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7 Tips and Tricks for Advanced Twitter users

Twitter Tips for Advanced Users

Twitter is probably the most widely used social media website. People from all walks of life are hooked to the concept of this site, be it celebrities or politicians or just your neighborhood friends. Here you can interact with various people from all over the world and make your posts available through search just by using hash tags, Nowadays, people ... Read More »

7 must have eBook reader apps for Android

eBook Reader Apps for Android

It is nothing unknown that in this age of modern technology, to some extent, the eBooks are rapidly replacing the art of actual book reading. Users have become more tech savvy and prefer carrying their reading material in their smart phone/tabs. To help the android users in fully benefiting from this incredible, time and space saving facility, it is vital ... Read More »

Top 7 online collaboration apps for students

Colloborative Apps for Students

Students around the world are on the go with the fast moving technology and new apps being introduced  to meet up with the needs of the every day modern world which is adamant on moving at a rapid pace. To be on the go, students require quick and effective online apps to facilitate all your needs regarding collaboration. Dropbox : ... Read More »

4 Alternatives for Windows Live Writer for Blogging


Windows Live Writer’s future is slightly uncertain, even in the best case scenario. Microsoft as of late published the end of the Windows Live brand, and Windows Live Writer was recognizably missing from the rundown of Windows Live items that would be renamed. Because of concerns, all Microsoft is saying in regards to Windows Live Writer is it will “work extraordinary on ... Read More »

5 Pinterest Tips and Tricks You Might Not Know!

Pinterest Tips

Pinterest with the most thriving social site to exist, which will give you innumerable amount of content on any possible aspect of life. Pinterest attracts almost all kinds of age groups and professions, Be it teachers or gardeners or beauticians, Pinterest has got them under one umbrella with an aim to let the users browse and share their knowledge of ... Read More »

Top Collection of Online Collaborating Tools for Writing and Editing

Composing is an intriguing vocation that conveys with it a feeling of monumental delight. Not all journalists and their managers, editors, are tech sagacious, and there’s barely any explanation behind them to be. The web 2.0 era has produced various applications that sweeten the undertaking of looking into, composing and altering writing material. In this article, we have assembled a rundown of ... Read More »

7 tools for Online Document Sharing and Editing

In today’s world, online sharing is an essential part of one’s professional and educational life. Efficient document sharing and editing tools are a must-have. Here’s a list of top 7 tools for just this purpose.   Apple iWork   When we are discussing the best online document modifying tools in what manner can Apple iWork be ignored? Apple iWork is ... Read More »

Top 3 Apps To Use For Video Chat On The Go!

In the 1990’s, the video chat feature was something from a sci-fi Hollywood movie. Now, it’s a necessity, and a great way for people to connect with each other. Now, you don’t even need a computer (desktop, laptop) to start a video chat session. All you need is a smartphone, and you’re good to go! In this article, we’ll have ... Read More »

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