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4 Tips For FindingThe Perfect New Hire Using Video Communication

4 Tips for Finding the Perfect New Hire Using Video Communication If you have already been using your video conferencing software for online meetings or working with a remote team, there could be another key area that you have failed to utilize fully. That area is remote recruitment. The main benefit of remote working through online conferencing software is the ...

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Energy management through Home Automation can save money

Linear motion actuator technology has been applied widely in automating smart homes. Actuators that use this principle create movement linearly. Linear motion actuators help in automating and controlling of heating, lighting, air conditioning, security and ventilations in smart homes. There are different types of linear motion actuators. These actuators vary from heavy duty to light duty and also according to the ...

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Four Tools for Workplace Collaboration

The Death of Email Memos: Four Tools for Workplace Collaboration By Bob Hand   Source: MV Group For businesses, using email for internal communication can be a huge waste of time. In order to stay competitive, businesses have to be efficient. To be efficient, there needs to be an effective way to communicate and collaborate. New applications are released every day ...

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How to Record Hulu Videos with Movavi Screen Capture Studio

How to Record Hulu Videos with Movavi Screen Capture Studio   Hulu is a famous video sharing site visited by millions of visitors per month. There may be some interesting videos that you found on Hulu which you would like to watch it on your computer without internet connection. This can be made possible by using a screen capture software ...

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How to Make Smartphones Work For Your Event

How to Make Smartphones Work For Your Event, Not Against Them It’s not just a problem at the dinner table. Getting people to put their phones away and focus on the people in front of them is now a universal struggle. It is definitely a problem that event and convention organizers have to deal with. Many have tried to encourage ...

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Top 6 Blog Post Title Generators 2016 – Ideas for Internet Marketers

Hubspot title generator

One of the most important things about writing a blog post is to write a title that grabs attention. It’s the title that decides whether users click on the blog post or not. Ideally, a title should also contain all the best keywords, so it plays a role in how the blog post gets ranked on Google or Bing. The ...

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Movavi Screen Capture Review

Movavi Screen Capture Review   If you want to successfully record video footage directly from your PC screen then what you’re looking for is the right screen capture software. With quite a few options available, picking one can be a difficult decision – which is why you should focus on the two areas that matter most: Features, and usability.   ...

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Top tech for 2016


Every year there are several key pieces of technology introduced that revolutionise the way that we carry out a number of activities and tasks ranging from playing online games to driving our cars. In 2015 we saw the introduction of self-driving cars from Lexus and the first example of wearable tech going mainstream with the launch of the Apple Watch. ...

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