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Top 3 Apps To Use For Video Chat On The Go!

In the 1990’s, the video chat feature was something from a sci-fi Hollywood movie. Now, it’s a necessity, and a great way for people to connect with each other. Now, you don’t even need a computer (desktop, laptop) to start a video chat session. All you need is a smartphone, and you’re good to go!

In this article, we’ll have a brief look at the top 3 apps that you can use to get connected via a video chat session.

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Microsoft’s OneDrive File Hosting Service: A Review

Evolving from Windows Live Folders, Windows Live Folders, SkyDrive and now finally into OneDrive; a file hosting service by Microsoft that lets users store their data and sync it on the cloud. The stored data can then accessed remotely using an internet connection.

OneDrive has recently been rebranded, changing the old name from SkyDrive. The objectives and overall focus of the service remains the same; which is to provide a platform for users to store their files privately, share them with their friends or the public at large.

With its availability in more than 94 different languages, OneDrive surely gives their competitors (like Dropbox for instant) a run for their money. In this article, we’ll have a rundown of the service features and why you should try it out.

Let’s start with the reasons why OneDrive can be a great success.

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3 Best Google Analytics Alternatives You Should Know About

Google Analytics offers a complete ‘website analytics solution’, covering detailed information on your website’s traffic including the source, demographics, refferals, user-behavior, click-rates, conversions and much more.

Be it tracking the number of visitors on your site, or analyzing the behavior of people surfing on individual landing pages, Google Analytics covers all sorts of scenarios and statistical analysis methods.

But there’s always good to have a healthy competition in the market and that is why in this article, we’ll look at the 5 best Google Analytics alternatives.

Some businesses exist that do not really need a tool like Google Analytics, but can make do with any of the numerous analytics tools out there.

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[How To] – Make a Journal Book of your Twitter tweets

With Twitter, users have the ability to share their opinions within a limit of 140 characters. Twitter is definitely the #1 micro-blogging platform out there, and can be quite addicting. However, the only problem with it is that the Twitter feed is mostly too fast and it can quite a challenge to keep track with even your own tweets, let alone of the people you’re actually following.

But thankfully, there are third party apps available that can do wonders for your Twitter account. Some apps can make a nice infographic of your tweet trends and the kind of topics you tweet about. Then there are some apps that can pull out details analytics reports about your content behavior on Twitter. But we’ll be talking about a very useful app in this article, which is known by the name of Twournal.

As the name might give a hint, Twournal lets you document every single tweet you have tweeted and compiles it into a sort of journal. So basically Twournal will help you read your own tweets. This third party external application uses the Twitter API, by going back and compiling your last 3200 tweets and publishing them all in a book form.

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[How To] – Share Dropbox Files in a Facebook Group

Dropbox is a file synchronization, cloud based software that allows users to easily share their files with each other over the World Wide Web. Dropbox can be accessed from a desktop, mobile and even web-based platform, allowing users to share both their private and public data safely in their personal accounts.

Dropbox has a folder exclusively for public sharing, which you can use to copy files and then pass along a short link to whomever you like. And taking file sharing to the next level, Dropbox also works seamlessly well with the world’s #1 social networking site, Facebook.

Dropbox offers integration with Facebook Groups, which means you can easily share your files from your Dropbox account in to any of your Facebook Groups. This way, you won’t even need to be at your own computer; you can share the file(s) from the cloud (via Dropbox).

Let’s have a look at how exactly you can share a file from your Dropbox account in to a Facebook Group.

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[Chrome Extension] : Unfriend Notify For Facebook – Find Out Who Unfriended You?

Facebook offers a great way to communicate, share and keep in contact with your friends and family. Undoubtedly, the number 1 social network out there at the moment, the use of Facebook has become a sort of a necessity nowadays. A testament to this statement is when there are real and actually well-paying jobs out in the market, that pay you for basically ‘working on Facebook’. But of course, there’s much more to than just ‘working on Facebook’, which we will look into further in a separate article soon.

For most of us, using Facebook is very familiar. But to those still un-initiated, Facebook uses a very basic ‘Friends’ function that allows users to ‘add’ each other on their profiles. So each time, you ‘add’ someone to your list, you are notified of the new friend. But as you all might have noted, Facebook does not send any sort of a notification when someone actually unfriends you from their Facebook account.

This is where we’ll see how a simple, yet highly handy Chrome extension like ‘Unfriends Notify for Facebook’ can be used. This little Chrome extension can help you view a list of all the users who have decided to say ‘adios’ to you on Facebook.

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Find out how much time you spend on Facebook with TimeRabbit!

In today’s digitally connected world, it’s become quite hard to stay away from social networks, particularly Facebook. With gadgets and devices all around us, we are literally connected to this ‘online world’ of sorts on a 24/7 basis.

With Facebook, time can be like a tunnel that just pulls you in, and minutes can turn into hours while you scroll down your newsfeed. So is there a way to measure the time we spend on world’s #1 social network? Yes, there is, all thanks to Breakpoint Software Development with its app, TimeRabbit.

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A Social Network For Selfies – Justin Bieber’s Funded ‘Shots Of Me’ iOS App

Canadian pop singer sensation, Justin Bieber has made an investment in a social network focused on targeting the youth; and their ever increasing love for taking ‘Selfies’ (a self-portrait photograph). Say hello to ‘Shots Of Me’, a name that pretty much is self-explanatory on its function and objective.

The company behind Shots Of Me, RockLive, have identified a potential and are interested in seeing how a social network dedicated to a young demographic will work out. The craze for taking selfies in the youth is quite big nowadays, and Shots Of Me can be as something like an ‘Instagram for selfies’ in a way, but without the food and drinks thrown in the middle.

Available exclusively for the iOS, Shots Of Me, will let users upload selfies of themselves and share it with their friends.

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