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How to Restore Accidently Deleted Bookmarks on Firefox

firefox logo browser How to Restore Accidently Deleted Bookmarks on FirefoxFew days back we saw how to restore accidentally deleted bookmarks on Chrome. As I am a fan of Chrome and use it as my default browser, I may have been a little biased towards it. One of my friend who prefers Firefox asked me as to how can he restore the deleted bookmarks, just as I did in Chrome and when I got a solution, I was amazed.

Unlike Chrome where you have to do the stuffs manually, Firefox has an inbuilt feature to take care of the accident. Furthermore, Firefox allows you to restore up to last ten bookmark modifications you made and there’s nothing left to luck here as it was in Chrome.

So let’s see how we can restore accidentally deleted bookmarks in Firefox.

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Hide Your Secret Files with Our Secret

lock Hide Your Secret Files with Our SecretIt’s not every day we have an urge to hide and send a sensitive information to someone on the internet but when the day strikes, one always looks for a tool that can encrypt the files and send them safely over the internet. There are many online and offline tools that provide data encryption, but often they are not easy in approach for an everyday computer user.

Our Secret is a nifty windows freeware that lets you hide text messages and files in another file acting as a container. The main aim of the tool is to protect your data without making suspicious.

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CloudFogger Simplifies Cloud Storage Data Encryption

Cloud Frogger CloudFogger Simplifies Cloud Storage Data EncryptionIt is a tiring and boring job to move files around that you require on multiple machines. This is where Cloud Storage and services like DropBox, SugarSync, SkyDrive and Box.net help remove the manual effort. But then, there is always a security concern for your online data, and you might just be encrypting the file independently before syncing them.

CloudFogger helps make these steps easier and lets you share the encrypted files easily. Apart from sharing via CloudFogger ID, you may transfer files through mail attachments and portable devices. Your files are protected on Advanced Encryption Standard. Let’s take a deeper look at what CloudFogger has to offer.

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gMote: Control Windows With Mouse Gestures

mose gesture gMote: Control Windows With Mouse GesturesWe all use keyboard shortcuts on our computers to boost our productivity. Some use them extensively while some restrain themselves to common tasks like copy and paste commands. Of course with around 105 keys on the keyboard one can create any number of shortcut keys and use them to save time while working.

What if I tell you that you can do all those tasks with just two buttons and a tracker on your mouse! Surprising right? Well, today I will show you how you can draw gestures from your mouse to do most of the tasks by doodling on your desktop. Before we get started, let me tell you what gestures are. Continue Reading →

Move Applications and Directories with SymMover

Symmover Thumbnail Move Applications and Directories with SymMoverHave you ever fallen short of space on your primary partition to force yourself to choose a different install location? If you have had large applications installed on the default Windows Program Files folder, you would have had to move applications to a new location by reinstalling them in order to make room for other things.

Well, if you are tired of doing this process, we have a solution for you. Using a tool called SymMover, you can actually move applications to spacious destinations without uninstalling and reinstalling them. Let us see what this means!

When you choose to move an application using SymMover, it creates a symbolic link between the original and new location. While Windows still thinks that the application is as it was, it now resides at a different place. It really comes in handy when trying to resolve disk space problems.

SymMover can not just move applications, but it can also move directories as well.

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How to Batch Rename Files in Windows

folder How to Batch Rename Files in WindowsLet’s say, you came back from vacations with lots of photographs in your digital camera. No matter how wonderful your digital camera may be, they don’t name the photographs, just as we want it to be. They are generally a combination of letters and numbers, which don’t make any sense.

It’s obvious that you will have to rename all the photographs before you store them on your computer so that they make sense the next time you browse through them. Renaming single file at a time is seriously out of scope because it’s not just 3 to 4 files we are talking about here.

So let’s see how you can batch rename files in Windows in the quickest way possible. We will see two ways in which you can batch rename a large number of files using the Windows inbuilt feature and a 3rd party tool called Advance Renamer.

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7 Ways to Backup Your Gmail

safe dial 7 Ways to Backup Your GmailGmail (and most email) is something that we never think about backing up, because we always assume that our data is safe. Well, 40,000 people would tell you it isn’t that safe due to their being a data issue that wiped out all of their Gmail data last March.

Bugs are part of the technology industry, and Google isn’t exempt from bugs happening to them. Even though Google has back ups of their servers, it is still a good idea to make sure you have your own backup of your email.

Let’s take a look at 7 ways you can backup your Gmail account.

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How to Clone a Window and Keep it Always on Top

Clone Copy How to Clone a Window and Keep it Always on TopMost of us have at least once in life faced a situation where we wanted to work on a selected window while having another one on top of it. A perfect example would be the want of watching a movie or a video while working on some other process. Other cases could involve referring to a document that is the base of your work for another.

Out of many tools supporting this feature, I selected On Top Replica as the one that I wanted to cover.

On Top Replica is a light weight Windows application that lets you clone a window and keep it always on top. You may create a thumbnail preview of a certain window and keep it visible, no matter what Window you are working on.

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