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Apple iPhone 6 Poses For The Camera

Apple’s upcoming iPhone, the iPhone 6 has been a part of countless leaks ever since this year started. So far, September has been tipped for both the announcement following the sales. The leaks, however, are still at large. The latest leak is coming to us straight from China and shows the upcoming iPhone posing next to its younger sibling, the iPhone 5S. The pictures confirm that the new iPhone will be larger in size. The screen will be 4.7 inches to be precise as compared to 4 inches we’ve been seeing on the iPhone 5, 5c and 5S.

Apart from the larger screen, the physical changes you can see are the rounded sides. The phone also has a thinner design when compared to the iPhone 5S. The phone looks quite premium and a larger screen size also gives it a flagship feel.  Continue Reading →

Apple’s iPhone 6 Will Be Having 1 Gig of RAM?

All the Apple loyalists are still waiting for Apple to announce the upcoming iPhone 6. Despite not having any official word from the company itself, things haven’t been so quite. We already know that Apple is planning on launching two iPhone variants with different screen sizes and a possible difference in specifications. The latest report we have is coming straight from a Chinese social networking website that goes by the name ‘Weibo‘ and according to the report, it seems like iPhone 6 will be having 1 gig of RAM. Just like its predecessors. It may not be entirely true considering today’s flagship standards but we can’t say much for now.

The leak we have comes in the shape of a document that is detailing the RAM chip. For those who are wondering 1 gig of RAM might not be enough for the next iPhone. The iPhone 5s also came with 1 gig of RAM and easily managed to best several Android devices that had more RAM. The thing is, the multitasking on iOS is pretty good. However, if you are looking from the eyes of a tech giant who just loves to have everything in large quantities, you might have some issues with the Apple iPhone 6. But then again, since it’s not officail, and the phone is yet to be released, we can’t say much at the moment.  Continue Reading →

Download Torrents on Your iDevice

iDevices have always been very strict when it comes to downloading pirated stuff off from the internet. This is one of the biggest reasons there was no way to download torrents an iDevice. However, days are changed now and you can get torrents right at your fingertips. Surely, Android has been given this pleasure for quite some time now and now the loyal Apple users can finally get the taste of downloading torrents right on your device.

Thankfully, there is a very handy app called Blue Downloader that will give you the ability to download torrent files on your iDevice. In the start, users were only able to download the torrents from the sites that were sanctioned by the app it self. However, things have changed a bit, the app now lets you search Google’s data base for torrents. This basically means that all the torrents that are available on the internet are ready to be downloaded. Pretty amazing, no? Continue Reading →

Best iOS 7 Tips & Tricks

iOS 7 has been here for quite some time now and unlike the previous iterations of iOS it basically a complete overhaul. Apple has changed every aspect of the operating system to make it compete with the cosmetic beauty of Android. However, if you happen to be an Apple loyalist, it’s pretty safe to say that you are not completely in favour of all the changes since things aren’t exactly the way they used to be and most of the useful features are either merged or have been completely changed? So what to do in this situation? Well, Apple didn’t really remove all the stuff you once loved, it’s just a bit different to find. Also, iOS 7 is a great piece of software with a lot of amazing tricks up its sleeves, so if you are in for an adventure, let us find the best ones so you can use them according to your needs. Continue Reading →

[How To] Share Files From One PC to Another

When it comes to computers, file sharing is one of the most common thing we see in our every day life, and ever since the number of computers in one house has been increased, the demand of file sharing took the same hike. Though a lot of people know how to easily share files using a flash drive or a portable hard drive, but if you are sitting far from the PC which has the file you need, then you wouldn’t want the conventional method. There is another way through which you can gain access to the files you need stored in the other PC and it’s fairly simple.

All you need to make sure is that both PC’s are connected to the same internet and have home groups created, this guide also tells you how to create a home group in case there isn’t one already.

Note: This method has been tested on Windows 7 and all the releases after that, but is currently being used on Windows 8.1. Continue Reading →

Two iPhones Confirmed by Foxconn

Seems like the rumours surrounding the release of two iPhones are actually true. Apple is all set for the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) and while it is quite obvious that Apple will be announcing the iOS 8, many fans are hoping for something more than just a new OS version. A previous rumour suggested that Apple just might show us the upcoming iPhone at the WWDC as well, but it is still advised to hold your horses considering how Apple stopped announcing iPhones at WWDC, the last iPhone that went official at WWDC was the iPhone 4s.

Despite having no official word about the iPhone(s) from Apple, someone decided to go on a bit of freelancing and revealed that Apple will be releasing two iPhones as rumoured previously. One iPhone will come with the screen size of 4.7 inches, and the other one will be having a 5.5 inches screen. Considering how Apple never went beyond 4.3 inch screen size, this will definitely please a lot of consumers. Continue Reading →

Apple iPhone 6 Announcement Imminent?

Apple is all gearing up for the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference commonly known as the WWDC, the conference will be held on 2nd June, this Monday, and everyone is eyeing on the iOS 8, whether or not it’s a big step up from the current iOS version, we are still yet to witness that. Among the anticipation for the new OS version, a lot of fans are waiting for Apple to announce the new iDevices such as; iPhone 6 and the next iPad. So far, we have been treated with a lot of rumours regarding the iPhone, but the latest leak suggests that Apple just might reveal the next iPhone at the event.

Even though the previous leaks suggested that Apple will be releasing the iPhone 6 somewhere in September, there have been many speculations hinting towards a summer release date for the much anticipated smart phone. The leak reaches us through a very trusted source, and the chances of it being true are quite likely.  Continue Reading →

Apple Purchases Beats For $3 Billion

Seems like Apple is on the roll, we’ve been hearing rumours about Apple wanting to purchase the famous Beats, and it finally happened. The deal between the Californian giants and Beats finally went down. The deal that went down was for both Beats Music and Beats Electronics, in return, Beats will be receiving $3 billion ($400 million in stock and $2.6 billion in cash) the previously reported amount was $3.2 billion. However, $3 billion is still a solid catch.

Apart from the transaction, Apple is also offering Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, the co-founders of Beats Audio executive positions at the company. Moving on, the deal is expected to come to its conclusion somewhere in the fourth quarter of this year since it is still waiting for regulatory commendations.

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