are one of the many who receives too many emails and don’t have near enough time to deal with all of them, you will definitely be interested in reading on. You will find here simple steps on how to Add Email Reminders to Gmail. When you know that you have ignored a message and need to look at it ...

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How to Remove Ads in Firefox

What do you feel is the difference between a book and online reading? For me, it is all about the clutter that comes with an article on the Internet. Now, can you imagine sales agents and advertisement representatives calling you every minute while you are in the middle of an interesting book or topic? This can be what it’s like to ...

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How to Save a Web Page for Reading Later

Often, when we browse around the internet in search of something, we find other stuff that may interest us. Now, we might not have time to read them at that point of time. Again, we might not want to create bookmarks for those pages, because they could not require a return visit. Read It Later brings a wonderful intermediate solution ...

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