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[Part 1] Internet Tricks Everyone Should Know

The internet is a fun place to be, and like every other fun place, there are is a countless amount of stuff you can do. More than half of the world is currently on the internet doing all sorts of stuff. When it comes to the internet, there are endless possibilities, from entertainment to professionalism. Internet has it all covered, ...

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How to Create Multiple Browser Sessions with Firefox?

As a Firefox user, it’s definitely very easy to accumulate multiple profiles on many services. But it can be really annoying to use your to Yahoo Mail accounts or others, for all that matters. If you’re a victim of such annoyance, Multifox is the right thing to save your day. Multifox is an extremely helpful extension for Firefox that allows ...

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Mozilla Firefox 25 : What’s New!

From Beta to a fully functioning version, Mozilla Firefox 25 is now available for download at the official website. Being an Internet browser that’s right up there with the best of the them like Google’s Chrome and Opera, Mozilla Firefox 25 support multiple platforms including Windows, OS X, Android and Linux. You can upgrade your current Mozilla Firefox browser by ...

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How to Use Browser Homepage as Task Reminder


There are a number of task reminder tools out there and each boasts about its own features. But then, computer users are so much busy with their work (both online and offline) that they just forget looking into their tasks at times. So, we thought we would tell you about a simple trick that will help you to keep track ...

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How To Always Launch Internet Browsers In Private Browsing Mode

Internet browsers usually store all types of information related to user’s activities including websites visited, search keywords, cookies, account usernames and password, and all types of private data into what is commonly known as an internet cache folder or a temporary internet files folder Almost every major internet browser offers a private browsing mode as well, which allows users to ...

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How to Sync Firefox Browser Across Devices with Firefox Sync

We have covered many tools in the past using which you can take a complete backup of your Firefox Browser or sync bookmarks across devices. The limitations of these tools were that either these were restricted to a single computer or just one of the browser settings. Today I am going to show you how you can use Firefox Sync ...

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Hashmap and Hashmask Make Sure You Type the Right Password

These days we have a password associated with lots of different services around the Internet. Of course, passwords are required because they serve as an authentication and a security measure. However, remembering all of your passwords is not at all an easy task. There have been cases where I was sure of the password I was typing and yet faced ...

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How to Restore Accidently Deleted Bookmarks on Firefox

Few days back we saw how to restore accidentally deleted bookmarks on Chrome. As I am a fan of Chrome and use it as my default browser, I may have been a little biased towards it. One of my friend who prefers Firefox asked me as to how can he restore the deleted bookmarks, just as I did in Chrome ...

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