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9 Best Tips and Tricks for the Galaxy S4 Mini

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini may be the ‘little brother’ of the Galaxy S4, but that doesn’t mean it’s not full of features and functions, that are as exciting and useful.

In this article, we’ll present before you the top 10 most amazing tips and tricks through which you can enhance your user experience and extract complete functionality from your Samsung Galaxy S4.

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[Android Tips] – How to Recover a Lost or Stolen Phone?

Can’t find your phone? Don’t panic! There are numerous ways to get your phone back. Losing a smartphone can be pretty scary. In an instant, you can be robbed off your personal data including text messages, photos, videos, contacts and much more. So losing a smartphone is more of privacy threat rather than a financial hit.

In this article, with the help of our team members at, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks which you can use to make sure you recover your phone in one piece.

If the instructions given below are followed correctly, you can hopefully get your smartphone back, or at least wipe out the data inside it/lock the phone via remote access. Thanks to the Android OS, and its supporting apps, you will always have some sort of an option available at your disposal.

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Gmail Tips and Tricks for Power Users

Google’s very own mail client; Gmail, is probably one of the most popular email services out on the internet. Started back in 2004, as just a beta experiment, now is a fully fledged webmail services client along with a whole load of features and functions.

Famous for being one of the pioneers for introducing 1GB of storage for users, Gmail has come a long way, and now offers a total of 15 GB of storage data for all users who sign up for an account!

Flash forward to 2014, and Gmail has turned into a complex system of different features that allow users to literally create a fully functioning office online.

In this article, we’ll have a look at some tips and tricks helpful for Gmail’s power users to get their work done more efficiently.

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[How To] – Factory Reset Your Samsung Galaxy S3

Not happy with your sluggish Samsung Galaxy S3? Welcome to the club. Just like with any other smartphone (or a computer device for that matter), the Galaxy S3 loses its performance over time, for a number of reasons. Unused apps, widgets, junk data (including photos, videos, browser history etc) and different programs clog up your smartphone’s Android OS over time, resulting in reduced performance.

By making sure you have the latest Android OS installed on your smartphone is all it takes usually to ensure a clean and well running system. But sometimes, even upgrading your OS might not solve your problem. In those cases, a factory reset becomes a necessity.

A full-on factory reset will clear everything from your smartphone, including the built-in apps, its data, and all of your personal files. It’s basically like starting from scratch; as if you just bought a new phone.

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[How To] – Record a Voice Call on your Android Phone

Ever thought of recording a voice call on your Android Phone? It’s possible and actually very easy to do! Recording conversations of someone you love, or maybe a bad experience with a customer support service, your Android phone can be used to save voice calls that you can play back later at will.

In this article, we’ll go with an app called ‘Automatic Call Recorder’, which can help users record a voice call on their Android smartphones. It’s probably a good idea to go with the free version of the app; the pro version doesn’t have any extra features worth the price.

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[How To] – Print Wirelessly From an iOS Device

Ever had the need to print a document directly from an iOS device like the iPad from your office printer? Although, technically, an iOS device like an iPad, or an iPhone for that matter, cannot be connected with a printer directly, but that doesn’t mean the end of it.

Prints can be taken out easily from an iOS device with wireless methods. Let’s have a look at a few of those methods.

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[Tweak] Get a Dark Theme on iOS 7

It hasn’t been long since the jail break for iOS 7 called ‘Evasi0n7′ was released, thank to the courtesy of the team behind Evad3rs. We have seen a plethora of great tweaks rand applications released on the Cydia Store. While many of them were just simple tweaks and apps while others offered a great way to alter how the operating system functions, while others were mostly designed keeping aesthetics in the focus.

If you are one of the people who prefers darker colours over the default, bright ones. This tweak is for you. Developed by renowned developer Guillermo Morán. This tweak brings a system wide ‘night mode’ to the interface. This replaces all the white, bright colours with a combination of dark greys and blacks, alongside slight tints of orange, making the interface look spectacular. The tweak is called Eclipse, and the main aim of this tweak is to provide users with a darker interface, and it does a pretty good job at it. Continue Reading →

[How To] – Ensure your iOS Devices are children friendly

It’s the so called ‘Digital Age’, and children more than ever are being exposed to a gigantic wave of technology, mostly thanks to the sleek gadgets, tablets, smartphones, and of course the internet.

The ease of access for children, is no doubt a positive thing. Its information at their fingertips; literally. However, as they say, with great power comes great responsibility, and that is why it’s absolutely necessary to keep a check on what kind of information your children are being exposed to.

But that’s not it, a tablet in the hands of a child can result in your files being misplaced, apps deleted, or online orders (from your active accounts) that you’ve got no idea about. This is all very scary, but can be controlled if you’re smart.

In this article, we’ll discuss on the different methods you can apply to ‘control’ such situations on your tablets and smartphones, and for iOS devices in particular.

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