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Why Cloud Backup Is Your Best Bet for Safe Backups

Why the Cloud Backup Robot is Your Best Bet for Safe Backups We all agree that the process of data backup, especially on a Windows-powered computer, can be one involving and tough one. It is therefore, no wonder that most of us never back our data up, and for the few that try, they abandon the process mid-way. There are ...

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Smart Bikes With Smart Cycling Gadgets

 Will Smart Bikes Take On Smart Phones For Their Market Share?
So Now We Have Smart Bikes With Lots Of Smart Gadgets, looks like we are just getting smarter every day.

So Now We Have Smart Bikes With Lots Of Smart Gadgets, looks like we are just getting smarter every day. Eurobike is the world’s largest bicycle fair, gathering some 1,300exhibitors and crowds of enthusiasts in the German city of Friedrichshafen. The focus this year was clearly on smart bikes, accessories and software that feature fitness and safety functions to make ...

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Experience


Just a quick note here letting you know about the App now available – Enjoy! Samsung Galaxy Note 5 -Get you app today    

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge+ Models Won’t Boot Up After Rooting


  Samsung Galaxy S 6 phone  Beware your Samsung phone could shut down completely if you do this……. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ flagships will officially hit stores Friday. But if you are a Verizon or AT&T subscriber who is used to rooting smartphones, beware. Rooting these carrier models of the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 ...

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An Ipadfor $57! How is this possible? Find out here.

Ipad Winner

WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW HOW TO GET AN IPAD FOR $57.76? Read here.     THIS LUCKY LADY DID AND SHE CAN’T STOP SMILING “The new trend in e-commerce is Entertainment Shopping, auction sites selling high-tech and luxury products from stocks clearances, directly from the warehouses of distributors and manufacturers, with incredible discounts.” And as tech heads we are ...

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Dr. Fone for Android Recovery Data

dr phone

If you have an Android phone, you will know just how hard it is to recover a file that you’ve accidentally deleted from your device. No, the file hasn’t been permanently deleted, it stays on in your device, but it’s hard to get it back as your Android OS does not have a “Recycle Bin” like your PC does. So, ...

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4 Reasons to Invest in SIP Trunking for your Business

SIP Trunking

Gone are the days of having to purchase bundles of wires just to create a single telephony network for a continuous phone call service. Today though, telecoms are moving towards adapting the latest Internet Protocol-based technologies as a means of enabling the connection of PBX lines to the Internet; thus, little to no wires are utilized. Known as Session Initiation ...

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Disable android auto update


The android auto update helps keep your Smartphone with the up-to-date apps and bug fixes; however, it comes at a cost in terms of data usage and battery life. Most people would thus prefer to disable android auto update and configure manual installations. By default, all apps downloaded from the Google Play Store have the default update setting ‘On’. This ...

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