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Top 5 Blogging Tools for Mac: #4 Pingoat, #5 Pukka

apple-logo Top 5 Blogging Tools for Mac: #4 Pingoat, #5 PukkaThis final post to my “Top 5…” series is a combo post to wrap up with some smaller tools that bloggers on Apple’s OSX platform will truly appreciate. In previous posts, the tools that related to blogging were mainly composition tools that utilized to make your post as powerful and interesting as needed.

Starting with research, to writing, to image manipulation. By now your post is done, and ready to be read by the world. Whether you’re writing from a free blogging site or paying for your own site with private hosting, these tools are vital and can make your blog process as quick and easy as possible.

Tool #4 Pingoat

With your post sitting pretty on your site, how do you announce it? If you have readers subscribed via RSS they will be notified, but you alsopingoatlogo Top 5 Blogging Tools for Mac: #4 Pingoat, #5 Pukkawant to promote your post to others that perhaps might be interested. This is where Pingoat comes in. This simple and easy to use online application makes it easy for anyone to get their post read by as many people as possible.

Pingoat does the footwork for you by notifying other services that monitor weblogs when you have new content on your site. By “pinging” your site, you’re informing the crawlers to index your site, seek out new content, and thus publish your content which will increase your popularity with search results. The concept is easy, and the simple to fill out form tell you which sites your ping can go to, or you can select them all if you wish.

infoscreen Top 5 Blogging Tools for Mac: #4 Pingoat, #5 Pukka

Tool # 5 Pukka

pukkalogo Top 5 Blogging Tools for Mac: #4 Pingoat, #5 PukkaNow, it’s time to share that link with the masses. There are a great many social bookmarking sites out there, and users can browse these social bookmarks and connect with people to see if they have common interests based on the links. Tagging these links is vital since that is how most users will find the link to begin with. Still, many of us don’t have the time to post to all of them, and perhaps by not having an account on several we are selling ourselves short.

Pukka works to resolve this by becoming the hub for all your social bookmarking needs. It also integrates well with NewsFire which was Tool #1 in this series. Using Pukka allows you to post to several bookmarking sites at once with the ease of just one window. Whether you choose to drag the URL to the window or use the browser bookmarklet at the top of your window, Pukka does all the work for you without being intrusive in your web searching. You can watch a screencast on how to use the service HERE.

pukkascreen Top 5 Blogging Tools for Mac: #4 Pingoat, #5 Pukka
Like some of the other tools, there is a price attached to it, but if you’re a power user looking for ways to make your process as simple as possible, the investment might not be that bad.

Luis Sandoval is a media professional and consultant who shares his insights on social media and technology on his blog The Daily Slackr.

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