Thursday , 18 December 2014
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Make Way for Apple’s iPAD 6

ipad 6

The Apple’s iPAD 6 is finally here, after some waiting and speculations on what to expect from this gadget also being referred to as the iPad Air 2, or New iPad Air. It is not certain what Apple will brand it though and the release date as well. But as expected, Apple remained very discrete and silent as possible about ... Read More »

Nvidia Announces Geforce GTX 980 and GTX 970

After a week filled with leaks, the green team finally went ahead and introduced the Nvidia Geforce GTX 980 and 970 at Game24 event, the event was named Game24 exclusively for gamers. Both the cards will be replacing some top tier cards from the GTX 700 series. For those who don’t know, the Nvidia killed the GTX 780 Ti, 780 ... Read More »

Nvidia Geforce GTX 980 Pictured & Priced

By now, it comes as no surprise that the upcoming flagship GPU by Nvidia, the GTX 980 exists and will be debuting in coming days. But so far, we didn’t have the concrete information regarding the GPU. We did manage to get our hands on some performance numbers a few days ago, but that was pretty much it. But today ... Read More »

Top Appliances and Gadgets to Have in Your “Smart Home”

In 1999, Disney released a movie called “Smart House,” in which a teenager wins a fully automated dream house in a competition. The computerized house is manned by a cyborg maid that handles all of the cooking and cleaning with the touch of a button. The movie dramatized a lot of elements, and at the time, the technology seemed unbelievably ... Read More »

Nvidia GeForce GTX 980/980M/970/970M Performance Revealed

Seems like Nvidia will be skipping the GTX 800 series for desktops (since it was released as a mobility series) and will be bringing in GTX 900 series. Nvidia is currently looking forward to releasing the 900 series on 19th September, later this month. Despite not having credible information about the series, we still managed to get our hands on ... Read More »

Google Nexus 9 Appears On AnTuTu

The much awaited Google Nexus 9 that will supposedly be created by HTC just appeared on the famous benchmarking app AnTuTu and is showing a promising set of specifications that tell us that the device will be nothing less than high end. Rumours have been going on around for a while that HTC will be taking the helm regarding the ... Read More »

LG Reveals LG G Watch R

Seems like Samsung wasn’t the only one who was in hurry of unveiling company’s smart watch. LG just went ahead and revealed the gorgeous looking LG G Watch R as well. Unlike Samsung’s Gear S, the LG G Watch R will be running Android Wear instead of Tizen. LG will be showcasing the G Watch R at the IFA, in ... Read More »

Samsung Gear S Smart Watch Revealed

Samsung has stepped forward and unveiled the company’s smart watch that will be called Samsung Gear S. The device will be having Tizen on board and will offer 3G connectivity. According to Samsung, the device will go on sale somewhere in October, later this year. The Samsung Gear S will be coming with a 2 inches of curved Super AMOLED ... Read More »

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