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Top 5 Smartphone Fitness Apps

When it comes to exercise and  keeping fit, it can be hard to stay motivated. Luckily, there are tools available for various smartphones which can help you do just that.  Here’s my list of the top 5 smartphone fitness apps.


CardioTrainer fitness apps

CardioTrainer, our first choice in fitness apps list, is a very visually orientated tool that helps users keep track off all their different exercise routines. It uses voice notifications to tell users how they’ve done, plus it comes with built-in GPS, for recording times and distance covered whilst exercising via cycling or running. A fairly unique feature of CardioTrainer’s built in GPS, is that it pauses its timer automatically when you stop for small unexpected breaks (such as when you hit traffic lights), so as to try and give you a more accurate idea of your achieved distance over time ratio.

Currently, CardioTrainer is currently not available for iOS devices, and is only available on Android based phones with a free and premium version (at $2.99) available for download.


Endomondo fitness apps

As compared to other fitness apps, Endomono acts purely as a GPS based tracker to help time distances tackled when running or cycling. However, it also acts as a web based social network for fitness enthusiasts. Letting people compare their times with other users, who can provide advice and motivational feedback. The site is also set up to let people promote their exercise times and types via Facebook and Twitter.

Furthermore, Endomono uses peoples recorded times to set up competitions to crown champions of specific popular routes, whist also encouraging people to set up similar competitions amongst their friends.

Currently, Endomondo is completely free to download and available on all major smartphone platforms (Android, BlackBerry, Eten, Garmin, iOS, Nokia, Samsung and Sony).


iFitness fitness apps

iFitness is an App designed to act as a portable training book for people who want to make use of traditional gym based cardiovascular work-outs. It contains over three hundred different types of exercises, all accompanied with full photographic and video instructions on how to successfully complete the routine in question.

After a work out, the app provides room to record exactly what you did, so that you can refer to your exercise logs easily whenever you want to.

Currently, iFitness is only available on iOS and costs $1.99 to download.


Run Keeper fitness apps

RunKeeper is a very simple time/distance GPS based tracking App, which has the distinction of being one of the first fitness Apps to become available for smartphones. It is very similar to Endomondo, as users can log their records onto the web via their phone, and aggregate that information out via their Facebook and Twitter accounts. RunKeeper doesn’t promote it’s own on site fitness community, but it’s easy to use and simple UI makes it the more favored App amongst many people.

Currently, RunKeeper is available to download on Android and iOS based devices for free.


SportyPal fitness apps

SportyPal is another GPS time/tracking App, which also provides deeper integration with a web based system to allow for the input of other types of exercise logs. One thing SportyPal offers which most of the other Apps don’t, is the ability to generate fitness graphs based on your logs. Plus, the GPS tracker can trace your route in 3D, to provide an interesting (if not particularly useful) map of your quest to get healthy.

Currently, SportyPal is available free to download on Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows and Symbian based phones, with more releases being planned for the very near future.

This is a guest post by Jessu Troy who blogs on TrainerFitness.org and Fitness Girls

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