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Do Not Go Dining Without These 4 Restaurant iPhone Apps

dinner 300x221 Do Not Go Dining Without These 4 Restaurant iPhone Apps

What's for dinner, Siri?

Now more than ever, you need a strategy when dining out. If you’re going on a date or planning a breakfast/lunch/dinner meeting, the setting and the food can sometimes make or break the event. You want to impress the person you’re with and what better way to do that than showing them how you have great taste. And thanks to world of modern technology, we each have that ability to choose the highest rated, best reviewed, and critically acclaimed restaurants right at the tip of our fingers.

It is no longer encouraged to go into the dining out world blindly not only because you may have a bad meal experience, but with money so tight for everyone, you want to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Therefore, have no fear, my iPhone user friends: These 4 free restaurant iPhone apps will ensure that you will choose the absolute best when you dine (and I’ll show you how to use them!).
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5 Best Android apps for Healthy Living

workout 5 Best Android apps for Healthy Living

Few days back I became health conscious. Don’t ask me why. I myself have no idea about it. So I joined a Gym, started a healthy diet plan and took care of all the nifty things with my body that are responsible for healthy living. However, the thing was, after one week or so the spark went off. Lack of trainer and a motivator came in as a big huddle.

Personal trainers can really help you with that problem but very few can afford one. But then I realized, God! I have an Android, and it can really help me out with it.

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How to Save a Web Page for Reading Later

Reading Glasses How to Save a Web Page for Reading Later

Often, when we browse around the internet in search of something, we find other stuff that may interest us. Now, we might not have time to read them at that point of time. Again, we might not want to create bookmarks for those pages, because they could not require a return visit.

Read It Later brings a wonderful intermediate solution in which you can mark pages for reading in the future without bookmarking them. Though it comes as an extension for Firefox, there are ways to sync them with other browsers by using the web version of the service. You may also visit this page for more information on reading lists for devices.

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11 Android Apps You Should Probably Have

11androidapps header 11 Android Apps You Should Probably HaveI  became a new, proud member of the rapidly growing Android family a few months ago, and if the official figures are to be believed, another 66 million people have joined since. Many applications were discovered and tested in these months, and I would like to share some of them with you. Those worth downloading, of course.

First, I wanted to list the apps in the order of “coolness”, but since most of them are pretty useful and great, I decided to list them in alphabetical order.  Also, all the apps listed are free.  One other thing to note is that I’ve tested all of these apps on an HTC Wildfire, so your results could vary by phone.

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Top 10 Free iPad Apps

ipad and coffee Top 10 Free iPad AppsIf you’ve finally succumbed and bought yourself an iPad, you’ll want to start downloading some apps as soon as you’ve got it out of the box. The following list is completely unscientific and totally biased, but it contains what are, for me, the ten best free apps for your iPad.

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What’s on Your Android Phone?

android What’s on Your Android Phone?I love smart phones, pretty much every phone I’ve had over the years has been one, and they just allow you to do so much more than you can with a basic phone. Being a reviewer, I get the chance to test many types of phones, and I’ve settled on an Android phone, the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate. The main reasons are speed and the nice large screen it has, and the fact that it’s thin and lightweight.

No matter what your choice of hardware is, we all have one thing in common and that’s apps on our phones. I’ve found that it’s trial and error when trying to find one that works best for my needs.

I’m on AT&T, and they lock down the Captivate, so my phone is rooted, and I do have the ability to load any app I want on it. The work around is the AppBrain App Market and Fast Web Installer.  This is a way to sometimes install apps on a phone that doesn’t allow non-market apps. I’ve had limited success with it.

The reason of this article is to mainly share with you my phone contents, how I have it set up and what I use for my apps. In the process maybe I can show you something new and I hope you can suggest alternatives to me.

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10 Firefox Add-ons for Bookmark Management

book 10 Firefox Add ons for Bookmark ManagementBookmarks refer to internet shortcuts containing the URL of a web page. Most of us bookmark some of our favorite websites so that we can get quick access to them. We also bookmark many web pages while surfing so that we can read them later. Bookmarks have really become an indispensable part of the World Wide Web.

Bookmarks are really helpful to get one-click access to various websites, but too many bookmarks can be a real mess as it becomes really difficult to manage them. In this post, we bring you some of our favorite Firefox add-ons and extensions that can help you effectively manage your bookmarks.

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