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How to Sync Firefox Browser Across Devices with Firefox Sync

We have covered many tools in the past using which you can take a complete backup of your Firefox Browser or sync bookmarks across devices. The limitations of these tools were that either these were restricted to a single computer or just one of the browser settings. Today I am going to show you how you can use Firefox Sync ...

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Hashmap and Hashmask Make Sure You Type the Right Password

These days we have a password associated with lots of different services around the Internet. Of course, passwords are required because they serve as an authentication and a security measure. However, remembering all of your passwords is not at all an easy task. There have been cases where I was sure of the password I was typing and yet faced ...

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Top 10 Chrome Extensions for Web Developers and Designers

Google Chrome is undeniably one of the more popular web browsers nowadays, and with a growing Web Store, it’s bound to include many extensions that can likely replace a number of desktop apps. In this post, we’ll focus on Chrome extensions (not web apps) that can facilitate a web designer or developer’s job and reduce the number of programs installed ...

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How to Clear Your Browser Cookies without Software

If you have security or monitoring concerns on your computer, then you will want to clear your browser cookies. Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer while you use your browser. Cookies are designed to hold particular information based on the client or website you frequent. A cookie can be accessed by the client (business or individual) ...

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How to Create a Website Search Shortcut in Firefox

It is quite obvious and an unquestionable fact that most people head away to Google as soon as they need to search something on the internet. However, when you have idea about what we are looking for, you might want to narrow down your search to a list of specific websites. For example, if you need some technical stuff, how-to ...

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4 Great Google Chrome Extensions That Were Developed by Google

Google has something to offer to just about every technical and business layer of the Internet. It has captured search and email services with Google search and Gmail, the internet transport layer with SPDY, the browser market with Google Chrome, the world of web-advertising with Adsense and much more with all of their other projects. Each of Google’s successful products ...

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How to Restore Accidently Deleted Bookmarks on Firefox

Few days back we saw how to restore accidentally deleted bookmarks on Chrome. As I am a fan of Chrome and use it as my default browser, I may have been a little biased towards it. One of my friend who prefers Firefox asked me as to how can he restore the deleted bookmarks, just as I did in Chrome ...

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Save the Best Stuff on the Web with these 4 Chrome Extensions

I refused to swap Firefox for Chrome for quite some time, but I did it and boy, am I glad. Firefox is still a cool browser, but Chrome is way better, since it’s faster, has more extentions and offers multiple accounts, which is great if you share your computer. Now, a standard Chrome is just like a standard car. Nice, ...

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