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3 Best Offline Support Games for Chrome Browser

Chrome as evolved from just a browser to a mini operating system. With the integration of application support, you can do pretty much anything any regular task you go on your OS like listening to music, play videos, edit documents, photo editing and lot more. Now, all that’s related to work, and today I am in a mood of some ...

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Lesser Known Google Chrome Extensions To Improve Browsing

Google Chrome is the most aggressively developed browser right now. It is fast, it is feature rich, and it has the backing of one of the largest names in online business. Google Chrome started out not too long ago and has now come to have numerous extensions and themes, and is competing head on with Firefox. The power of any ...

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5 Useful Chrome Extensions for Facebook Users

In the past, we have seen a list of many useful Chrome extensions that can make your Twitter, Google+ and Grooveshark experience wonderful, so I thought why leave out Facebook. Thus here I am, with a list of 5 useful chrome extensions you can install to enhance your accessibility on Facebook. If you spend most (considerable) amount of your time ...

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How to Browse Faster on the Web with Only Your Keyboard

You probably spend a great deal of your time on the internet browsing websites. But how do you do this? Do you use your mouse and keyboard at the same time? If the answer is yes (which it probably is for all of us), keep reading to learn how to browse faster with only your keyboard. When you are typing ...

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How to Open Multiple Homepages On Browser Startup

The Homepage option is loved and used by most people. It lets you open a certain website when you launch your browser. The good thing is that it saves you time in opening a webpage which you would always visit. This setup could be better if it opened multiple Homepages, as we all have more than one favorite site. Let’s ...

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5 Best Extensions to Manage Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome is arguably the best browser, because it has good speed plus it offers the ability to install extensions that enhances the browsing experience. Managing the list of extensions in your Chrome browser can be a little tedious once you get several extensions. However, the 5 following Chrome extensions will help you manage all of your other extensions with ...

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How to Add Email Reminders to Gmail

Add Email Reminders to Gmail

If you are one of the many who receives too many emails and don’t have near enough time to deal with all of them, you will definitely be interested in reading on. You will find here simple steps on how to Add Email Reminders to Gmail. When you know that you have ignored a message and need to look at it ...

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How to Remove Ads in Firefox

What do you feel is the difference between a book and online reading? For me, it is all about the clutter that comes with an article on the Internet. Now, can you imagine sales agents and advertisement representatives calling you every minute while you are in the middle of an interesting book or topic? This can be what it’s like to ...

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