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Apple’s iPad Pro 12.2 inch Tablet set for 2015 Launch

ipad pro

The iPad Pro tablet with a bigger screen and more business functionality is likely to be released early 2015. After the release of Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, it seems that Apple is back to the drawing board to design a new tablet dubbed the iPad Pro. The iPads have for some time has been riding high with ... Read More »

Make Way for Apple’s iPAD 6

ipad 6

The Apple’s iPAD 6 is finally here, after some waiting and speculations on what to expect from this gadget also being referred to as the iPad Air 2, or New iPad Air. It is not certain what Apple will brand it though and the release date as well. But as expected, Apple remained very discrete and silent as possible about ... Read More »

Apple Reveals iPhone 6/6 Plus


Gone is the time when people were dying to see the new iPhone(s) as Apple has finally lifted the curtains from two new iPhones along with the Apple Watch (previous rumoured as the iWatch) Apple wrapped up its event a few moments ago and left many spectators speechless with 2 brand new iPhones and a watch as well. This is ... Read More »

Apple iPhone 6 Poses For The Camera

iPhone 6

Apple’s upcoming iPhone, the iPhone 6 has been a part of countless leaks ever since this year started. So far, September has been tipped for both the announcement following the sales. The leaks, however, are still at large. The latest leak is coming to us straight from China and shows the upcoming iPhone posing next to its younger sibling, the ... Read More »

Apple’s iPhone 6 Will Be Having 1 Gig of RAM?

Iphone 6

All the Apple loyalists are still waiting for Apple to announce the upcoming iPhone 6. Despite not having any official word from the company itself, things haven’t been so quite. We already know that Apple is planning on launching two iPhone variants with different screen sizes and a possible difference in specifications. The latest report we have is coming straight ... Read More »

Download Torrents on Your iDevice


iDevices have always been very strict when it comes to downloading pirated stuff off from the internet. This is one of the biggest reasons there was no way to download torrents an iDevice. However, days are changed now and you can get torrents right at your fingertips. Surely, Android has been given this pleasure for quite some time now and ... Read More »

Best iOS 7 Tips & Tricks

iOS 7 has been here for quite some time now and unlike the previous iterations of iOS it basically a complete overhaul. Apple has changed every aspect of the operating system to make it compete with the cosmetic beauty of Android. However, if you happen to be an Apple loyalist, it’s pretty safe to say that you are not completely ... Read More »

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