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How to Appear Offline to Specific People on Facebook

Facebook Logo 300x247 How to Appear Offline to Specific People on FacebookSometimes when I am online and logged onto Facebook but attending to an important task at the same time, I do not want to get disturbed. I do not want people to ping me and distract me from what I am doing.

So, I can easily set my status as Offline on Facebook chat. However, this does not always help me. Indeed, I have missed talking to important people because I was Offline (virtually though). What do I do then?

After lots of feedback, Facebook has integrated chat settings in a way that you can appear online or offline to specific people.

We will list the ways to appear offline from chat, appear offline to specific people or group/list and/or appear offline to an individual. In case you would want to do this for a group/list, you must have lists created in you profile.

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Earbits is another Online Music App

earbits 1 300x225 Earbits is another Online Music AppI have to be honest. When I first heard about Earbits, I thought to myself “Another online music app?” It almost felt like saying we need another legal drama on TV. Who needs that? I have lots of music app accounts with Last.fm, blip.fm, Spotify, Pandora and Grooveshark.

Did I really need one more account? But I got over myself and gave it a try. I’m glad I did.

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How to Share Text and Images as Articles the Easy Way

JustPaste How to Share Text and Images as Articles the Easy WayMost of us have taken up online reading these days. But how many of us have ever taken the time to write up something online? Many people assume that it’s very hard to publish online, but there are lots of tools out there that make it very easy. Confused? Let us tell you about a service that lets you write and share all your writings without having to create a profile or register anything.

Just Paste is a unique web service. It lets you compose articles and publish them over the internet without having to go through any approval. However, you need to make sure you don’t violate their terms and conditions. You may also look at it as an easy way of sharing text and images with friends through a shared url.

Just Paste has an amazing and feature rich interface. If you’ve ever messed around with WordPress, you will find a lot of similarity on it. Read on to learn more of it.

JustPaste Interface How to Share Text and Images as Articles the Easy Way

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Easily Share Files Via Email and Text Message with Wizdrop

Wizdrop Easily Share Files Via Email and Text Message with WizdropWhenever you need to share a file, you will have to make a selective decision between an email service and a cloud storage service. The problem with the first one is that most of them are restricted to 25 MB. The second one is great to use, but most of them make you create an account. They do not cater to one time services allowing you to skip the registration process.

Fortunately, we have found one web tool that can let you perform one time sharing without having to create an account. Moreover, you need not know your friend’s cloud storage account. Just an email account or phone number will do.

Wizdrop brings us a wonderful service that creates a unique link to the shared files that is shared via email and/or text message. Let’s take a deeper look at how this all works.

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How to Easily Search all your Emails, Docs, Tweets and More

question figure How to Easily Search all your Emails, Docs, Tweets and MoreIt is a big task to search all of our posts and files. I’m not just talking about the ones on your computer. I’m talking about trying to search through all of your emails, tweets, documents, files around the Internet and all kinds of other things.

It is a long process to search each account separately for the files, emails or posts. We need to find a way to simplify this searching process. It would be much easier if we could just give one tool access to all of our accounts.

There are two web apps which can help do this by searching all of your stuff in one place. You need to connect your accounts with the web apps, then you can perform search operations to find what you’re looking for. I have connected all my accounts with the following websites and have tried them out, so I can give you an overview of each.

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How to Save a Web Page for Reading Later

Reading Glasses How to Save a Web Page for Reading Later

Often, when we browse around the internet in search of something, we find other stuff that may interest us. Now, we might not have time to read them at that point of time. Again, we might not want to create bookmarks for those pages, because they could not require a return visit.

Read It Later brings a wonderful intermediate solution in which you can mark pages for reading in the future without bookmarking them. Though it comes as an extension for Firefox, there are ways to sync them with other browsers by using the web version of the service. You may also visit this page for more information on reading lists for devices.

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3 Must Have Chrome Extensions for Grooveshark

headphones 3 Must Have Chrome Extensions for GroovesharkGone are the days when we used to rip our favorite songs to listen to them while working on the computer. Time has changed and people nowadays prefer online services to listen to their songs. One of the major advantages of using these online music streaming services is that they save a considerable amount of our hard disk space and at the same time provide an endless choice of music.

Grooveshark is one of the top contenders in providing online streaming music and is preferred by users worldwide. If you to love to stream your daily dose of music from Grooveshark and your preferred browser is chrome, then here are three amazing extensions for Chrome to enhance your Grooveshark experience.

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5 Free Internet Tools for Students and Teachers

classroom 5 Free Internet Tools for Students and TeachersThe Internet is an immense resource for students.  However, it sort of gets the short end of the stick as only being used as a distraction and maybe for the occasional research paper or question on homework when it applies to school.

Today, we are going to tell you about five great websites that shows how the Internet can help with homework and not just distract you from it.

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