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Google Nexus 9 Appears On AnTuTu

The much awaited Google Nexus 9 that will supposedly be created by HTC just appeared on the famous benchmarking app AnTuTu and is showing a promising set of specifications that tell us that the device will be nothing less than high end. Rumours have been going on around for a while that HTC will be taking the helm regarding the production of the upcoming Nexus tablet. The Nexus 9 scored really impressive on the AnTuTu benchmark and ended up having 45,923 points. This clearly shows how powerful this device will be.

The specs that are being showed in the AnTuTU benchmark are the same we have been seeing for quite some time now. The tablet will be launching with Android 5.0 or commonly known as Android L as of yet. For those who are concerned, yes, the Google Nexus 9 will be coming with a 64 bit, quad core processor under the hood. The chipset will be none other than Nvidia’s Tegra K1 clocked at 2.5 gigahertz. For the rest of the specs breakdown, keep reading. Continue Reading →

LG Reveals LG G Watch R

Seems like Samsung wasn’t the only one who was in hurry of unveiling company’s smart watch. LG just went ahead and revealed the gorgeous looking LG G Watch R as well. Unlike Samsung’s Gear S, the LG G Watch R will be running Android Wear instead of Tizen. LG will be showcasing the G Watch R at the IFA, in Berlin that is only few days away.

We are wondering if the R in the watch’s name stands for ’round’ considering how the LG G Watch R is completely round and it looks good to be honest. The specs are pretty decent as well, the LG G Watch R comes with a 1.3 inches of OLED display which will have a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels. According to LG, the G Watch R will be using the face completely unlike Moto 360.  Continue Reading →

Samsung Gear S Smart Watch Revealed

Samsung has stepped forward and unveiled the company’s smart watch that will be called Samsung Gear S. The device will be having Tizen on board and will offer 3G connectivity. According to Samsung, the device will go on sale somewhere in October, later this year. The Samsung Gear S will be coming with a 2 inches of curved Super AMOLED display that will have the resolution of 480 x 360 pixels. The smart watch will be powered by a dual core processor with each core clocked at 1 gigahertz respectively, this will be coupled with 512 megabytes of RAM. 

As for the rest of the specifications, the Gear S will be having 4 gigs of internal storage, and all the basic connectivity options such as 2G, 3G, WiFi, USB 2.0 and GPS. You can check out the whole gallery showing the Gear S in both white and black/blue. Continue Reading →

Asus Teases Company’s Smart Watch

Seems like LG won’t be only one revealing itss mart watch at IFA. Rumours about Asus revealing its own smart watch started appearing and it has been some time, but now we have concrete proof that Asus will indeed take the stage at IFA and reveal the company’s smart watch. This is coming straight from Asus’ Twitter account where the company decided to post a very subtle yet quite intriguing and obvious teaser of the upcoming smart watch with a famous quote from Khalil Gibran that says ‘Time has been transformed and we have changed.’

The image, however, doesn’t reveal much. This again is obvious since the company will rather reveal everything at their press conference at IFA, Berlin, on 3rd September later this year. There are few things you can tell from the teaser image. Firstly, it won’t be completely round. Secondly, it seems that the smart watch will be made using premium quality material, possibly a metallic rim will be present. Whatever the case is, everything will be revealed in coming weeks. You can view the teaser image below.  Continue Reading →

LG Revealing The Smart Watch at IFA?

Seems like LG is all set to unveil the upcoming smart watch next month at IFA, in Berlin. This report is coming straight from The Korean Times and according to the report, the latest smart watch will be everything LG G Watch was and more, in simpler words, a total game changer. We don’t have an exact name for the upcoming smart watch but it’s being called LG G Watch 2. According to the reports, the smart watch will be made using premium quality materials and over the top technology. Several reports indicated that the smart watch will be having a Qualcomm chip under the hood.

Report also suggests that LG is aiming at Apple’s upcoming smart watch by releasing this one. Seems like the competition will be tough since both companies are known for designing cutting edge, over the top products. Let’s see what happens in the future.  Continue Reading →

Samsung Galaxy Alpha Goes Official

After weeks of rumours and several leaks, the Samsung Galaxy Alpha finally went official. This came as a surprise since we were hoping that Samsung will be unveiling this phone in September at IFA but seems like the Korean giant didn’t want the attention away from the big thing that will be revealed at IFA (Galaxy Note 4)

So what is the most unique thing about the Galaxy Alpha? Well, for starters, this is the first device from Galaxy family tree to come with premium metal chassis. Other physical details include a faux leather back. The Galaxy Alpha seems to be the thinnest Galaxy device, with only 6.7mm thick, it’s even thinner than the Apple iPhone 5s. Despite being made up of metal, the phone weighs only 115 grams. As for the other measurements 132.4 x 65.5 which are somewhat similar to the Galaxy S5 Mini. Continue Reading →

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Poses For The Camera

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is making the rounds again, and this time, the phone is leaked while posing for the camera. Thanks to GSMArena, we have got our hands on a sleuth of photos that are showing the phone from the front and the back as well as a picture of the retail box. If the pictures speak the truth, then it seems that just like the Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy Note 4 will be coming with a metallic frame. As for the visual aesthetics of the phone, it looks quite similar to the Galaxy Note 3 with subtle changes all around.

Back for instance looks like a textured, faux leather as compared to the plain one on the Galaxy Note 3. We can see the micro USB 3.0 on the bottom but there is no flap covering it which obviously means that the phone won’t be water or dust resistant. You can see the S-pen holder on the bottom along with the speaker grill. On the back of the Note 4, we can see a heart rate sensor alongside the LED flash but at the moment, we can’t say for sure. Continue Reading →

Samsung Galaxy Alpha Gets Revealed Ahead of Schedule

Few days ago, the upcoming Galaxy Alpha from Samsung was sized up against the Apple iPhone 5s in an extensive photo shoot. But it seems like the hype train of this particular phone won’t be stopping any time soon. Though we are hoping that Samsung decided to debut this phone on 13th August which is 2 days from now but the leaks just won’t stop coming. The latest revealing is coming straight from Russia where the Galaxy Alpha made a sort of official appearance at an event that was held on a yacht.

If you are wondering if this is an official announcement, then no. However, it does seem like the event was held by Samsung. Reports suggest that Samsung is planning on releasing the phone somewhere in September, this is a strategically placed release date as Apple will be releasing the iPhone 6 in September as well according to the recent rumours.  Continue Reading →