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Facebook to Drop In-App Chat Support

Seems like Facebook is considering to exclude the chat from their official app on both iOS and Android. This is coming from Mashable who reports that Facebook will soon eliminate the Chat function from the app and users will only be able to use the chat function through Facebook Messenger. Now this ended up causing some confusion, but almost all those who are using Facebook’s official application also have the access to Facebook Messenger, so it’s not really a big deal.

Apart from the report from Mashable, a spokesperson from Facebook has supposedly made the point and said that Facebook will indeed drop the chat function. This function will affect both iOS and Android users and they’ll get a notification about this change, it is said that many users in European region are already receiving a notification telling them about this change. Continue Reading →

[How To]: Sync Your iTunes Library To An Android Phone

Apple fan or not, even the staunchest critics of the company give credit where it’s due. iTunes, Apple’s very own media player and music library app has changed the way music is listened to and distributed worldwide.

Listening to music through iTunes is by far the most preferred way for millions of users (iOS users in particular of course) worldwide. But then iTunes can only be accessed from iOS based devices (iPhone, iPad etc).

In this article, we’ll show you exactly how you can sync your iTunes music (including your files and libraries) to an Android device. Basically, there are two methods through which you can sync music from your iTunes library into your Android based device.

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iPhone 6 Might Come With New Graphics Architecture

We’ve been hearing a lot of rumours and speculations about the upcoming iPhone 6. Though there’s no concrete news about it, we’ve heard that the phone will be having a larger display this time around, probably 4.3 inches – 4.7 inches, but even that should taken with a pinch of salt at this time. The latest speculation we have our hands on the upcoming iPhone is that it will be coming with an all new graphics architecture.

The GPU that is currently being used in the iPhone 5s and the latest iPad is PowerVR G6430 from Imagination Technologies. Now the company has announced a newer version of the software that comes with the ability to trace rays. It’s pretty obvious that the iPhone 6 will be coming with all new A8 processor and now it seems like that the smart phone will also come with the latest GPU from Imagination Technologies that will be PowerVR G6500. Continue Reading →

Apple Launches 8 GB iPhone 5c

Apple just went official with an 8 GB variant of iPhone 5c, the smart phone was released with iPhone 5s and was released to replace the iPhone 5. With the same specifications but the whole chassis build out of plastic. Too bad for Apple, the phone failed to get much sales ever since it was released, perhaps because Apple users are used to having their phones made out of premium quality material.  The release of an 8 gigs version of the phone just might help Apple with the sales.

The Apple iPhone 5c first appeared at a renowned UK carrier O2′s website, according to the listing, the phone is available with different tariffs, leading to different price points as well. The highest priced tariff is 43 quid per month in which the phone will be free. If you are looking for some other tariff, the carrier has that covered too. Apart from that, you can also pay £410 upfront and the monthly charges will drop to £13. SFR, the French carrier is also selling the 8 gigs variant of iPhone 5c. We’re expecting a number of other carriers who are also ready to join the list at any time now. The list of carriers who are going to offer the smart phone will apparently be the same list of carriers who were offering the iPhone 5c on the launch. Continue Reading →

Supposed iOS 8 Images Showing New Elements

The iOS 7.1 was released just a few days back and now it seems the speculations about the next iOS update; iOS 8 is already in the pipeline. We have our hands on some supposed screen shots of iOS 8, now the screen shots aren’t showing any thing drastic in the visual department, but it does give us some hints on newer applications that will be accompanying the update.

The leaked screen shots actually have a lot of similarity with iOS 7. The icons are still glossy, and squared with round edges. Moving on, there are some new applications present which we haven’t seen on iOS 7 or iOS 7.1 so to speak. The newly added apps are; Preview, Tips, Healthbook and TextEdit. Now those who are wondering about the usage of these apps. These app are designed to help the user preview, edit and view the files stored in their iCloud. Nevertheless, readers should know that these icons aren’t looking completely finished since the icons for TextEdit and Preview are basically from OS X. Continue Reading →

Apple Releases iOS 7.1

After a long amount of time spent in beta testing, Apple has finally decided to release the final version of iOS 7.1, making it the first major update heading towards the iOS 7. The update brings a lot of important fixes. The most important ones are improvements to the touch ID fingerprint recognition system, the update also brings the CarPlay support that was announced by Apple earlier this month.

Apart from that, the update also comes with some handy visual changes. The caps-lock and shift key on the keyboard have been revamped. The icons for FaceTime, Phone and Messages have been refined as well. Lastly, the dialer and shut down screen have been improved too. More changes include; button shapes option that will let users know where they can tap on the screen, darken colours option, and an overall enhancement in the contrast. Continue Reading →

Samsung Going to Pay Apple $930M, Will Continue Product Sales

The long running battle between Samsung and Apple regarding the patent lawsuit has finally come to a conclusion. Apple is finally going to get a total of $930 million for all the damages that were done by Samsung. However, Apple’s request to ban all the products that were infringing the patent has been rejected and Samsung can now freely sell the products in US.

The case was started in 2012 when Apple claimed that Samsung has infringed multiple patents that were owned by Apple. At first, Apple was set to receive $1.05 billion, but then Samsung reasoned that there were some divergences in the amount Apple has been given by the jury. After that, a trial was pursued and the total amount was finally reduced  $929.8 million. Continue Reading →

Production of Apple’s A8 Processor Begins

Apple decided to stay away from MWC (Mobile World Congress) that was held in Barcelona for three days, in late February, earlier this year. This lead many fans to believe that Apple might not come up with any new device this year. But it was only for a while, the rumours about Apple’s upcoming iPhone started surfacing up, indicating a bigger screen size. There were even some leaked pictures of what seemed like the almost bezel-less front panel of the iPhone 6.

Now we have our hands on a report that suggests that TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) who happens to the largest, and independent company for the foundation of semiconductors has started the production of A8 processors that will be used in Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6. However, you should be aware of the fact that Apple isn’t planning on releasing any new device till the third quarter of this year. Continue Reading →