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How To Run A Successful Video meeting Every Time

How to Run a Successful Video Meeting Every Time Online conferencing may have transformed the modern workplace and made working remotely much easier, but many users still aren’t using it as well as they could be, sometimes without even realizing. Stumbling through each video conference and hoping people will get better is harmful as it encourages people to pick up ...

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Incorporating Digital Technology into Modern Day Printing – is it Worth the Effort

Incorporating Digital Technology into Modern Day Printing – is it Worth the Effort The age of digitalization has arrived. In every area of work or daily activities, you can feel the presence of digital technology. In fact, digitalization has made things easier for the people to handle. Same can be said about printing technology too. With the concept of digital ...

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Marketing Methods For Online Business Owners

Marketing Methods for Online Business Owners Even the best sites need to be properly marketed to their target audience. There is no hope that they will become profitable if nobody knows about them. Therefore, you must put a great deal of time and effort into the marketing of your online business. You need to get the word out about what ...

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Four Tools for Workplace Collaboration

The Death of Email Memos: Four Tools for Workplace Collaboration By Bob Hand   Source: MV Group For businesses, using email for internal communication can be a huge waste of time. In order to stay competitive, businesses have to be efficient. To be efficient, there needs to be an effective way to communicate and collaborate. New applications are released every day ...

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Xbox One Plex App is Ready, While Still Waiting for 360 Version

xbox one plex app

Introduction Plex media player/center is one of the most famous app for Xbox and it has soon unveiled  Xbox One Plex App. This app is already available for free download for the users who benefit of a Plex Pass membership. Another release, which aims the Xbox 360, is still awaited, but it is expected for later this year. A few ...

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Review: Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

Shadow of Mordor

Monolith Productions and Warner Brothers took everyone by surprise earlier this year by announcing Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. As the name suggests, the game is set in the famous Lord of The Rings universe by J.R.R Tolkien. For those who are wondering where the game will be taking the place, it will serve as a bridge between the events of ...

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Review: FIFA 15


FIFA has been one of the longest running and most successful sports simulation games out there. People believe that going annual with games end up ruining their charm, this very statement is true to some extent. But not with FIFA. This is one of the fewest games that keep getting better and better every year and offer us tons of ...

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Rumour: WWE 2K15 Coming to PC

This is few of the oddest news we have heard in the past couple of day. Sources claim that WWE’s upcoming game WWW 2K15 will be coming to PC as well. 2k15 is the continuation of the hit WWE franchise. After THQ sold and a part of it was purchased by 2K Games. The company then released WWE 2K14 in October, ...

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