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4 Tips For FindingThe Perfect New Hire Using Video Communication

4 Tips for Finding the Perfect New Hire Using Video Communication

If you have already been using your video conferencing software for online meetings or working with a remote team, there could be another key area that you have failed to utilize fully. That area is remote recruitment. The main benefit of remote working through online conferencing software is the ability to work with others from anywhere in the world, but not enough people are using it to actively recruit new employees. This allows them to source the best job candidates from wherever they are, cuts down on the need to relocate staff, and makes their workforce more diverse. It also cuts down on the amount of time spent recruiting and reduces costs. There are benefits to jobseekers as well, particularly those who live in areas of high unemployment or those with disabilities which restrict their employment options. This quick guide should help you to find the right new hires for your company and conduct a virtual interview to get the very best people for your team:

  1. Use a Video Recruitment Ad:

Recruitment.com says that you can not only conduct interviews through the use of online video but use it to attract job candidates as well. Nobody enjoys searching through pages of online job ads, so you can improve the process for jobseekers and draw in people who will be interested in using video in their work by posting a video job ad. You can use it to showcase your company’s culture and how you conduct online meetings. A long bullet list of necessary skills can unintentionally come across as intimidating and make jobseekers feel as if they are unqualified and shouldn’t apply, even when they should.

  1. Be Open to Online Resumes:

It is not only your recruitment ad that can be given an upgraded format, according to Cio.com. Video resumes and cover letters are becoming more common as they create a much more memorable impact than a standard paper resume. It benefits the recruiter as you won’t have to spend hours wading through a pile of bog standard resumes and it benefits the candidate as they are less likely to make a silly mistake in their text which could cost them their dream job. When you post your job ad, mention that you are open to video resumes or letters of introduction as well as or instead of the text versions and see what creative things potential new recruits come up with.

  1. Create an Informal Environment

Interviews are a great source of anxiety for jobseekers, meaning they can’t always present their best selves during an interview. Some of the best potential employees lose out on opportunities as a result. You can take away this problem by making the online interview somewhat more informal than the standard interview. This doesn’t mean that you will be dressed in jeans and t-shirts or discussing football games instead of work responsibilities. It means that the candidate will be much more relaxed and open to speaking about their skills and experience, the things that you really want to hear about, rather than worrying about whether or not they are making the right impression or whether their shoes are clean. You will find out a lot more about the candidate, their suitability for the position, and how well you get along with them than you would by speaking to someone who is in a state of anxiety and awkwardness.

  1. Test IT Skills

Everyone expects IT professionals to have strong computer literacy skills, but it is important today for almost every profession to be competent with computers, especially BlueJeans or whichever business video conferencing solution your company uses. If you hold regular online meetings, you don’t want them to be constantly held up by someone who isn’t used to the software or consistently has trouble with it. Video interviews are a good way to test these skills. Save any technical difficulties or mitigating circumstances which are out of the candidate’s control, any interviewee who has trouble logging into the meeting, hasn’t configured their equipment properly, or makes any obvious technical blunder probably isn’t right for your company. Even if an unavoidable technical issue does arise, see how the person handles it, which will demonstrate how they deal with unexpected problems. Pay attention also to how the person behaves during the interview. If they maintain the correct body language and meeting etiquette, this is a good sign that they will conduct online meetings well from day one.

While in-person interviews will always have some uses, modern companies shouldn’t shy away from virtual interviews and the recruitment possibilities they open up. As demonstrated above, there are numerous benefits for both the jobseeker and the interviewer and any company which hopes to survive in an evolving marketplace and difficult economic period should definitely give it a try.

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