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Disable android auto update


The android auto update helps keep your Smartphone with the up-to-date apps and bug fixes; however, it comes at a cost in terms of data usage and battery life. Most people would thus prefer to disable android auto update and configure manual installations. By default, all apps downloaded from the Google Play Store have the default update setting ‘On’. This ... Read More »

How to Wipe Your Hard Drive

To wipe your hard drive means completely erasing all information from the drive such that it cannot be recovered, and usually done for security reasons, to comply with government regulations, or company policies. Whenever you delete a file or format a hard drive, you only delete data from the file system, making the data invisible from immediate view but not ... Read More »

How to Download YouTube Videos For Free

download youtube videos

If you are a video enthusiast, you may want to download YouTube videos in high quality format for later use. YouTube provides its users with a chance to watch free videos on any topic. Sadly the website doesn’t offer the feature of downloading the videos and watch them offline. Below are some of the tips on how you can download ... Read More »

How to Access Your Router If You Forgot the Password

access your router

Configuring your office or home wireless network requires that you access your router using the password protected administrator account. The router enables you access the internet, configure network access settings and parental control. To do all these, you must access your router with the configured or default username and password. Once is while you might have issues while trying to ... Read More »

How to Easily Clean Up Disk Space of your Windows PC

cleanup disk 21

To clean up disk space is one of the computer optimization options that helps up free up the ever decreasing hard disk space and also improve the computer’s performance. The growing applications sizes and ease at which people generate and share data from multiple channels including mobile devices seems to have accelerated the way hard disk gets filled up. Despite ... Read More »

Setting Your Screensaver as Wallpaper on Windows 7 and Windows 8

Setting Your Screensaver as Wallpaper on Windows 7 and Windows 8

You are probably bored by the so-outdated static wallpapers that we are already used to see on every device. Although the screen resolutions have met important enhancements over the time and so has the panel quality, the wallpapers don’t seem to have changed in too many ways over the time. However, there are many websites that offer amazing wallpapers for ... Read More »

Blog Writing: 5 Tips for Writing Great Articles


The internet has evolved a lot in the past few years, and so have search engines. Gone are the days when people used to visit a site even if it has very few or low quality contents. According to recent changes in Google’s algorithm, you must have high quality contents on your site if you want your blog to rank ... Read More »

Should You Defragment Your PC?


Almost everyone one of you knows what defrag means when it comes to the computer terminology. But how many of you know what it actually means? It’s very simple. Defragmentation is the process of speeding up your computer. How does it speed up your computer? Let’s see, the process decreases the amount of fragmentation on your hard drive, this is ... Read More »

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