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6 of the Best Chrome Web Store Apps

Ever since Chrome launched its Web App Store, developers have rushed to convert their existing Web-based tools to downloadable and installable apps for the browser. The results have been, for the most part, mixed. Where some of the apps have been little more than bookmarks to sites and services that we already use, others worked to take advantage of the ...

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Google Chrome Extensions to Boost Your Shopping Experience

Google Chrome has become one of the most commonly downloaded browsers, and with the ease of use and fantastic features to match up with other Google services (such as voice, docs and Gmail), that isn’t a surprise. But did you know that they have a number of fantastic add-ons similar to those you can find in their main competitor, Firefox? ...

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10 Firefox Add-ons for Bookmark Management

Bookmarks refer to internet shortcuts containing the URL of a web page. Most of us bookmark some of our favorite websites so that we can get quick access to them. We also bookmark many web pages while surfing so that we can read them later. Bookmarks have really become an indispensable part of the World Wide Web. Bookmarks are really ...

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5 Excellent Chrome Apps to Manage Social Networks

The Chrome Web Store is an online marketplace where you can discover thousands of apps, extensions and themes for Google Chrome. Because there are so many apps, it is already pretty hard to sift through and find great apps.  Today, we’re going to share with you 5 great Chrome apps that we found after a little digging.  These apps will ...

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8 Excellent Google Chrome Blogging Extensions

Blogging is getting more and more popular, as the Internet continues to grow.  Today, more and more people are blogging not for fun, but as a full time profession, too. This leads to the idea of developing better and better tools for online bloggers. The following list presents eight of the best Google Chrome extensions designed for bloggers, so they ...

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How To Remove Ads in Google Chrome

Reading interesting material online is commonplace now days especially while browsing the web. However, often when we read something, it is cluttered with extra useless text, graphical ads, irrelevant logos, etc. In order to ensure maximum reading area and a clutter free experience, I use iReader. iReader is a plugin developed for the Google Chrome web browser. It allows Google ...

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6 Google Chrome Tools to Measure Competitor’s Site Performance

One of the things you can do to improve your own business is to know how your competitors are doing. Thus, it is common to take a look at their products or marketing strategies so that you can also do what is necessary to snatch your market share. Such principle can also be applied in online businesses or websites; to ...

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3 Excellent Twitter Google Chrome Extensions

Twitter is one of today’s most popular social networking and microblogging service enabling users to share each other’s messages via tweets. As of late, it has now become almost essential for anyone wanting to keep up with what’s going on online to stay updated with Twitter. In this regard, one way to stay in touch with Twitter is through web ...

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