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Top 5 Free Microsoft Excel Add-ins

excel-logo Top 5 Free Microsoft Excel Add-insMicrosoft Excel is one of the most used office applications. It has a lot of features which can be used to analyze, share, and manage your data easily. However, some features like formulas, complex menus and toolbars may make it a bit tough to use.

To make it easier to use, we can use add-ins or plugins. Excel add-ins will improve the functionality of Excel and will help you perform different operations better than before. Here are 5 Best Microsoft Excel Add-ins or plugins.

Change Units

Change Units is an unit convertor add-in for MS-Excel. It is used for providing parse able units conversion as well as conversion to and from standard metric units. It is easy to use, since it directly converts any combination of units to any other combination of units in a single step. The syntax is flexible and easy, and the interchanged values are updated instantaneously.  This Excel add-in can be freely downloaded here.

change-units Top 5 Free Microsoft Excel Add-ins

Cells Assistant

Cells Assistant for Excel is an add-in that enriches the built-in Special Cells dialog and gives easy access to other functionality of Microsoft Excel. Cells containing conditional formats, formulas, comments, values can be searched and selected with a one click on the Cells Assistant toolbar. You can save a lot of time in editing cells. This Excel add-in can be freely downloaded at this link

Cell Assistant Top 5 Free Microsoft Excel Add-ins

Trim Spaces

The extra spaces in Excel worksheets are hard to remove manually. This add-in helps you remove leading and trailing spaces in selected cells. Using it is very easy, you just need to select a cell(s), click the “Run” button of the add-in and no excess spaces are left in your Excel worksheet.  This Excel add-in can be freely downloaded it here

Trim Spaces Top 5 Free Microsoft Excel Add-ins

Excel Utilities

This Excel add-in is a bundle of frequently used features. These include some nifty shortcuts and selection tools. The wide variety of features available in this add-in are name box sizing, locate specific number format, and a utilities toolbar. The best feature is the one click access button which will simplify operations like Conditional Formatting, Data Validation, Goto Special, Paste Special and Define Name dialogs etc. Download it here

excel utility Top 5 Free Microsoft Excel Add-ins

Ultimate Add-in

Ultimate Add-In is a collection of utilities which will allow you to create bookmarks, find duplicates, increase the number of undos (up to 100), protect multiple sheets, remove worksheet/book protection, named range manager, multiple Sum If generator, conversion tools and loads (200+) more.The below screenshot shows the different functions it can perform. Download Ultimate Add-in

ultimate add-in Top 5 Free Microsoft Excel Add-ins

If you have a favorite Microsoft Excel Add-in with better features, share them through your comments.

By Prasanth Chandra, Check Out his Tech Blog PCs Place.  You can find him on Twitter @pcsbox and Facebook

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