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How To Use “Search By Image” Functionality in Google Chrome

Want to find out exactly where an image has been shared over the internet? With Google Chrome’s “Search By Image” feature, you can create a search result page that will show you which other pages and websites are using the same image. This feature can be quite useful if you need to find out the level of popularity a certain ...

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How to Keep Your Address Bar and Tabs Visible in Internet Explorer 11

With time, technology reforms and evolves itself resulting in new invention. Each time that happens, we see an improvement in terms of smoothness and usefulness for its followers. This phenomenon can easily be related to the evolution of our very familiar browser; the Internet Explorer. In other words, it’s safe to say the Internet Explorer 11 has what it takes ...

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How to Use Browser Homepage as Task Reminder


There are a number of task reminder tools out there and each boasts about its own features. But then, computer users are so much busy with their work (both online and offline) that they just forget looking into their tasks at times. So, we thought we would tell you about a simple trick that will help you to keep track ...

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How To Always Launch Internet Browsers In Private Browsing Mode

Internet browsers usually store all types of information related to user’s activities including websites visited, search keywords, cookies, account usernames and password, and all types of private data into what is commonly known as an internet cache folder or a temporary internet files folder Almost every major internet browser offers a private browsing mode as well, which allows users to ...

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How To Block Websites In Google Chrome

Google Chrome is arguably the most widely-used internet browser. It is easily the first choice of many users owing to the fact that it offers a lot of customizations, supports 3rd party extensions, and provides a few pretty neat navigation and bookmarking features. As far as blocking the websites is concerned, it doesn’t offer any direct option to do that, but ...

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5 Must Have Google Chrome Security Extensions


Google Chrome is one of the most secure internet browsers out there. Thanks to its solid design and security interface (and numerous security extensions), you can be rest assured there won’t be any malwares/spywares leaking into your system. Google Chrome takes online security to a whole new level by providing a variety of apps and tools through it’s ‘Extensions’ feature. ...

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How to Access Evernote from Gmail to Save and Access Notes


If you ask me which the best email service is, I would say it’s Gmail and if you would ask me my opinion about a note taking service, nothing could beat Evernote in that. Today we are going to see how you can combine these services so that you can easily save emails as a new note in Evernote directly ...

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How to Enable Private Browsing on Safari for iPhone and iPad


I don’t own an iPad neither an iOS, but I always wanted to explore its magnificence and that was the reason I borrowed my friend’s All New iPad for a week. The very first thing I did on the iPad was to enable private browsing for Safari, the default browser for iOS devices. Keeping my browsing private makes sure that ...

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