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How to Make Your YouTube Player Always Stay On Top

You Tube Logo How to Make Your YouTube Player Always Stay On TopYouTube has a tremendous collection of videos and caters to everybody’s tastes and preferences. This is the very reason that we love watching clips on this website. However, the clutter that it brings along is irritating at times. Advertisements, suggestions and lots of other unwanted things add to the drama. Moreover, we have very little customization options.

Worry not. We have found out a way to create our own YouTube Player. The added advantage with this method will be that you won’t be watching it on a browser, and it will always stay on top to let you do other tasks while you are watching your favorite videos.

In order to bring this service live, we will be using a tool called On Top Replica. We have a detailed post on the usage of this tool, and I strongly recommend you read it before stepping into this process. Assuming that you are back here after reading the post, I will uncover the steps to help you create your own YouTube Player.

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Mobo Player is a Great Android Video Player

mobo player Mobo Player is a Great Android Video PlayerAndroid smartphones are very powerful devices, and they are constantly updated and upgraded to have new features and capabilities.  Playing videos is one of the main features of a smartphone, but the default Android video player isn’t up to par.  I’ve searched high and low for a great video player.

My hunt ended at Mobo Player for now. Let’s take a deeper look at all of the features Mobo has to offer.

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