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How to Clone a Window and Keep it Always on Top

Clone Copy How to Clone a Window and Keep it Always on TopMost of us have at least once in life faced a situation where we wanted to work on a selected window while having another one on top of it. A perfect example would be the want of watching a movie or a video while working on some other process. Other cases could involve referring to a document that is the base of your work for another.

Out of many tools supporting this feature, I selected On Top Replica as the one that I wanted to cover.

On Top Replica is a light weight Windows application that lets you clone a window and keep it always on top. You may create a thumbnail preview of a certain window and keep it visible, no matter what Window you are working on.

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How to Enhance the Firefox Start Page

Firefox Logo How to Enhance the Firefox Start PageThere are a number of browsers in the market today, each one featuring its own set of advancements. While some are rich in visual usage, others may have a wide range of extensions to choose from.

Firefox and Chrome are two browsers with maximum user attention. I personally love to use Firefox but miss the Chrome aided ease of visual interface. In my search to enhance Firefox New Tab behavior, I discovered an add-on called Super Start which I could actually import a Chrome like new tab performance.

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How to Add Notes and To Do Lists to MS Office

main2 How to Add Notes and To Do Lists to MS OfficeMany of us use MS Office, notes and to do lists, but they are usually done with 3 different programs or applications. It’s not super efficient to keep switching back and forth between all of them to keep track of everything.

Note&Do comes in with a great solutions that lets you put them all together, so you can keep track of everything in one place. Let’s take a look at what all it can do.

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How to Make Table of Contents for a Website for Easy Navigation

navigation How to Make Table of Contents for a Website for Easy NavigationOne good thing that comes with every book is the table of contents and an associated index. This definitely helps readers to a great extent in navigating through the book while looking for specific content. I wish every website on the Internet had this feature too. I wish every article had a supportive table of contents to help browse through their sub-headings.

Creating links based on the table could drastically reduce user effort and time in searching for contents of their interest. In this context, we previously discussed how you could create a scrollbar of contents for easy navigation on a website. If you did not love the idea of enhancing the behavior of your browser scrollbar, here’s another method to create table of contents for any webpage.

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How to Password Protect Sticky Notes with Secret Notes

main3 How to Password Protect Sticky Notes with Secret NotesIf you are using a shared computer, it becomes quite difficult to maintain privacy and secrecy over a lot of personal stuffs. Though there are many ways to protect data and documents by using  password vaults and encryption tools, it is vital to be careful and aware of other users of the machine.

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How to Customize Your Windows Right Click Context Menu

main1 How to Customize Your Windows Right Click Context MenuPeople are always on the look out for something that will help them perform their tasks or errands just a little bit faster. This is especially true when we are all sitting on a computer. There are scripts, shortcuts, apps and processes to help us move things as fast as possible on our computer.

In this context, I wish to share through this article, a handy tool that will let you make full use of the right click context menu. Ultimate Windows Context Menu Customizer lets you bring anything you want to the right click menu. Let’s take a look at how to use this software to add in these right click menu features.

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Launch Multiple Applications at the Same Time with Windows 7 App Launcher

main 300x239 Launch Multiple Applications at the Same Time with Windows 7 App LauncherMany of us have routine tasks to do and it requires us to use multiple apps in order to cater to our needs. However, we go about opening these applications one by one and waste lots of time in navigating to their location. Alternatively, many of us have shortcuts created for these apps on our desktops. This helps, but it can clutter up our screen or taskbar.

Here is a handy app that can be used to manage opening applications in a group. See it as a single shortcut to opening multiple applications. Let us take a look at how to use Windows 7 App Launcher  (7APL).

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Experience Windows 8 Like File Explore with Better Explorer

Most of us are frantically waiting to see Windows 8 to be released, and we’ve all heard about the metro interface, the app bar and the all new file explorer. These new features are always exciting, and this excitement has forced me to try and get some of the new features now through third party applications.

Last month, we covered an application to help you experience a Windows 8 like app bar. In this article, we will tell you about an app, Better Explorer, which emulates the Windows 8 file explorer on Windows 7.

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