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6 Internet Tools For Your 2017 Home Improvement Goals


The year isn’t over yet, but it isn’t too early to start thinking about what projects you want to get done around the house in 2017. As with many things, the internet can help make this a bit easier. Check out these helpful internet tools to assist you with any project that you have coming up. 1. SketchUp Available in ...

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How to Make Sure Your Online Business Is Safe Enough?

Many small business owners avoid online operations in fear that they may become a victim of hacker attacks or similar threats that roam the cyber world. These worries are rotted in rational thinking, as security breaches do happen every day. However, by taking simple precautions, you can stay on the safe side of the digital avenue. In any event, forsaking ...

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Best Tips to Prevent Hacking

The term hacker/hacking has been circulating on the internet ever since it’s inception. What it hacker basically means is an individual or a group of people who are a threat to your PC, they can invade you privacy via internet, there are several forms of hacking and most of them are on the dark side. Hackers can easily compromise your ...

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6 Handy Security Tips for your Smart Phone


If it’s a smart phone that you are looking after, we won’t spoil the party. Smart phones are wonderful devices and can help you do so much more, while on the move. Connect easily with friends, check emails, use apps (for more than a million purposes), get some work done, and listen to music — of course, and a whole ...

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How to Disable iTunes Auto-Start When iPhone or iPod is Connected


As I mostly sit in front of a computer for both vocation and avocation, I always charge my USB powered devices using them rather than using the wall socket adapter. Whenever I plug my Android phone, all I get is a Windows notification sound and I am good to go. However, when iPod or iPhone is plugged in, they auto-run ...

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Remove Items and Disable Features from the Ctrl Alt Del Menu

When you are caught up with a Not Responding application what do you do? Or when your computer hangs what do you do? Most computer users, almost instantaneously, hit the Ctrl Alt Del combination without even thinking about what may have gone wrong. You know what I mean; their intent is to launch the Task Manager and select applications or processes ...

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Turn Off AutoComplete in Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer and Windows Search

The AutoComplete feature works as a nice time saver and quick reminder while we browse the internet or navigate on Windows explorer. If you are unaware of what AutoComplete means, let me tell you that you must have experienced it at least on Google. Similar features are available on Windows and most browsers in the market. Take a look at ...

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How to Create a Website Search Shortcut in Firefox

It is quite obvious and an unquestionable fact that most people head away to Google as soon as they need to search something on the internet. However, when you have idea about what we are looking for, you might want to narrow down your search to a list of specific websites. For example, if you need some technical stuff, how-to ...

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