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the best and easiest mobile learning apps

The Best and Easiest To Use Totally Free Mobile Learning Apps

When we use mobile phones or portable devices for education we call it ‘mlearning’.  This basically means ‘mobile learning’, learning with technology that can be taken with you.  It could be learning on your phone, notebook, tablet or any mobile device.

Mlearning can be used in many different ways.  Reading a book on your phone could be considered mlearning.  Scheduling your lessons into a calendar app could also be considered mlearning.  More common forms of mlearning are ebooks, videos, documents and flashcards.   Some organizations also have their training modules available for mobile phones.  Learning on your mobile device could cover children, adults, business training and just plain having fun.

The best and easiest mobile learning apps The Best and Easiest To Use Totally Free Mobile Learning Apps

Mlearning is something that people often do without realizing.  Playing Sudoku on your phone is mlearning, and so is taking photos for an education project.  Mobile learning apps cover all different situations and learning styles.

There are thousands of learning apps made specifically for learning on for mobile devices.  Including dictionaries, and language support, image editing and maths games.

Here’s a run-down of some fun totally FREE apps that are available on both Android and Mac and are commonly used for education.  This list covers education information, tools, gadgets and fun learning apps.


Animoto http://animoto.com/

Initially a popular website, Animoto now has a great app.  What happens is Animoto takes your pictures and makes them into a movie style slide show.  Animoto is great for school presentations and sharing holiday pictures.

Instagram http://instagram.com/

This is a widely used photo sharing app that can also be used for education.  Useful to share photo’s if you’re on a class trip or involved in a project.  The whole class can share their images instantly.  The editing tools on Instagram are easy to use and make the worst photos seem professional.

the best and easiest mobile learning apps The Best and Easiest To Use Totally Free Mobile Learning Apps

Unlock Your Brain http://www.unlockyourbrain.com

Install this app and every time you go to unlock your phone you will learn something.  Each time you unlock your phone a question will appear. This app is meant to improve your concentration and language skills.

Duolingo http://www.duolingo.com/

Interactive app that gives courses in English, French, Spanish, German, Portugese and Italian.  This app claims to be better than many University language learning.

Springpad https://springpad.com/about

Great for organising yourself.  Program in your study timetable, exams and deadlines.  Write notes for when you think of something out of the blue.  Springpad can share with your desktop so the information is restricted to just your mobile phone.  There is also a shared bookmarks bar.

NASA App http://www.nasa.gov/centers/ames/iphone/index.html#.UrjiodIW3Ho

A massive collection of NASA content: images, videos, television, mission information, news and feature stories, live streaming of NASA TV, tweets and much more

TED Conferences http://www.ted.com/pages/watch_ted

Catch up on TED presentations.  Listen to the latest theories and innovations from educators, technology geeks, business, medical and music guru’s.  If you haven’t explored TED yet this app is perfect for you to explore and catch up on what’s happening in the minds of educational innovators.

Khan Academy https://www.khanacademy.org/

Khan Academy is a non-profit online course provider that tutors students in various subjects.  Download the app and have access to the classes everywhere you go.

Coursmos http://www.coursmos.com/

Coursmos claim they are ‘the world’s first micro learning platform’.  You can create a course and load it up onto Coursmos.  If you’re a teacher you can use this for your students.  Download it and have a play!

Edmodo http://www.edmodo.com

Edmodo is a great app connecting the school world to the rest of the world.  The idea is that teachers create a group with their class and provide a space to share resources and connect with other teachers and resources.  This is basically a connected learning management system.  It’s great, have a play.


Author BioRebecca OGM The Best and Easiest To Use Totally Free Mobile Learning Apps

Rebecca has been involved in education and curriculum design for over seven years. Her work includes research, writing, and exploring online technologies. She loves effective learning programs, launching products, writing sales documents, and meeting targets. She is also an Online Learning Specialist at eLearn Hub

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