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Manage Your Cloud Data From Multiple Services Under One Hood

The importance of cloud based storage services cannot be denied in this era of technology. A lot of people actually use multiple services for storing their data on the cloud. It’s actually quite a useful technique because with multiple cloud based services, you can enjoy some serious amount of free storage space with option to save and retrieve data on ...

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How to Restore Accidently Deleted Bookmarks on Firefox

Few days back we saw how to restore accidentally deleted bookmarks on Chrome. As I am a fan of Chrome and use it as my default browser, I may have been a little biased towards it. One of my friend who prefers Firefox asked me as to how can he restore the deleted bookmarks, just as I did in Chrome ...

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Hide Your Secret Files with Our Secret

It’s not every day we have an urge to hide and send a sensitive information to someone on the internet but when the day strikes, one always looks for a tool that can encrypt the files and send them safely over the internet. There are many online and offline tools that provide data encryption, but often they are not easy ...

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CloudFogger Simplifies Cloud Storage Data Encryption

It is a tiring and boring job to move files around that you require on multiple machines. This is where Cloud Storage and services like DropBox, SugarSync, SkyDrive and Box.net help remove the manual effort. But then, there is always a security concern for your online data, and you might just be encrypting the file independently before syncing them. CloudFogger helps ...

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gMote: Control Windows With Mouse Gestures

We all use keyboard shortcuts on our computers to boost our productivity. Some use them extensively while some restrain themselves to common tasks like copy and paste commands. Of course with around 105 keys on the keyboard one can create any number of shortcut keys and use them to save time while working. What if I tell you that you ...

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Move Applications and Directories with SymMover

Have you ever fallen short of space on your primary partition to force yourself to choose a different install location? If you have had large applications installed on the default Windows Program Files folder, you would have had to move applications to a new location by reinstalling them in order to make room for other things. Well, if you are ...

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How to Batch Rename Files in Windows

Let’s say, you came back from vacations with lots of photographs in your digital camera. No matter how wonderful your digital camera may be, they don’t name the photographs, just as we want it to be. They are generally a combination of letters and numbers, which don’t make any sense. It’s obvious that you will have to rename all the ...

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7 Ways to Backup Your Gmail

Gmail (and most email) is something that we never think about backing up, because we always assume that our data is safe. Well, 40,000 people would tell you it isn’t that safe due to their being a data issue that wiped out all of their Gmail data last March. Bugs are part of the technology industry, and Google isn’t exempt ...

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