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Best Browser for Streaming Video

Best browser chrome for streaming video

The best browser for streaming video is the one that gives you an uninterruptible experience while watching online movies. Video distribution methods have changed considerably due to the internet. Users are able to use the common browsers for streaming video. Your current browser may be working fine and giving you a decent time while watching movies, but there may be ... Read More »

How to log on to multiple Facebook accounts simultaneously on Chrome browser

There are many instances where logging on to multiple Facebook accounts becomes a necessity. Say for example, you have an official Facebook account that you use for work, along with your own personal account. Usually, what people do is log in and out between these accounts, or use two separate browsers (Chrome and Firefox). But what if you need to ... Read More »

How to Create Multiple Browser Sessions with Firefox?

As a Firefox user, it’s definitely very easy to accumulate multiple profiles on many services. But it can be really annoying to use your to Yahoo Mail accounts or others, for all that matters. If you’re a victim of such annoyance, Multifox is the right thing to save your day. Multifox is an extremely helpful extension for Firefox that allows ... Read More »

iChrome : Transform Google Chrome New Page Tab into Google Now Inspired Theme

Google Chrome is the most downloaded and used browser out there, and has earned it’s place as being right up there with internet browsers like Opera, FireFox and the like. However, the one thing that it lacks in is the aesthetics department. Many people term the browser as a bit ‘stale’. In some terms, that may be true as well. ... Read More »

How To Sync Firefox Brower Across Multiple PCs Using Dropbox

It’s always a tricky situation when you have multiple PC’s at home/work and you need all your data synced across and updated, especially when it comes to internet browsing in general, and Firefox internet browser in particular. There’s a great way through which you can basically sync all your activities including login details, passwords, browser history, bookmarks, configurations and settings, ... Read More »

TabStats Extension : Track The Number Of Open Tabs On Chrome

Google Chrome has a multitude of useful extensions, that makes it such a brilliant web browser to have both on desktop and mobile platforms. Chrome is by far the most user-friendly and a versatile internet browser when it comes to the availability of so many plugins and extensions to choose from. From sticky notes to online radio players, the Chrome ... Read More »

3 Best Web Browsers For Android

Getting to have the feature of browsing the web on your smartphone is a great way to stay connected with your favourite websites. In addition to having your smartphone as a device for videos, music, text, and phone calls, the ability to browse the web wherever you are (only if you have an Internet package enabled), gives you the freedom ... Read More »

How To Create An iOS Themed New Tab Page In Google Chrome

There are many people out there who can’t stand Apple and it’s products (including iPad, iPhone, and the iOS etc), but even the staunchest of critics admit to have a spot spot for the iOS and it’s design interface. This is true in particular, with the release of the iOS 7, which is a major improvement in aesthetics and seamless ... Read More »

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