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Do Not Go Dining Without These 4 Restaurant iPhone Apps

dinner 300x221 Do Not Go Dining Without These 4 Restaurant iPhone Apps

What's for dinner, Siri?

Now more than ever, you need a strategy when dining out. If you’re going on a date or planning a breakfast/lunch/dinner meeting, the setting and the food can sometimes make or break the event. You want to impress the person you’re with and what better way to do that than showing them how you have great taste. And thanks to world of modern technology, we each have that ability to choose the highest rated, best reviewed, and critically acclaimed restaurants right at the tip of our fingers.

It is no longer encouraged to go into the dining out world blindly not only because you may have a bad meal experience, but with money so tight for everyone, you want to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Therefore, have no fear, my iPhone user friends: These 4 free restaurant iPhone apps will ensure that you will choose the absolute best when you dine (and I’ll show you how to use them!).
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How to Save a Web Page for Reading Later

Reading Glasses How to Save a Web Page for Reading Later

Often, when we browse around the internet in search of something, we find other stuff that may interest us. Now, we might not have time to read them at that point of time. Again, we might not want to create bookmarks for those pages, because they could not require a return visit.

Read It Later brings a wonderful intermediate solution in which you can mark pages for reading in the future without bookmarking them. Though it comes as an extension for Firefox, there are ways to sync them with other browsers by using the web version of the service. You may also visit this page for more information on reading lists for devices.

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The Clip Art Crossword is the First and only Visual Crossword

CAC LIT Logo The Clip Art Crossword is the First and only Visual CrosswordCrossword puzzles have been with us for quite some time; in fact, according to Wikipedia, they are more than 100 years old. Surprisingly, despite this length of time, their general structure has remained rather static.

What do I mean, exactly, when I say that their structure has remained static? Well, nearly every crossword puzzle provides you with a series of written clues. It is your job, as the puzzle player, to decipher the answers to these written clues and to fill in a square (sometimes rectangular) letter grid.

The magnificence of the design, however, is that the crossword’s answers cross one another, providing a great deal of feedback. Don’t know the answer to a particular clue? Well, then, simply fill in clues which cross its path.

A Different Type of Crossword

A while back, I began thinking: the newspapers are filled with crosswords and Sudoku puzzles. Crosswords rely upon the written word. Sudoku relies upon numbers and, more importantly, logic. What about those of us who love images? What about those of us who are visual?

This is where the idea for the Clip Art Crossword came from; a crossword puzzle which provides visual clues (in the form of clip art images) as opposed to written or logical clues.
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5 Blogs to Learn Photoshop Online for Free

photoshop logo 5 Blogs to Learn Photoshop Online for FreeAlthough there are lots of free alternatives available both online and offline, Adobe Photoshop is still the most popular and professional way to get things done that are related to photo editing. It is sometimes even used to create logos and business cards instead of Adobe Illustrator.

Learning Adobe Photoshop is not difficult, but becoming a master of PS is absolutely difficult. Probably, even the folks at Adobe don’t know what all can be done with this extraordinary software. They just build the tools; the rest depends on the creativity of user.

There are lots of online and offline courses, DVDs, books and eBooks to learn Photoshop. However, people today like to learn things for free, and tutorials are the best way to learn almost anything – from photo editing to website development. Here are 5 blogs you should follow if you want to learn Photoshop as a beginner, intermediate, or advanced user.

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5 Ways to Track Your Twitter Stats

twitter 300x300 5 Ways to Track Your Twitter StatsI (@WCrosswell) have been a proud, consistent Twitterer since the summer of 2008. As months went by, I began to wonder: How am I doing?  Do people really like what I am talking about? Am I talking too much?

I’m not necessarily referring about the amount of tweets or followers (even though those are important), but how influential you are and what kind of twitterer you are . So, I went surfing and here are 5 sites that let you know how you’re doing and what other tweople think about you.

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Ultimate Freeware List: Media Players

2369724909 8a357d426c Ultimate Freeware List: Media PlayersHere at LostInTechnology, we strive to give you great information on great tools, software and freeware.  Most articles tend to focus on one or a few specific tools or programs.  The Ultimate Freeware Lists series is going to change that format around.

We are going to provide you with tons of different tools that are all free and will really expand your arsenal of great programs and software.  These lists are by no means going to be perfect, and we ask all of our great readers to help us complete the lists by adding some comments.

The first freeware list is going to cover media players.  I’m very excited about this series and ever more excited about your comments.

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How To Find the Best Gadget Deals Online

gadgets How To Find the Best Gadget Deals OnlineYour task: Find a new, shiny gadget for your gadget loving friend. But where do you start? Should you go to your local Best Buy and wander around aimlessly?  Should you call your techie friend and ask for advice?

None of the above.  This article will show you where to start and help you locate a super sweet deal for your friend. The recommended steps for finding the best gadget deal is to visit price comparison sites, check popular gadget blogs for gadget reviews and deals, and then visit a retailer to check for current pricing, availability and reviews.


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