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How to Make Sure Your Online Business Is Safe Enough?

Many small business owners avoid online operations in fear that they may become a victim of hacker attacks or similar threats that roam the cyber world. These worries are rotted in rational thinking, as security breaches do happen every day. However, by taking simple precautions, you can stay on the safe side of the digital avenue. In any event, forsaking ...

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7 tools for Online Document Sharing and Editing

In today’s world, online sharing is an essential part of one’s professional and educational life. Efficient document sharing and editing tools are a must-have. Here’s a list of top 7 tools for just this purpose.   Apple iWork   When we are discussing the best online document modifying tools in what manner can Apple iWork be ignored? Apple iWork is ...

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PubPoolr: A Startup Advertising Solution


Today’s post is an interview with a new startup, PubPoolr, specifically targeted towards small and medium publishers and bloggers who are just starting out in the arena of blogging and online content development. The team at Lost in Technology got the chance to speak with Director of Business Development – Scott Merritt on this project and dug out some interesting ...

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Gmail Tips and Tricks for Power Users

Google’s very own mail client; Gmail, is probably one of the most popular email services out on the internet. Started back in 2004, as just a beta experiment, now is a fully fledged webmail services client along with a whole load of features and functions. Famous for being one of the pioneers for introducing 1GB of storage for users, Gmail ...

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How To Monitor Internet Speed and Bandwidth on Your Android

There are numerous websites that will let you measure and monitor your internet speed and the bandwidth you are using on your Android device. A popular name that always comes up is Speedtest.net, which provides a quick way to find out how fast your internet is and gives you details about your ISP, ping, and bandwidth etc. However, that’s all ...

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A Guide To Protecting Your Online Privacy

In today’s age of online communication, from social networks to online financial trading, it’s imperative to make sure your privacy on the internet stays protected. Nowadays, it’s almost become a norm for a person to be connected to the same accounts from multiple platforms including a desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet and other gadgets and devices. In most cases, a person ...

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Review : Proxurf – A Free Online Proxy Server

You try opening a YouTube video and it gives you an error message saying “This video is not available in your country“. That’s because owner of that particular video has limited access to certain countries, and you country is not on that list. In such a situation, there’s no simple way to find a solution that can help you get ...

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7 Useful Tips And Tricks Every Skype User Must Know!

Skype is not just an application to call up your friends for a casual voice/video chat, but if used properly, it’s much more than that. To a newbie, Skype is a free application that lets you to talk to anyone on the planet, for free, as long as there is access to Internet of course. With Skype, you can make ...

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