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Smartphone Features That all Users Expect

smartphone picture1

From their humble beginnings smart phones have come a long way. They carry a lot of useful features that help users to carry out various tasks. However, users think that some of these features are essential to be incorporated in every smart phone. And we consider that they are absolutely right as there must be some features that should be ...

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5 Top Accessories for Your Nexus 5 Phone

The Nexus 5, apart from being a purely raw Android phone, is without a doubt amongst the top smartphones right now. Comparing it with the competing phones like the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8, the Nexus 5 definitely has some solid points in its favor. Can the smartphone experience of the Nexus be improved even further? Yes, ...

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New HTC One Smartphone Review – First Impressions

The New HTC One (or technically the M8) was expected to be a fully featured, long-lasting and a smooth performing smartphone. And it definitely exceeds all the expectations. The initial tests of the HTC One prove that the phone isn’t just about the looks and beauty; it has the brains as well. The full-metal body is brimmed with top-notch apps ...

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5 Tips to keep Data Secure on your Smartphone

Gone are the days when you had a mobile phone that could only make calls and send SMS (short messaging service). The evolution of a mobile phone into a ‘smartphone’ has quite honestly been awe-inspiring. The past decade has seen an explosive growth in a smartphone’s aesthetics, functions and features. Now, you can make video calls, browse the internet, purchase ...

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5 Best Ebook Reader Apps for Android Based Smartphone

What is an Ebook Reader App? – It’s an electronic software application, that manages an eBook library on your smartphone such as an Android or an iOS device. Do you have a reading habit and can’t survive without a book to ready on your side? If you have an Android Phone with you, then there’s no one who can stop ...

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How To Encrypt Android & Prevent Data Theft Attacks

Smartphones nowadays contain our total existence in a digital format. Literally, all kinds of personal information can be extracted if you can manage to get your hands on someone’s smartphone. Thanks to applications and social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, extracting personal information including usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, current location, and employment details etc is easy. This ...

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Survive the Zombie Apocalypse: Download These 5 Apps

diaster management apps

No one expects to find themselves in a natural disaster or other emergency situation, but in the unfortunate and unlikely event that you do, your smartphone might actually be your greatest survival asset. Here’s a list of 5 apps that you want to download before the next earthquake, flood, fire, or current end-of-world favorite, zombie apocalypse.

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5 Best Tips on Conserving Your Battery on Smartphones

Like any other mobile gadgets there is in the market, your trusty smartphone suffers the same fate as all the other battery-powered technologies we have. The truth of the matter is it is no longer useful when its battery life goes down the drain. A few little gadget insights can do the trick and help you save your precious gadget’s battery ...

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