Top 5 Google Chrome Extensions

About 16 months ago, Google took the world by surprise, when it announced its intention of launching a web browser of its own. Touting it as the web browser for the next generation, Google made several innovations and modifications to the architecture and style of the existing web browsers. Google Chrome is based on the(…)

Top 10 LostInTechnology Posts of 2009

It’s the end of the year, and most blogs are throwing together a few top 10 lists for their readers.  I really enjoy those types of lists, because it helps me track down any great posts I may have missed.  If you have any favorite top 10 lists you’ve found the past few weeks, feel(…)

10 More Ways to Discover New Music

I recently wrote Top 10 Ways to Discover New Music.  I received lots of great feedback and comments.  The commentators told me about several other sites and services that I’d never heard of before.  I thought that I should make a follow up post in order to include some of these other extremely useful music(…)