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5 Great iPhone Applications for Students

school pencil 5 Great iPhone Applications for StudentsTechnology is what makes the world run for most of us.  From Boom-boxes back from the 1980′s to the Wwalkman and CD-man from the 1990′s and the mp3 players of just a few years ago to today; these have been a big part of many of our lives.

Not that long ago, we were all introduced to the iPhone.  The iPhone isn’t just an ordinary mobile phone, it is a fully-equipped entertainment and information communication package. While, some might see it as social status.  It’s also extremely useful for the professionals out there, and even students can use it for their education purposes.

Loaded with applications available online, one can really use it for anything he likes. Being students we have more than 300,000 apps at our discretion that can do just about anything from learning in general or handling assignments.

The following are my 5 favorite apps being used by students.

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14 Fun and Useful Facebook Apps

collage 14 Fun and Useful Facebook AppsFacebook is the largest social network and has moved to being more than just a social network. Today, Facebook is a platform for promotion, campaigning, online ad services, app development and much more.

You can use Facebook as a collaboration platform, a meeting-place, a network builder, an event promoter, a campaign launcher and as a complete web-profile manager. Facebook does all of those things without the addition of anything, but if you use apps, you can add a new layer to your Facebook experience.

The heart of Facebook is its flexibility and apps go a long way in enhancing our Facebook experience. Here is a list of 15 fun and useful Facebook apps that you should check out.

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Top 5 Google Chrome Extensions

chrome Top 5 Google Chrome ExtensionsAbout 16 months ago, Google took the world by surprise, when it announced its intention of launching a web browser of its own. Touting it as the web browser for the next generation, Google made several innovations and modifications to the architecture and style of the existing web browsers.

Google Chrome is based on the Webkit layout engine, which is known for its excellent rendering speeds. Besides that, Google introduced a number of other features and enhancements such as the JavaScript processing engine V8, and insanely fast loading speeds along with other improvements such as sandboxing and private browsing mode for improved security. Even though Chrome had all the ingredients for a perfect browser, it still lacks when it comes to add-ons or extensions.

While Google Chrome is still no where near Mozilla Firefox when it comes to extension support, there are still some pretty good add-ons out there which can greatly enhance your browsing experience. Here’s my list of the top 5 extensions that are a must have if you are a Google Chrome user.

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Top 10 LostInTechnology Posts of 2009

top 10 Top 10 LostInTechnology Posts of 2009It’s the end of the year, and most blogs are throwing together a few top 10 lists for their readers.  I really enjoy those types of lists, because it helps me track down any great posts I may have missed.  If you have any favorite top 10 lists you’ve found the past few weeks, feel free to share them in the comments (you can even share a list from your blog if you like).

I’d love to find some great new content, and if we get enough responses, I might make another top 10 post filled with reader recommendations.  Anyways, here are the most viewed posts of the year.

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  10. 20 Best Free or Freemium Alternatives to Popular Paid Software Programs

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Top 10 Ways to Discover New Music

ipodearbuds thumb Top 10 Ways to Discover New Music Most of my life I have strived to find new and interesting music, but I am often far too busy to really dig deep and find new artists everyday.  Now that I am done with college and have a real job, I find that I have even less time to find new music or even stay up to date with all of the new bands.

I have, however, found some great resources that keep me in the loop with minimal time and effort.

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